Top Shopify Plugins to Add to Your eCommerce Store

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The e-commerce industry has rapidly developed over the last few decades and e-commerce platform providers along with it.

With over a half-dozen quality e-commerce platform offering premium web templates, choosing a platform to sell on is becoming part of the business-planning process itself.

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Part of what makes it so difficult to decide is the nature of the plugins they offer. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top plugins one e-commerce platform—Shopify— offers and how they can improve various aspects of your e-commerce business.

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Best Shopify Plugins for Your Store

Plug in SEO

SEO is important for any website, but especially so for e-commerce. The ability to attract shoppers without having to spend money on digital advertising or affiliate marketing can enhance any store’s bottom line.

That’s why every store owner selling on Shopify needs Plug In SEO. The best benefit of the plugin is notifying store owners when they have SEO issues that actually require fixing.

SEO is a complex game, and “nice-to-haves” will always exist. Plug In SEO checks your site regularly and tells you the issues that affect your store’s organic search performance.

Plugin Details: Free, upgrade to ‘Plus’ for $20/mo

Plugin SEO


SEO Image Optimizer

While we’re talking about SEO, it’s worthwhile to mention poor-quality, unoptimized images can have a detrimental effect on traffic and conversions. Per Moz, nearly 27 percent of searches take place on Google Images.

Considering the vast amount of images e-commerce stores contain, using a plugin that automatically (and properly) optimizes them makes sense. This is why SEO Image Optimizer is used in over 82,000 Shopify stores.

SEO Image Optimizer Shopify


Back In Stock

Out-of-stocks, overstocks, and returns cost e-retailers trillions of dollars each year. For independent e-commerce stores, the price of losing a customer who would’ve made a purchase but went elsewhere after seeing an out-of-stock message can be huge.

Back in Stock reduces the likelihood of customer churn from out-of-stocks by giving shoppers the option to sign up for an email alert once a product is back in stock.

A 30-day free trial, then $19.99/mo

Back in Stock Shopify


AfterShip Returns Center

Over 30 percent of all e-commerce items are returned, compared to under 10 percent at brick-and-mortar stores.

This affects every bottom line, but especially those stores without a streamlined returns process. AfterShip Returns Center makes the management process easier by adding a returns page to your store listing your policies and instructions.

It also automates the process by letting you approve, cancel and track returns. Solving a logistical headache like return fulfillment does cost money, though. AfterShip offers different pricing tiers depending upon your monthly return quota.

A 14-day free trial, then custom pricing

AfterShip Returns Center



Robust email contact lists are an evergreen selling tool for e-commerce owners. Plugins like Privy help build them through pop-ups, coupon codes and other interactive methods of attracting a shopper’s attention.

Ads are mobile friendly and generated emails integrate with all major email marketing platforms. The best part about Privy is it won’t annoy visitors with tone-deaf opt-asks.

Privy triggers pop-ups based on relevant metrics like exit intent, time on site, scrolling behavior and cart size. Opt-ins are also A/B tested for maximum effectiveness.

Free, with premium-tiered plans available

Privy Shopify Plugin


Sticky Buy Button

Attracting visitors to your site is one feat but getting them to add something to their cart is quite another. Sticky Buy Button gives e-commerce stores an unobtrusive “Add to Cart” option that stays with a user regardless of how far down they scroll.

The buy button can be customized to your brand and comes with Google Analytics and Facebook tracking, so you can measure its effectiveness.

Free test plan with different pricing tiers, $39.99 for unlimited ‘add to carts’/mo

Sticky Buy Button Shopify


Bundle Upsell

Amazon has made a killing on their “Customers who viewed this also viewed” feature, which has also improved their shopping experience.

You can too with Bundle Upsell. The plugin works with both web and mobile browsers to deliver a gamified customer experience with discounts on related items, recommendations based on a shopper’s cart and free shipping if shoppers add more items to their cart.

A 7-day free trial, then $47/mo

Shopify Bundle Upsell


Final Word

While these are fantastic options that would benefit any e-commerce store, it usually doesn’t make sense to fix what’s not broken.

Focus on the areas your e-commerce store is lacking in and then look for the right plugins to address those issues.


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