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What is CloudLinux?

What is CloudLinux_

Perhaps you are a web host and still have churn, security, and stability issues. Then, it may be time you switched to CloudLinux. Suppose you want a custom Linux control panel. You need not worry because you can integrate the CloudLinux OS into your control panel.

Even if you are on the CloudLinux OS already, it would be best to incorporate Linux web hosting control panel like ISPmanager for maximum hosting security, among other benefits. This article will reveal everything you need to know about CloudLinux for web hosting providers.

CloudLinux OS

You are familiar with Linux, and the operating system is used by several big companies globally. CloudLinux is similar to Linux because it is also an operating system.

However, CloudLinux was specially designed for shared web hosting providers such that a web provider can isolate each customer into a different Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE).

What advantages does customer isolation bring? With the isolation, web providers and system administrators will have better control over their server’s resource usage. Furthermore, it becomes easier to ensure that the problems encountered by one customer do not disrupt the servers for other customers.

If you own a shared hosting company and are tired of the time, money, and customer trust attacks from hackers cost you, then it becomes necessary to jump on CloudLinux OS.

Switching to CloudLinux will also reduce the work burden on your system administrator. Thus, your system administrator will spend less time combating traffic increases, resource usage surges, and hacker providers

Features of CloudLinux

What makes CloudLinux unique? You will find answers below.

1. LVE Technology: This is the central selling point of CloudLinux. With the LVE Technology, you can allocate resources (CPU, I/O, Memory) separately to all your customers. Thus, there is no room for disruption on a customer’s account from neighbouring accounts hosted on a server.

2. MySQL Governor: Keeping MySQL stable can be very challenging, especially when you have loads of customer queries. However, the MySQL Governor feature is ideal for system administrators because it helps to identify and suppress MySQL abusers, thus limiting them.

3. Stable hosting environments: CloudLinux makes it much easier to reach a high level of stability, reduce churn, and increase density. So, you don’t have to worry about sudden traffic and resource usage spikes, even in stressful situations.

For example, a server and its user accounts will not experience downtime just because a particular website account experiences a sudden increase in traffic and resource usage, as each website account has its independent allocated resources.

4. Hardened and secured kennel: This feature increases server security. Thus, a hardened and secured kennel helps web providers to prevent cyber, hacker, and symbolic link attacks on all website accounts hosted on their server.

5. Multiple PHP configurations and versions: On the CloudLinux OS, your website account owners or users can choose from over 120 PHP extensions. They can also configure the setting to suit their needs. The feature also allows users to switch between PHP versions and extensions.

6. CageFS: This feature virtualizes users to their file system so no user can see other users on a server. Furthermore, CageFS allows users to have access to safe files. However, the feature also prevents users from seeing server configuration files and other users’ processes on the server and disclosing sensitive information.

Benefits of CloudLinux

If you decide to jump on the CloudLinux OS today, you will enjoy the benefits listed below.

  • Isolates every user account from each other such that the neighbor effect and spreading of viruses throughout the server is prevented
  • Higher uptime for user accounts
  • Compatible with every major commercial control panel, including ISPmanager
  • Operates, monitors and limits MySQL usage
  • Significant density increase and improvement
  • Significant churn reduction
  • Increased server use and efficiency without resource degradation
  • Prevents cyber, hacker, and symbolic links attacks
  • Decrease in the number of reboots and account suspensions
  • Several PHP versions and extensions to choose from
  • Reduced operating cost

CloudLinux hardware requirements

The choice of hardware usually depends on the CloudLinux OS version, the number of websites hosted on a server, and the type of web hosting.

For example, servers hosting many websites with large databases will require more disk space, RAM, and processing power. Likewise, servers that will host high-volume applications, music, or videos. Find below the recommended hardware requirements for CloudLinux OS.

OS versionProcessorRecommended RAMRecommended disk spaceCPU architecture
CloudLinux 81.1 GHz2 GB40 GB64-bit
CloudLinux 71.1 GHz2 GB40 GB64-bit
CloudLinux 61.1 GHz1 GB40 GB64-bit

CloudLinux OS pricing

The CloudLinux OS shared is available for hosting companies for free download and use for 30 days. Similarly, the CloudLinux OS shared Pro is available if you want to go a step further and enjoy centralized monitoring tools, advanced automation, and deep-look performance analytics in addition to the regular features of CloudLinux OS shared. Below, you will find the pricing of CloudLinux OS.

Pricing(per server per month)CloudLinux OS sharedCloudLinux OS shared Pro
2 – 4$14$16
5 – 49$12$14
50 +$9.9$13


CloudLinux is the best bet if you want an operating system that guarantees profitability and a secure and stable shared hosting environment. With CloudLinux, you are guaranteed peace of mind and significant savings on the money and time you spend resolving server and customer issues. So why not install CloudLinux now for free?

CloudLinux is also highly compatible with all major commercial control panels, including the ISPmanager Linux control panel. So why not try CloudLinux in the ISPmanager control panel? With CloudLinux OS shared and ISPmanager, you can employ advanced domain management technology to keep your clients happy. 

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