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Jaggaer Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Jaggaer is a comprehensive, cloud-based procurement management software that automates and streamlines procurement processes for businesses and organizations by offering solutions for sourcing, spending analysis, contract management, supplier management, and purchasing.

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What is Jaggaer?

Jaggaer is an innovative leader in the Autonomous Commerce sector, offering a self-governing B2B commerce experience that intelligently connects buyers, suppliers, IoT devices, and partners. By orchestrating over $500 billion in annual goods flow through its Enterprise Commerce Network, Jaggaer utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to facilitate intelligent procurement solutions. These solutions are designed to offer smart-match recommendations, align buyer needs with supplier capabilities, and automate repetitive tasks. Established in 1995, Jaggaer positions itself as Networked, Intelligent, Comprehensive, and Extensible, serving customers globally with a dedicated team of over 1,200 employees from its headquarters in Morrisville, NC.

What is Jaggaer Good for?

Jaggaer excels at streamlining B2B commerce by making the procurement process more efficient and autonomous. The platform, often referred to as Jaggaer One, is adept at providing enterprise buyers and suppliers with intelligent procurement solutions that leverage AI and machine learning for smart-match recommendations. This capability ensures that buyer requirements are seamlessly matched with supplier offerings, optimizing the supply chain. Furthermore, Jaggaer automates many of the repetitive tasks associated with procurement, allowing organizations to focus on strategic decisions and core business functions, a feature often highlighted in software reviews. The platform’s comprehensive and extensible nature makes it ideal for managing the entire procurement lifecycle, from sourcing to payment, aligning with the core principles of procurement.

Who Should Use Jaggaer?

Jaggaer is primarily designed for enterprise buyers and suppliers engaging in B2B commerce who are looking to optimize their procurement processes through intelligent solutions. The platform is suitable for organizations across various industries seeking to streamline their supply chain management, improve buyer-supplier alignment, and increase operational efficiency. Companies that benefit from using Jaggaer include those aiming to leverage artificial intelligence for smart procurement recommendations, automate repetitive tasks, and gain a competitive edge through a networked, comprehensive, and extensible commerce platform. Jaggaer’s capabilities are tailored to meet the needs of procurement professionals, supply chain managers, and executives seeking to enhance their procurement strategies.

Jaggaer Company Details

Jaggaer, established in 1995 and headquartered in Morrisville, NC, stands as a leading figure in the Autonomous Commerce revolution. Under the leadership of CEO Andy Hovancik, the company, known for its product Jaggaer One, has grown significantly, now employing over 1,200 dedicated employees, as evidenced by Glassdoor statistics on working at Jaggaer. Pioneering in creating a self-governing B2B commerce experience, JAGGAER leverages advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning. With a focus on redefining B2B commerce through innovation and customer-centric solutions, JAGGAER facilitates the flow of over $500 billion in goods annually through its Enterprise Commerce Network. This economic impact, along with its significant contribution to streamlining procurement processes, underscores the company’s vital role in the global commerce ecosystem.

Company Name: Jaggaer

CEO Name: Andy Hovancik

Est Year: 1995

Employees: 1,001-5,000

HQ Location: Morrisville, NC

Andrew Hovancik, MBA

Jaggaer Demo & Media

Jaggaer Top Features

Spend Analytics

This feature enables the ability to observe practical insights on spending at any moment and from any location, embodying the essence of procurement.

Supplier Management

This function guarantees the best spending analysis by providing total transparency regarding the performance of every supplier.


Evaluating various situations and procurement choices, maintaining control over procurement processes, and increasing interactions with vendors and assessors, all contribute to reducing expenses and enhancing partnerships.

Category Management

This function aids in developing, monitoring, and refining strategies for managing digital procurement categories.


Enhances the purchasing process for consumers by offering tools like intelligent purchase recommendations, scheduled reordering based on agreements, active shipment updates, automated approval processes, and additional functionalities.


This feature assists in generating, approving, and overseeing all billing documents via adaptable automation functionalities.

Inventory Management

Generate savings and enhance customer shopping experiences by linking internal storage areas and purchasing processes.

Supply Chain Management

This functionality streamlines the procurement of raw materials through automation of the supply chain management process.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Facilitates digital cooperation with vendors and oversees the procurement of raw materials.

Quality Management

Work together with various vendors and streamline all processes related to quality control, enhancing the workflow significantly.

Pros of Jaggaer

  • Seamlessly automates processes
  • User management is generally smooth
  • The intuitive user interface enables straightforward transaction entry
  • Ongoing improvements to the system
  • Assistance with activations in technology
  • Cons of Jaggaer

  • The current system for reporting is done by hand and is missing important pieces of data
  • There are problems with the accuracy of the data that is uploaded
  • There is insufficient training for administrators
  • Jaggaer Pricing

    When it comes to pricing, Jaggaer operates on a model where information is typically sourced from the software provider or publicly available materials. For those seeking specific pricing details, it’s advisable to reach out to the vendor directly. Negotiations and final procurement arrangements are conducted through direct communication with the seller, allowing for personalized discussions customized to individual requirements, and emphasizing the benefits of e-procurement software like Jaggaer. This hands-on approach ensures transparency and facilitates the exploration of pricing structures and potential customization options that best align with the needs of prospective clients.

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    What Kind of Support Jaggaer Offers?

    Jaggaer places a strong emphasis on supporting its users through a variety of helpful resources. These include email and help desk support as well as phone assistance, providing direct channels for resolving issues promptly, a service quality often documented in Glassdoor reviews about working at Jaggaer. Jaggaer also offers thorough training sessions to ensure users have the knowledge and skills they need to use the software effectively. Additionally, there is information available in the knowledge base, including articles, guides, and tutorials, which users can access at their convenience for troubleshooting and learning about advanced features. Through these carefully curated support options, Jaggaer aims to empower users to make the most of their software experience and achieve their goals efficiently.
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    Jaggaer FAQs

    Jaggaer is a legitimate software platform specializing in Autonomous Commerce, offering a self-governing B2B commerce experience that connects buyers, suppliers, IoT devices, and partners. Established in 1995 with a strong presence in the market, it serves as a reliable solution for managing over $500 billion in goods annually through its Enterprise Commerce Network, as highlighted in various software reviews.
    Jaggaer is worth paying for, particularly for organizations seeking to streamline their procurement processes through intelligent automation. Its use of AI and machine learning to provide smart-match recommendations and autonomously execute repetitive tasks offers significant value to enterprise buyers and suppliers looking to optimize their commerce operations.
    Jaggaer offers extensive integrations with other software solutions, ensuring a comprehensive and extensible platform for its users, which is often praised in in-depth reviews. While specific integration partners are not listed in the provided factual information, Jaggaer’s commitment to networking and intelligence implies a robust capability to connect with a wide range of ERP, supply chain, and financial systems to enhance B2B commerce experiences.
    Jaggaer is designed to be user-friendly, leveraging AI and machine learning not only for backend process automation but also to enhance the user interface and experience for the end user. By providing smart recommendations and automating repetitive tasks, the platform aims to simplify the procurement process for its users, making it accessible for enterprise buyers and suppliers without extensive technical knowledge.
    Jaggaer applies AI and machine learning to enhance procurement processes by offering intelligent solutions that autonomously match buyer needs with supplier capabilities. This helps streamline the sourcing and procurement process through smart recommendations and automated task execution.
    Jaggaer supports global procurement operations by facilitating over $500 billion in goods annually through its Enterprise Commerce Network, a testament to its robust procurement capabilities. Its capabilities in AI and machine learning, combined with extensive industry experience, make it well-equipped to handle the complexities of global commerce.
    Jaggaer benefits suppliers by connecting them with a wide network of enterprise buyers, enhancing their visibility and opportunities for business. Its AI-driven platform provides suppliers with smart-match recommendations, aligning them with the needs of buyers and facilitating smoother and more efficient transactions.

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