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Based on 2 user reviews, Nimble has an overall rating of 5.00 out of 5 stars.


Nimble Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Nimble is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses streamline their social media interactions, sales, and marketing efforts in a unified platform.

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What is Nimble?

Nimble is a cutting-edge web data-gathering platform designed and developed by Nimble Way. It facilitates the efficient and secure collection of vital information from the web, catering to a wide array of business requirements. Nimble works towards integrating various data sources to streamline contact management. The Nimble CRM platform boasts a user-friendly interface and employs advanced technologies to ensure that businesses can access and utilize the data they need for various purposes, including pipeline management. Developed by a team based in New York, US, with additional operations in Tel Aviv, Nimble CRM represents a sophisticated tool aimed at enhancing business intelligence and decision-making processes.

What is Nimble Good for?

Nimble CRM is particularly useful for businesses looking to gather accurate and timely information from the web. It excels at streamlining data collection processes, making it easier for companies to access a vast array of information efficiently. The Nimble CRM platform supports data-driven decision-making, market research, competitor analysis, and customer insight gathering through efficient contact management. It is also adept at ensuring the security and reliability of the data collected, addressing the critical needs for compliance and data protection in diverse business environments.

Who Should Use Nimble?

Nimble CRM is designed for a broad spectrum of users ranging from small to large enterprises, offering a scalable CRM solution. It is particularly well-suited for market researchers, data analysts, marketing professionals, and businesses in sectors that rely heavily on web-sourced data for strategic planning. The platform’s capacity to provide actionable insights makes it valuable for companies aiming to gain a competitive edge, enhance customer understanding, or monitor market trends. Furthermore, Nimble’s commitment to security and reliability makes it an appropriate choice for organizations prioritizing the safeguarding of their data-gathering processes.

Nimble Company Details

Nimble Way, the company behind Nimble, is headquartered in New York, US, and has established a notable presence in the realm of web data-gathering platforms. Founded by CEO Uri Knorovich, Nimble Way is driven by a skilled team of 11-50 employees. The company is distinguished by its commitment to delivering secure and efficient data collection services for a variety of business needs. With an additional base in Tel Aviv, Nimble Way’s expanding operations underscore its dedication to supplying superior data solutions that promise security and reliability. The efforts of Nimble Way are aimed at equipping businesses across the globe with essential tools for informed decision-making, thereby fostering their growth and development.

Company Name: Nimble Way

CEO Name: Uri Knorovich

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: New York, US

Uriel Knorovich CEO Nimbleway
Uriel Knorovich
Co-Founder & CEO
Menachem Salinas Nimbleway
Menachem Salinas
Co-Founder and CRO

Nimble Demo & Media

Nimble Top Features

Easy Scaling

With Nimble you can access unlimited data and scale it as per your need seamlessly.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Nimble seamlessly to gather data from any web property as per your need.

AES-256 Encryption

Nimble comes with AES-256 encryption to secure your overall setup.

Proxy Rotation

Nimble gives you the proxy rotation option to gather data without any hassle.

Residential Proxies

Nimble comes with a large pool of residential proxies that are trustworthy.

Simple and Stable API

Nimble offers a stable API option to collect data from any web property with a simple interface.

99.99% Uptime

Nimble proxy solution comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Zero Maintenance

Nimble is a simple and easy-to-use data-gathering and proxy solution with zero maintenance.

Pros of Nimble

  • Nimble can gather data from any website
  • Strong and large infrastructure
  • Completely secured platform
  • Stable API to gather data
  • A modern proxy solution

Cons of Nimble

  • New in the market

Nimble Pricing

The platform supports four plans:

  • Essential 
  • Advance 
  • Professional 
  • Enterprise

You can get in touch with the sales team from the official website to request a demo and then find a suitable plan for your business. 

Here are the details of the pricing plans.

Nimble Proxy Pricing

Nimble Price Comparison

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User Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Affordable CRM that enables salespeople (for real)

February 1, 2022

Nimble CRM is a sales tool I have been using for years. Their easy to use interface is built to help salespeople become better. The integrations with Google and Microsoft tools mean my CRM is automatically updated even if I am interacting on my iPhone through Gmail.The ability to have multiple deal types and sales funnels as well as custom workflows means the CRM adapts to my business processes not the other way around. Lastly… it’s super affordable in comparison to other CRMs that have the same feature set.

Avatar for Shane Gibson
Shane Gibson
Review Source: Trustpilot

Great CRM for all type of businesses

January 19, 2021

I had the chance to use Nimble for several projects and the results were always outstanding.My key features:- Nimble Prospector Extension for Chrome- All the Social Media info in one click- Kreed Score Integrations- The flexible setup for reports

Avatar for Fernando Angulo
Fernando Angulo
Review Source: Trustpilot

Nimble Detail

How Nimble Works?

The importance of web data needs no explanation. Web data has always been crucial, from designing pricing strategies in eCommerce to running a successful campaign on social media. 

At present, there are more than 1.98 billion websites online. Imagine the amount of web data available in cyberspace now! In such a situation, collecting data is tricky and collecting relevant data is tougher. 

It is where Nimble comes into the picture. The USP of Nimble lies in its simple API and robust IP infrastructure. The platform provides you with the power to gather data effortlessly. 

Its stable API allows you to collect web data from any website. It is complemented with a modern proxy solution that makes large-scale web data operations possible for all geolocation. Lastly, its IP infrastructure gives you all the necessary features that you might need to access the data. 

You can use Nimble to collect web data for:

  • Social media marketing 
  • Travel aggregation 
  • Search engine result crawling 
  • Ad tech 
  • SEO Monitoring 
  • Website testing
  • eCommerce
  • Market research
  • Stock market data 

With its feature, Nimble provides companies with an easy way to engage in web data collection. 

Nimble Review: The Benefits

Residential Proxies 

The residential proxies of Nimble enable

you to access websites situated in any geolocation without facing IP bans. Furthermore, you can lay your hands on the IP addresses of the device through scrapers and crawlers effortlessly. 

Nimble further smoothens the process by allocating you the best proxy with its AI engine. This proxy allocation is convenient if you want to stay vigilant about:

  • IP reputation 
  • Rotation time and speed 
  • Connection duration 

The platform offers you a modern proxy solution to maintain all your needs. 

Accessibility To Structured Web Data 

Analyzing data is different from data collection. The former requires more effort, especially if the data is massive. 

However, with Nimble, you do not need to worry about the difficulty of analyzing data. Nimble structures the public web data before delivering it to you. The structured data goes straight to the company data warehouse or your database, depending on your selected option. 

The result is that you have web data that is all set for analysis. 

Simple And Stable API

Nimble supports simple API access that gives you complete control over it. Moreover, its API is reliable and powerful enough to bypass any location restrictions. 

The super simple account management highly reduces the learning curve of the platform. Even though the interface is simple, it is powerful. It gives you complete control over:

  • Proxy Protocols 
  • Budgets 
  • Permissions

Moreover, it sends you notifications regarding the operation with real-time alerts. 

Additionally, the stable infrastructure allows you to handle projects of any size with minimal latency. 

Robust Security 

With such a rapid increase in cybercrime, taking care of cybersecurity is of utmost importance. With Nimble, however, you do not need to bear the burden of cybersecurity burdens. 

The platform is designed to keep the entire process of data-gathering projects safe. 

All the API requests are encrypted with AES-256. This encryption is virtually impenetrable, even with the use of the brute-force method. Nimble provides an additional layer of security by storing the decryption keys on separate machines. 

Nimble also takes care of compliance for all its infrastructure and software. 

24/7 Premium Support

The customer care support of Nimble requires a special mention. Have any questions while using Nimble? Expect to receive the answers just when you need them. 

Nimble offers premium support for Essential and Advanced plans and VIP support for Professional and Enterprise plans. 

Additional Features 

Nimble supports a massive network for proxy rotations that is handy for collecting web data without obstructions. It ensures maximum control to the user with minimal effort with its hands-free approach to IP management. 

It houses simple integration even for the advanced configurations with reliable infrastructure that can run unlimited concurrent sessions. 

Lastly, it offers you a 14-day 22 GB full live trial. For the trial, you will get an account manager and a dedicated support team. With their help, you can build and test your project within less than two days. 

Final Words

Nimble is an effective web data-gathering platform that helps you collect data fast and at any scale. On top of it, the platform presents you with structured data.

It supports a superior customer experience with all its features. Web data is essential to keep the market competitive, which benefits everyone. Nimble makes it easier to access this web data. 

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What Kind of Support Nimble Offers?

The product comes with detailed documentation to help the users and they offer support through live chat. You can also get n touch with the team through the support email ID.
Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Nimble FAQs

Nimble is a legitimate web data-gathering platform developed by Nimble Way, a company with a significant presence in New York, US, and an additional office in Tel Aviv. It operates under the leadership of CEO Uri Knorovich and is supported by a dedicated team of 11-50 professionals committed to delivering secure and efficient CRM solutions to businesses.
Nimble is worth paying for due to its robust capabilities in safely and efficiently collecting essential data for businesses. The platform is designed to cater to diverse business needs, making it a valuable tool for informed decision-making and sustained growth.
Nimble provides integrations with a variety of other software, enhancing its data-gathering capabilities and making it a more versatile tool for businesses. These integrations facilitate streamlined workflows and improved data management, although specific software integrations are not listed in the provided factual information.
Nimble software is appropriate for both small-scale companies and larger corporations. Its scalable web data-gathering platform is designed to meet diverse business needs, allowing for efficient data collection crucial for informed decision-making regardless of the company’s size. This is achieved by integrating with other platforms to enhance its CRM capabilities.
Nimble software is designed with usability in mind, making it approachable for novices. The dedicated team at Nimble Way ensures that the platform is user-friendly, enabling businesses to easily collect vital data without requiring advanced technical knowledge.
Nimble software manages data protection through robust security measures, ensuring that the data collection process is safe and reliable. The exact nature of these measures is underscored by Nimble Way’s commitment to security and reliability in providing top-notch CRM solutions.
Nimble software manages the automation of workflows by providing tools that streamline the data-gathering process. This automation capability enhances efficiency and reduces manual efforts, although specific mechanisms of workflow automation are not detailed in the provided factual information. Integrating with mobile apps could further streamline these processes.

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