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Where to Swap CRO to SHIB Safely and without KYC?


It’s common knowledge that users must go through KYC procedures before trading cryptocurrencies on regulated markets.

There are, in fact, many markets you may participate in without putting your name and documentation in danger. Do you want to swap CRO to SHIB  quickly without any complicated procedures?

Trading coins at LetsExchange.io, an instant exchange platform, requires no particular expertise or understanding. 

You can get started without creating an account and choose from 2,000 coins and tokens. However, if you sign up for the platform, you access the affiliate network, the history of swaps, the ability to make a list of preferred currencies, etc.

You need only to provide your email and phone number.

What Is CRO?

Two chains operated by Crypto.com use the Cosmos blockchain, and both use the native cryptocurrency Cronos (CRO).

The currency, formerly known as Crypto.org Coin, is now known as Cronos (CRO) to better represent the project’s expanding ecosystem. This name change occurred in February 2021. Several applications exist for CRO in the Cronos supply chain. 

  • It’s suitable to pay transaction fees for DApps that accept it, to administer the network, and to compensate validators.
  • Tokens staked using CRO may be redeemed for prizes, used to pay transaction fees on Crypto.com, and vote on chain-wide issues.
  • CRO may also be staked to gain rewards on the Crypto.com app.

The Cronos chain is the engine that drives the web3 economy by laying the groundwork for developing decentralized apps. Ethermint powers it to ensure compliance with the EVM and is based on the Cosmos software development kit (DApps).

Specifically, Cronos uses the proof of authority (PoA) consensus technique. Furthermore, to improve bridging and interoperability with other IBC-enabled blockchains, Cosmos integrates it with the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. 

What Makes SHIB Unique? 

The Shiba Inu, a hunting dog from Japan, serves as the mascot for Shiba Inu (SHIBUSD), an alternative cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum platform.

Supporters of Shiba Inu call it “the Dogecoin killer” because of its potential to replace Dogecoin. Over half a million people have signed up to the guiding principles of the SHIBArmy, which are:

  • The initiative began with zero, with the goal of making something from nothing.
  • A pre-existing community or team did not create it;
  • Stated love of Shiba Inu dogs.

As an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum platform, Shiba Inu doesn’t have its blockchain but is generated and stored on the Ethereum network.

Meme coins appeal to crypto fans since they don’t follow the usual procedures, and this nontraditional approach may include using dog terminology to express withdrawal policies.

However, these concepts seem light years from conventional financial tenets like return on investment and liquidity.

How to Convert CRO to SHIB Quickly? 

Swapping coins is quick at instant exchange platforms. The whole procedure takes just a few minutes. To convert CRO to SHIB, follow the four easy steps shown below:

  1. Click the cryptocurrency you wish to sell and enter the precise amount
  2. Click on the cryptocurrency you want to buy
  3. To receive cryptocurrency, provide your receiving wallet address
  4. Make a deposit payment

Using an online converter at LetsExchange.io, you may effortlessly and securely purchase the desired coin or swap different options.

You can examine other currencies like XTZ to ETH among 2,000 coins and tokens. Provide the essential exchange information and leave the rest to our technology.

It’ll undertake research and rate comparisons across many exchange platforms. Data is updated constantly and automatically. Therefore, you can exchange coins at the best possible rate. 

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