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Vidblasterx Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

VidBlasterX is a live video production software that enables users to create, stream and broadcast professional quality videos with multi-camera switching, graphics, and effects processing.

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What is Vidblasterx?

VidBlasterX is an advanced video production, recording, and live-streaming platform introduced in 2006. Its design focuses on providing an intuitive user interface along with advanced features that facilitate the creation of professional quality content. The platform supports a variety of production needs, from live events to pre-recorded videos, making it a comprehensive content creation tool. VidBlasterX is available in three editions: Home, Studio, and Broadcast, each offering different features to meet different user needs.

What is Vidblasterx good for?

VidBlasterX excels at producing high-quality video content, live streaming, and recording. It is particularly effective for hosting live events, conducting professional broadcasts, and producing polished recorded content. The software’s versatility allows it to support a wide range of video production activities, serving as an all-in-one solution for content creators looking to deliver compelling visual media. The availability of different editions ensures that users can choose a version that best suits their needs, from basic home use to advanced broadcasting.

Who should use Vidblasterx?

VidBlasterX targets a wide audience including amateur and professional content creators, live streamers, broadcasters, and educators. Its easy-to-use interface makes it accessible to beginners, while the advanced features offered in higher editions are ideal for broadcast and live event professionals. Schools and businesses looking to produce professional video content for educational or marketing purposes will also find VidBlasterX to be a suitable tool. The differentiated editions address the specific needs of each user group, ensuring that everyone from individuals to large organizations can effectively use the platform.

Vidblasterx Company Details

CombiTech, the company behind Vidblasterx, was founded in 2006 with a mission to innovate the video production and broadcasting industry. Originally a small startup, CombiTech has grown significantly over the years and now employs a dedicated team of engineers, developers, and creatives focused on pushing the boundaries of live video technology. Based in the Netherlands, CombiTech has managed to secure its position as a leader in video production software by continuously updating Vidblasterx with the latest technological advancements. Despite its growth, CombiTech remains privately held, putting its commitment to innovation and quality ahead of shareholder demands. The company’s dedication to providing comprehensive, easy-to-use video production solutions has earned it a global user base and industry recognition.

Company Name: CombiTech

CEO Name: Mike Versteeg

Est Year: 2006

Employees: 1-10

HQ Location: Zeeland, Netherlands

Mike Versteeg

Vidblasterx Demo & Media

Vidblasterx Top Features

Complete Live Streaming
Multiple Camera Support
Comprehensive Access Control
Live Stream Recording
Audio & Video Mixing
Stream to Social Platforms
Text Overlay & Graphics
Supports HD Resolution

Pros of Vidblasterx

  • Powerful video production
  • Supports multiple input sources
  • Supports multiple cameras
  • Comprehensive live streaming
  • Customizable user interface

Cons of Vidblasterx

  • Learning curve for newbie users
  • Need multiple resources

Vidblasterx Pricing

VidBlasterX is available in 3 editions: Home, Studio & Broadcast. The price will depend on the version you select.

Vidblasterx Price Comparison

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Vidblasterx Alternatives

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What Kind of Support Vidblasterx Offers?

You can join the social communities related to the product and learn more about it. If you need any help, you may use the group to submit your query.
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Vidblasterx FAQs

VidBlasterX is a legitimate video production, recording, and live-streaming platform that was founded in 2006. It is widely recognized for its powerful features and intuitive user interface that help creators produce professional quality content.
VidBlasterX is considered worth paying for due to its advanced capabilities in facilitating the production of live and recorded content at different levels of complexity. The software offers three editions – Home, Studio, and Broadcast – to suit different production needs and budgets, making it a versatile choice for both beginners and professionals.
VidBlasterX focuses on providing comprehensive video production solutions and may support integration with various external tools and platforms to enhance its functionality. For detailed information on specific integrations, users are encouraged to visit the official VidBlasterX website or contact customer support.
VidBlasterX is designed to support live streaming to multiple platforms, allowing broadcasters to reach a wider audience across different social media and streaming sites. This feature may vary depending on the edition you choose.
While VidBlasterX is designed to be user-friendly, computing requirements may vary depending on the edition used and the complexity of the video production tasks. Users should refer to the system requirements detailed on the VidBlasterX website for optimal performance.
VidBlasterX is continually updated to improve performance, add new features, and incorporate user feedback. Active users can access these updates to ensure they are using the latest and most advanced version of the software.

Platforms Supported

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