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SurveyLegend Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

SurveyLegend is an intuitive, web-based survey creation tool that enables users to design, distribute, and analyze visually engaging, mobile-friendly surveys.

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Value For Money
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What is SurveyLegend?

What is SurveyLegend?

SurveyLegend is a digital survey creation tool based in Malmö, Sweden, established in 2010. It provides users with the capability to create visually appealing, mobile-responsive surveys through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. The platform enables the design of engaging surveys that adapt flawlessly to any device, ensuring widespread accessibility and user engagement. SurveyLegend aims to assist businesses and organizations in collecting actionable insights for improved decision-making.

What is SurveyLegend Good for?

SurveyLegend excels at enabling users to design, distribute, and analyze surveys with ease. It is especially beneficial for creating surveys that require a high engagement level, owing to its focus on visual attractiveness and mobile responsiveness. The drag-and-drop interface simplifies the survey creation process, making it suitable for gathering feedback, conducting market research, measuring customer satisfaction, and more, across various devices.

Who Should Use SurveyLegend?

SurveyLegend is ideal for businesses and organizations of all sizes seeking to gather insights and feedback efficiently. It is particularly valuable for market researchers, HR professionals conducting employee satisfaction surveys, educators seeking student feedback, and marketers aiming to understand customer preferences. The platform’s user-centric design and accessibility make it a fitting choice for anyone looking to create surveys that stand out and yield meaningful data.

SurveyLegend Company Details

SurveyLegend, established in Malmö, Sweden in 2010, has carved a niche in the domain of survey creation with its innovative approach. Led by CEO Jasko Mahmutovic, the enterprise operates with a lean team of 1-10 employees. Despite its small size, SurveyLegend has made significant strides in delivering a platform that allows for the creation of visually captivating surveys optimized for all devices. The company’s ethos revolves around innovation, user-centric design, accessibility, integrity, and impactful results. SurveyLegend is on a mission to empower businesses and organizations by providing them with the tools to gather actionable insights through surveys, ultimately aiding in informed decision-making and thorough data analysis. With a commitment to continually enhancing its offerings and expanding its reach globally, SurveyLegend upholds its dedication to offering valuable insights and fostering better organizational strategies, and decisions.

Company Name: SurveyLegend

CEO Name: Jasko Mahmutovic

Est Year: 2010

Employees: 1-10

HQ Location: Malmö, Skane Lan, Sweden

Jasko Mahmutovic
Founder and CEO

SurveyLegend Demo & Media

SurveyLegend Top Features

Survey Feature

Based on your subscription tier, you can generate a specific amount of online forms, surveys, or questionnaires.

Survey Question

The solution provides an array of question formats and survey options, enabling the creation of diverse online surveys, quizzes, forms, tests, or interactive product showcases.

Survey Response

Each time an individual takes part in a survey, regardless of whether they complete it, it is recorded as a response. These responses are then securely gathered and saved for your subsequent examination.

Export Data

Gathered feedback can be transferred into multiple file types for in-depth data examination.

Drag and Drop

When designing surveys, effortlessly incorporate questions and fields wherever necessary through straightforward drag-and-drop maneuvers.

Automatic Saving

To guarantee that your work doesn't vanish on the survey team, the system automatically records adjustments the moment they're recognized. This allows you to concentrate on the creative process rather than trying to recall and worry about saving changes by hand.

Real-time Analysis

To guarantee that your hard work doesn't go unnoticed by the survey team, the system automatically saves any modifications the moment they are made. This allows you to concentrate on the creative aspect rather than worrying about the need to constantly save your progress by hand, enabling users to create more freely.

NPS Graphs

The NPS metric provides an immediate summary of your Net Promoter Score, illustrating your company's performance.

Spambot Protection

The system is equipped with an anti-spam-bot mechanism that evaluates numerous factors to determine if a survey response comes from a robot or a person. Upon identifying a spam bot, the system discretely disregards its responses, ensuring that no data is collected or stored in the database.

Pros of SurveyLegend

  • Simple to establish and launch survey forms in just a day
  • Attractive user interface enabling the creation of visually appealing surveys
  • Convenient in configuring integrations, logical sequences, and rules for the user
  • Information is organized and is arranged in an orderly manner.
  • Customer service was remarkably great in response and friendly
  • Cons of SurveyLegend

  • To download certain replies, an upgrade is required
  • Linking questions is not possible
  • The Pro version, despite being paid for, has a lot of limitations
  • SurveyLegend Pricing

    SurveyLegend presents various subscription options to meet the needs of different users. The Starter package is complimentary and ideal for individuals or small groups just beginning with survey creation. For users seeking more sophisticated features, the Pro package is available for $19 a month (or an annual payment of $180 with a 25% savings) and includes improved customization and analytics tools. The Business package, at $39 a month (or $360 a year with the savings), is particularly popular among expanding companies, offering advanced collaboration tools and branding options. For larger organizations, the Legendary package at $89 a month (or $810 annually with savings) offers a full suite of resources, including priority customer service, API access, and advanced features to collect data and facilitate in-depth data analysis. Moreover, customers can save 25% on all annual plans and are covered by SurveyLegend’s 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring their satisfaction and confidence in their purchase. No matter the size of your organization, from individual to large enterprise, SurveyLegend provides a suitable option for your survey requirements.
  • 3 surveys
  • 6 pictures
  • No data export
  • 1 conditional logic
  • Ads & Watermarked
  • Pro
    Yearly Billing: $170
  • 20 surveys
  • 30 pictures
  • Export 100 responses/survey
  • 10 conditional logic
  • Watermarked
  • Business
    Yearly Billing: $300
  • UNLIMITED surveys
  • UNLIMITED pictures
  • Export 10,000 reponses/survey
  • UNLIMITED conditional logic
  • Watermarked
  • Legendary
    Yearly Billing: $780
  • UNLIMITED surveys
  • UNLIMITED pictures
  • Export UNLIMITED responses
  • UNLIMITED conditional logic
  • White label
  • SurveyLegend Price Comparison

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    What Kind of Support SurveyLegend Offers?

    SurveyLegend is committed to delivering exceptional customer service across multiple platforms. Our detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and community forum provide self-help solutions for instant answers. For those needing immediate help with pressing matters, our live representatives are on hand 24/7. Additionally, customers have the option to contact us through email or our support desk for tailored assistance or to utilize our live chat feature for speedy replies. We also provide telephone support during standard business hours for individuals who prefer a more direct form of communication. With SurveyLegend, rest assured that you will receive prompt and effective support to resolve any queries or challenges, ensuring a seamless experience with our survey tool.
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    SurveyLegend FAQs

    SurveyLegend is a legitimate company based in Malmö, Sweden, that has specialized in survey creation since 2010. Led by CEO Jasko Mahmutovic, its small yet dedicated team is committed to providing innovative and accessible survey solutions for various organizational needs.
    SurveyLegend offers valuable features for creating visually appealing and engaging surveys that are optimized for mobile devices. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and emphasis on user experience make it a worthwhile investment for businesses and organizations seeking to collect actionable insights.
    SurveyLegend offers integrations with various software to enhance its functionality and user experience. These integrations facilitate data management and analysis, expanding the platform’s utility for users seeking comprehensive survey solutions.
    The interface of SurveyLegend is designed to be intuitive, featuring a drag-and-drop mechanism that allows users to create surveys effortlessly. This user-friendly approach ensures that users of all skill levels can design and deploy surveys without needing extensive technical knowledge, making it easy for anyone to collect data through surveys.
    SurveyLegend places a high priority on data privacy and implements robust measures to safeguard user data. Its commitment to integrity and accessibility underscores its effectiveness in protecting the privacy of survey data and respondent information.
    SurveyLegend is equipped to handle complex survey structures, offering a range of customization options and features that accommodate diverse survey needs. Its versatile platform supports intricate question formats and conditional logic, ensuring comprehensive data collection.
    SurveyLegend is designed to cater to the needs of both minor firms and major corporations. Its scalable solutions and emphasis on user-centricity make it suitable for organizations of all sizes seeking to gather valuable insights through surveys.

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