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SplitCam Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Splitcam is a multifunctional live streaming and video splitting software that allows users to simultaneously broadcast video streams to multiple streaming services, while offering features like webcam effects and multi-layer streaming.

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What is SplitCam?

Splitcam is a versatile streaming studio broadcasting software designed to enhance the live streaming experience. It allows users to simultaneously broadcast their livestreams to multiple platforms such as, YouTube, Facebook and more. Splitcam uniquely allows users to add webcams, screens, games and a variety of cool effects to video livestreams. The program overcomes the common limitation in Windows operating systems that restricts webcam use to a single application by allowing you to share your webcam in multiple programs at once, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger. 

What is Splitcam Good For?

Splitcam excels at providing a rich livestreaming experience with low CPU usage. It is particularly effective for users who want to broadcast their livestreams to multiple platforms simultaneously without compromising the quality of the broadcast. In addition, Splitcam is adept at enhancing livestreams with additional visual elements such as webcam feeds, screen captures, game footage, and various effects. This makes it an ideal tool for creating dynamic and engaging live content for audiences across multiple social media and content platforms.

Who Should Use Splitcam?

Splitcam is aimed at a wide audience, ranging from live streamers and content creators to educators and professionals conducting online meetings or presentations. It is particularly useful for those who broadcast live on platforms such as, YouTube and Facebook, allowing them to reach a wider audience through multicasting. Reviews indicate that SplitCam is a top choice for multicasters. In addition, individuals or businesses that need to use a webcam in multiple applications at the same time, such as video conferencing scenarios with Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger, will find Splitcam extremely useful.

SplitCam Company Details

The company responsible for the development and distribution of Splitcam is an innovative software company founded to improve online communication and broadcasting capabilities. Founded by a team of technology enthusiasts, the company focuses on creating advanced digital solutions that facilitate multimedia sharing and livestreaming across multiple platforms. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to solving common problems faced by customers in multimedia apps, such as the exclusive use of webcams by apps within the Windows operating system. The company employs a skilled team of developers, designers and strategists who work together to deliver quality solutions. Committed to improving the customer experience in online communication, the company continually updates and refines Splitcam to ensure it meets the evolving needs of its diverse customer base.

Company Name:

Est Year: 2003

Employees: 1-10

SplitCam Demo & Media

SplitCam Top Features

Hd Video Broadcast

SplitCam helps users stream video from their HD camera without losing video quality. Users can manually select the required resolution.

Video Splitting

SplitCam helps users to use their webcam in multiple applications without getting "webcam busy" error.

Realistic 3D Masks

With SplitCam, users can replace their entire head with any 3D object, such as a virtual elephant or other animal.

All Popular Services Support

These include Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Camfrog, YouTube and more.

Streaming to Popular Services, Livestream, Ustream, Facebook, Youtube Live, Periscope and other services with just a few clicks and using all SplitCam features.

Zoom Video Feature

Users can zoom in on their video in SplitCam and stream only the part they need.


SplitCam allows users to simultaneously broadcast a live stream to multiple streaming services with very little impact on their computer's CPU and GPU.

Scenes Switching

With SplitCam, users can create multiple scenes with different video and audio sources and switch between scenes or split their video during the broadcast.

Color Adjust Stream

SplitCam helps to change the colors of a creator's video, add skin smoother or blur settings, as well as contrast, brightness and sharpness changes. Using these features will improve the quality of the creator's video, making their live streams more popular and interesting.

Slide Show

With the Slideshow feature, users can add images or photos to their stream, which will turn on and change over time according to their settings.

Pros of SplitCam

  • Completely free to use
  • Advanced video streaming features
  • Stream to multiple platforms
  • Splitting Webcam as needed
  • Comprehensive audio mixer

Cons of SplitCam

  • Adds watermark
  • Limited features as compared to other options

SplitCam Pricing

The SplitCam software is completely free and can be easily downloaded by anyone from their website.

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What Kind of Support SplitCam Offers?

SplitCam comes with detailed guide and support content that users may go through to understand more about the software. They may use their Telegram or Skype channel.
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Tutorial Videos & Documentation

SplitCam FAQs

SplitCam is a legitimate and powerful livestreaming studio broadcasting app that allows creators to broadcast directly to multiple platforms such as, Youtube, and Facebook simultaneously with minimal CPU load. It also allows the integration of webcams, screens and various effects into the video feed. 
While SplitCam offers valuable features for people looking to enhance their online livestreaming and video chat capabilities, including the ability to share a webcam across multiple apps and add effects to video feeds, it is important for individuals to evaluate their specific needs and usage plans to determine if SplitCam’s features justify the potential cost.
SplitCam seamlessly integrates with a variety of broadcasting and communication platforms, including but not limited to, Facebook, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger, increasing the versatility of its channels. This integration makes it easy to share a webcam and broadcast across multiple apps at the same time. Reviewers often highlight this as a benefit in their SplitCam reviews. 
To troubleshoot issues with SplitCam, it is advisable to check for program updates, confirm device compatibilities, ensure all connections are secure, and restart the app. Additionally, the SplitCam FAQ section or customer support may provide further assistance.
Inserting a video into SplitCam involves accessing the video source options within the program, selecting the appropriate file from the creator’s device, and integrating it into the online livestream or video call. Individuals can adjust settings and effects to customize the look and feel of the video to their liking, a functionality highly rated in SplitCam reviews. 
SplitCam is designed for both casual streamers and professional broadcasters, with features that support high-quality livestreaming, multi-platform broadcasting, and the addition of various effects to enhance video content.
SplitCam supports HD video transmission, allowing you to deliver high quality video content to your audience on supported platforms and apps, highlighting its effectiveness as a live online livestreaming solution.
Yes, SplitCam facilitates the use of virtual backgrounds on video livestreams, enabling the creation of dynamic and engaging visual content without the need for a physical green screen. 
SplitCam is designed to optimize livestreaming efficiency, enabling direct delivery to multiple platforms while minimizing CPU load through efficient software engineering and resource management. This ensures a smoother livestreaming experience for both the broadcaster and the viewer.

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