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Based on 69 user reviews, NetNut has an overall rating of 4.23 out of 5 stars.


NetNut Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

A reliable proxy server provider that offers multiple different proxy types to choose from.

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What is NetNut?

NetNut is known for its Residential proxy network, one of the fastest in the market. The platform supports over two million Residential IPs worldwide. 

Furthermore, it houses more than one million static Residential IPs and supports one-hop ISP connectivity. 

To sum it up, Netnut offers its users advanced proxy solutions, which are also scalable. Therefore, it is beneficial for limitless web data extraction. 

Moreover, the hybrid proxy network of NetNut is powerful enough to handle hundreds of gigabytes/second of network traffic. It, in turn, makes it possible for you to access any geolocation web data content. 

NetNut Company Details

Company Name: NetNut Ltd.

Est Year: 2017

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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NetNut Top Features

Good Proxy Speed

NetNut supports one-hop ISP connectivity. Therefore, there is no dependency on the end user. NetNut ensures a fast proxy speed for its users.

Stable Proxies

NetNut uses its own network to route all the traffic. In other words, no third-party computers are involved in this entire process.

Real-time Dashboard

When you buy a NetNut plan, you get access to a real-time dashboard. This dashboard houses information such as: Total usage, Usage per country and more.

Rotating Residential Proxies

You can use NetNut’s rotating residential proxies for continuous web scraping or high-volume requests.

Fast Datacenter Proxies

NetNut supports 220k datacenter IPs globally. Additionally, it accommodates unlimited domains and concurrent connections.

Premium Static Residential Proxies

The platform has more than a million active IPs with one-hop ISP connectivity. Moreover, you can keep these residential IPs as long as you want.

Reasonable Proxy Pool Size

NetNut supports one of the largest proxy networks. The platform supports more than ten million residential IPs.

Unlimited concurrent request

NetNut offers unlimited concurrent request option so that you may use the service as much as you need.

Pros of NetNut

  • Unlimited concurrent requests 
  • High speed and low latency 
  • Good proxy pool size 
  • Fast static proxies 
  • Real-time dashboard 
  • Supports sub-users

Cons of NetNut

  • Expensive 
  • Lacks SOCKS5 proxies

NetNut Pricing

NetNut offers a number of different pricing options depending on the proxy type you select. Here are the pricing details.

Residential ProxiesStatic Residential ProxiesDatacenter ProxiesMobile Proxies

NetNut Price Comparison

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User Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars (based on 69 reviews)

We've had a great experience partnering…

February 13, 2024

We’ve had a great experience partnering with NetNut. Their service has been exceptional, prompting us to expand our usage with them recently. Their team is not only prompt in their responses but also incredibly helpful, always going the extra mile to address any queries or concerns we may have.

Avatar for Richie Khandelwal
Richie Khandelwal
Review Source: Trustpilot

Nice team

February 5, 2024

Eze and the team helped me from the beginning, making the approval process simple and efficient.

Avatar for Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio
Review Source: Trustpilot

The company keeps spamming me in every…

February 5, 2024

The company keeps spamming me in every way possible from aron (at your domain) for a 3d month already. Please sort out your marketing

Avatar for Taras Matsyk
Taras Matsyk
Review Source: Trustpilot

Streamlined Ad Verification Process

February 5, 2024

Yea they have the ideal rotating proxies,,.. it’s been greatly improved our ad verification process, offering both speed and accuracy. Their reliability has significantly reduced operational delays.

Avatar for Anderson
Review Source: Trustpilot

Advanced Global Market Research

February 3, 2024

Utilizing their global proxy network, we’ve been able to conduct comprehensive market research across multiple countries. The diverse IP range is crucial for our international insights..

Avatar for Patrick Harvey
Patrick Harvey
Review Source: Trustpilot

What Kind of Support NetNut Offers?

NetNut comes with detailed guide to help the users. They also offer email and live chat support to resolve issues instantly.
Email Support
Live Chat
Social Media
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

NetNut FAQs

NetNut is one of the leading proxy server provider.
No, NetNut is a premium service. However, you may try the service free for 7 days.
Yes, NetNut is one of the popular proxy service provider that is legal and reliable.
NetNut offers wide range of pricing options depending on the proxy type you select. You have option to select from rotating residential proxies that will cost around $800 for 100GB. Static residential proxy starts at $1000 for 100GB.

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