Cointraffic Logo Review (2022): Top Features & Pricing

If you are managing a Cryptocurrency related business, Cointraffic can be e very handy platform to drive highly targeted traffic.

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Cointraffic Overview

Cointraffic is a crypto advertising network that provides advertisers and publishers worldwide with the most innovative advertising and monetization solutions. 

Normally, the blog topics include traffic exchange advertising networks, crypto ad networks, and anything related to cryptocurrency advertising.

It integrates the most advanced methods and technologies, providing users with advanced advertising tools that boost traffic and page views.

In short, Cointraffic is one of the best ways for small publishers to monetize websites and increase their earnings with commissions.

Cointraffic Top Features

  • Highly targeted traffic
  • Multiple ad formats
  • Multiple banner ad placements
  • Native ad options
  • Customized press release
  • Affordable pricing plans is a cryptocurrency advertising network that enables advertisers to display their crypto-based ads on various media channels around the globe. 

Cryptocurrency is always a buzzing topic for quick money makers and technical traders. Since it attracts users from all around the world, crypto-related news publishing website review a lot of traffic.

In this Cointraffic review, we’ll overview its features and try to figure out if it’s the best Bitcoin Advertising Network available in the market. review

How Cointraffic Can Help?

Let’s explore some of the features in detail.

Supported Ads

Cointraffic runs on a native advertising methodology and generates ads for both mobile and desktop users. 

Here are some of the supported ad types:

Banner Ads:

Cointraffic banner ads bring relevant traffic and provide high visibility for publishing websites. The platform offers a number of different formats when it comes to banner ads.

You can use JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML5 formats both for desktop and mobile devices. Each of your ads will have dedicated reposts to check its effectiveness of the ads.

Also, Cointraffic supports a number of placement options such as the following.

  • In-page
  • Slide
  • Premium header
  • Sticky
  • Pop-under
Cointraffic Banner Ad Placements

Native Ads: 

Ads placed on the website that adapts the format of website design. These ads are non-annoying and get a high click-through rate. You get the necessary options for setting geo-targeting customizations.

Cointraffic allows you to easily switch between different ad formats. Different ad formats are the key to the success of a marketing campaign. Clients normally achieve a high success rate by combining all the formats offered by Cointraffic. 

Normally, banner ads build awareness, and Press Releases help in creating the required buzz. Combining different ad formats often generates maximum attention for your Crypto project.

Cointraffic Native Ads

Targeted Audience

Cointraffic relies heavily on network relevancy and runs advertisements only on crypto websites. It keeps a periodic check on the quality of the websites in the advertising network and prohibits any websites that breach the relevancy standards to gain traffic. 

For example, it strictly removes any website that indulges in pornographic activities to increase website traffic.

Quick Launch

For Advertisers:

Creating a campaign is simple in Cointraffic and it’s a three-step process. 

First, you need to choose the ad format(s) using the Cointraffic self-service tool. Next, you need to fill in the required details for your campaign launch. 

The cointraffic team reviews your advertising campaign before making it live.

In case you need help creating your ad, Cointraffic designers assist you with the same.

For Publishers:

For publishers, it may take 2-3 days to review the website before accepting it on the advertising network. 

Once your website is selected, you can add a code that puts native ads and banner ads on your website. That way, you get free content from advertisers apart from the native ad click commissions.

Report and Analytics

Cointraffic’s detailed statistics show you how each of your ad positions is performing. With the help of these statistics, you can see the number of impressions and profits on a daily basis. This gives you the option to optimize your ad campaigns for maximum results.

As a publisher, you can easily switch between different advertising formats and increase your monetization income.

You can place several banner ads on mobile and desktop devices and also become a Cointraffic Press release publisher and get paid for publishing new articles from advertisers.

Press Release Distribution

You can take the advantage of Cointraffic PR distribution service to communicate with your targeted audience. They offer professional crypto content writing services and provide a draft within 24 hours.

You can select from a list of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin websites for your Press release campaign. You get enough settings to specify the budget and replace any website with a new publisher website to match your requirements.

Cointraffic PR distribution

Cointraffic Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at the pros of

Pros of

  • provide dedicated assistance in case you have any questions
  • They make timely payments to publishers and the threshold amount is also set to a low limit.
  • Supports a variety of ad formats like banner ads, slider ads, native ads, PR services, and more.
  • Very restrictive in terms of publisher approval. This network is mostly interested in high-quality websites.
  • Relevant audience and quite strict when it comes to the type of publisher approval to keep the quality intact.
  • A trustable brand established in 2014 with an experienced team of PR experts.

Cons of

  • Delay in approval. Average approval time can take up to 2-3 days.
  •  No referral program

Cointraffic Review Summary

We have decided to put together this post to help you understand what Cointraffic is, and how it works. It’s one of the most legit and quality cryptocurrency advertising networks available for a long time.

We hope that this article helped you decide if Cointraffic is the right network advertising platform for you. 

If you have any other questions about Cointraffic, please let us know in the comment section below. 

Cointraffic Pricing

If you are an advertiser and wish to drive traffic to your website, you can start with a minimum daily budget per one banner campaign is 20 EUR. And Press Release distribution campaign can be launched starting from 1,500 EUR

Cointraffic FAQs

Q1. Is Cointraffic Legit?

Yes, Cointraffic is a legit platform that offers monetization solutions since 2014. It has a good number of positive and legitimate reviews on Trustpilot and other websites which makes it a genuine network advertising platform for cryptocurrency publishers.

Q2. What type of payment gateways are supported in Cointraffic?

Cointraffic supports payments via bank wire, credit cards, and Cryptocurrencies through the CoinGate system. Payment in Crypto is completed within a single day, while bank transfers take between 1-4 business days.

Q3. What are the minimum deposit amount and daily budget?

The minimum daily budget per banner campaign is 20 EUR, while the minimum marketing budget you can deposit to our system is 500 EUR. Whereas,  Press Release distribution campaigns start from 1,500 EUR.

Q4. How I can make the website acceptable for publishing?

Cointraffic focuses only on crypto-relevant websites and rejects thin or low-quality content websites.

Make sure your website is related to cryptocurrency and receives at least 5000 visitors per month. Also, keep your website SEO optimized and SSL protected to avoid rejection.

Q5. What are the different ad formats supported by Cointraffic?

Banner ads, Native ads, slider ads, and Press release services are some of the ad formats available with

Q6.Where are Cointraffic Press releases published?

Cointraffic is associated with more than 300 media and news websites that are pioneers in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Blockchain niche. Each distribution campaign is handcrafted by a Cointraffic manager to ensure that only the most effective websites are chosen for your needs, budget, and targets.

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