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IPRoyal Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

IPRoyal is a digital service platform that offers multiple solutions including a residential proxy network, VPN services, and a data collection mechanism, enabling users and businesses to enhance their internet privacy, access geo-restricted content, and gather web data efficiently.

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What is IPRoyal?

IPRoyal is a proxy service provider established in 2020, and headquartered in Ajman, UAE. The company specializes in offering a wide range of proxy solutions, including residential proxies, data center proxies, and dedicated mobile proxies. IPRoyal is recognized for its commitment to maintaining a 99.9% uptime, ensuring reliable and high-performance proxy services for its clientele globally, including data centers and residential proxies. Led by CEO Karolis Toleikis, IPRoyal leverages its expertise to provide secure, efficient, and versatile proxy solutions, including static residential proxies, meeting diverse needs across various sectors.

What is IPRoyal Good for?

IPRoyal excels in providing versatile proxy services tailored to a broad spectrum of use cases. Its solutions, including data center proxies for high-speed download speeds, are ideal for businesses and individuals seeking secure and reliable internet connectivity, data privacy, and online anonymity. The company’s offerings are especially beneficial for web scraping, ad verification, accessing geo-restricted content, and enhancing online security. IPRoyal’s dedicated mobile proxies, catering to sneaker enthusiasts and mobile device users, ensure optimized performance and connectivity with generous data allowances.

Who Should Use IPRoyal?

IPRoyal targets a wide range of users, including businesses, IT professionals, digital marketers, and cybersecurity experts. The services, with a focus on high GB allowances for data scraping, are also highly suitable for researchers and academic institutions that rely on web scraping and data collection. Additionally, individuals seeking to protect their online privacy or bypass regional restrictions could significantly benefit from IPRoyal’s proxy solutions. The company’s commitment to reliability and security, including offering IPRoyal residential and static residential proxies, makes it a trusted choice for anyone needing proxy services for personal or professional use.

IPRoyal Company Details

IPRoyal Services FZE LLC, established in 2020 and headquartered in Ajman, UAE, is recognized as a key operative in the proxy service sector and is looking forward to expanding its offerings by 2024. Under the leadership of CEO Karolis Toleikis, the company has quickly ascended to a leading proxy provider position in the industry within a short span. IPRoyal specializes in offering an extensive range of proxy solutions, including residential proxies, data center proxies, and dedicated mobile device proxies, meeting a wide variety of client requirements. The company prides itself on ensuring 99.9% uptime for its services, illustrating its commitment to reliability and high-quality service. With a dedicated team of 11-50 employees, IPRoyal is committed to ongoing innovation and the expansion of its services, establishing itself as a dependable provider of proxy solutions on a global scale.

Company Name: IPRoyal Services FZE LLC

CEO Name: Karolis Toleikis

Est Year: 2020

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Ajman, UAE

Karolis Toleikis IPRoyal
Karolis Toleikis
Founder & CEO

IPRoyal Demo & Media

IPRoyal Top Features

Different Proxy Types

IPRoyal offers a variety of different proxy options such as Residential, Datacenter, Sneaker and Static Residential proxy.

City and State Targeting

With IPRoyal proxies, you may target specific city or state as per your business need.

Rotation/Sticky Option

You have the option to choose from rotating proxies as as well as sticky option.

Supports SOCKS5

IPRoyal comes with SOCKS5 support with all their plans.

99.9% Uptime

IPRoyal provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee so that you can take advantage without any issue.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Threads

IPRoyal offers unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted service.

Instant Delivery

Once you buy IPRoyal plan, you get instant access to their proxy servers.

Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxies

IPRoyal offers dedicated proxy servers for the mobile devices.

1M+ Residential IPs Pool

IPRoyal has a large collection of secure residential IPs from across locations.

API Access

IPRoyal provides API access to their users.

Pros of IPRoyal

  • Versatile proxy network
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Beginner-friendly user interface 
  • Good location coverage 
  • Robust security

Cons of IPRoyal

  • Limited self-help documentation
  • Unsuitable for huge projects

IPRoyal Pricing

IPRoyal offers different pricing plans for different proxy type. Here’s what the starting plans looks like.

ResidentialStatic ResidentialDatacenterSneakerMobile
195+ Countries AvailableUnlimited TrafficUnlimited Traffic99.8% Success RateUnlimited Bandwidth
Traffic Never Expires99.9% Uptime99.9% UptimeUnbanned On Most Websites1M+ Residential IPs Pool
SOCKS5 SupportedPremium ISP ProvidersNot SharedSuitable With Most BotsAuto Rotate Toggle
City/State TargetingNot SharedCarefully Selected And TestedMost Popular Countries CoveredAPI Access
Flexible Rotation/Sticky OptionsSOCKS5 SupportedSOCKS5 SupportedSOCKS5 Supported5G/4G/3G support

IPRoyal Price Comparison

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User Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 1,216 reviews)

Digital earning platform

May 25, 2024

Its convenient to use and have so many methods also for withdrawing payments. We can use unlimited bandwith also Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Iqra W.
Iqra W.
Review Source: G2

sharing your internet connection with its clients.

May 25, 2024

It is a lot similar to Honeygain, which is another site that will pay you for your unused internet connection. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Zaki H.
Zaki H.
Review Source: G2

Value for Internet Consumption.

May 25, 2024

I like the earning aspect of IP Royal. I have used it before on multiple Devices and earned money just by Sharing my bandwidth. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Somil S.
Somil S.
Review Source: G2

passively hosting for a little income

May 25, 2024

Passively making income is a scalable & attractive solution. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Ryan P.
Ryan P.
Review Source: G2

Easy to use, with decent price grid

May 25, 2024

Uptime is unmeasureed, easy to use. Anyone without tech knowledge can use IProyal Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Layal J.
Layal J.
Review Source: G2

IPRoyal Detail

Here are some of the top features and key highlights of IPRoyal proxy service.

1. Instant IP Change 

IPRoyal allows you to change your IP address instantly via its dashboard with just a tap. Furthermore, you also have the option to go for an API request to change the IP address, 

Together, both ways ensure that you get the delivery of the IP from IPRoyal almost instantly. 

2. Dedicated Residential Proxies

You do not need to splice or share the residential proxies you order from IPRoyal. Also, it supports sticky proxy sessions, ensuring you have access to the residential proxy for as long as you want. 

Moreover, you can carry on with unlimited concurrent sessions with IPRoyal’s dedicated residential proxies. 

3. Reliable 4G Proxies 

IPRoyal’s 4G proxies come with unlimited bandwidth with additional features such as auto-rotate toggle and API access. 

Again, these proxies are reserved for you. Besides, you can maintain downloading speed with IPRoyal’s reliable 4G proxies, as it supports a downloading speed of 100 Mbps. 

4. Functional Dashboard 

IPRoyal’s dashboard houses a self-contained section for the products that the users buy. You can use the dashboard to buy new proxies and further track them. 

The reseller tools of IPRoyal become available to the user in the dashboard when the user deposits an amount of $200. With this new dashboard, you can manage both API and sub-users. 

5. Supports Chrome and Firefox Extensions 

Currently, IPRoyal supports both Chrome and Firefox extensions. With these extensions, you can uninterruptedly use your browser while altering the proxy servers. 

Additionally, it supports a proxy tester, a handy tool to verify and filter proxy IPs. 

6. Robust Security 

IPRoyal supports both HTTPS and HTTP proxies. However, the levels of encryption for both are different. 

Irrespective of it, IPRoyal ensures its users a high degree of anonymity. It assures that no one tracks the users’ internet usage and protects all the sensitive data. 

You can also enable two-factor authentication to give your account an additional layer of protection. 

7. Wide Location Coverage 

IPRoyal has an extensive location coverage spread across Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. However, not all locations support the same number of proxies. 

The top locations of IPRoyal include the United States (341,385 IPs), Germany (316,824 IPs) and Russia (287,616 IPs). With such an extensive network, accessing worldwide content is easy with IPRoyal. 

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What Kind of Support IPRoyal Offers?

IPRoyal comes with quick start guide, comprehensive help section to help the users with any issues. You may also get in touch with the support team using live chat or email.
Email Support
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

IPRoyal FAQs

IPRoyal is indeed legitimate, established in 2020 and headquartered in Ajman, UAE, with a reputation for providing a wide range of reliable proxy services, and is planning to introduce new sneaker proxies by 2024. With a commitment to a 99.9% uptime and managed by a dedicated team under CEO Karolis Toleikis, IPRoyal, a leading proxy provider, serves as a trusted partner in the proxy service industry.
IPRoyal is worth paying for, offering specialized solutions such as residential, data center, and dedicated mobile device proxies. Its services cater to diverse client needs, ensuring high reliability and performance, which positions IPRoyal as a valuable asset for individuals and businesses requiring proxy solutions, including for sneaker releases.
IPRoyal offers versatile proxy solutions that are designed to be compatible with a wide range of software applications, enhancing connectivity and performance. Although specific integration details are not provided, the nature of proxy services ensures IPRoyal can support various applications requiring proxy functionalities.
IPRoyal is user-friendly, catering to clients worldwide with a straightforward approach to accessing and utilizing proxy services, ensuring optimal download speeds for all users. The company focuses on ease of use and reliability, making it accessible for users regardless of their technical expertise in proxy solutions, including those seeking high download speed.
IPRoyal offers a diverse range of proxy types, including residential proxies, data center proxies, and dedicated proxies for mobile devices. These solutions, designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of clients, including offering static residential IPs, reinforce IPRoyal’s position as a comprehensive provider of proxy services.
Yes, IPRoyal proxies can be used for global internet access, offering a large pool of IP addresses from different geographical locations. This capability enables users to bypass geographical restrictions and access content from across the world, enhancing the versatility of IPRoyal’s services.
IPRoyal supports its clients with a team of dedicated professionals, offering assistance and guidance to ensure optimal use of their proxy services. Client support includes technical help and customer service, ensuring users have access to the help they need to effectively utilize IPRoyal’s services, including guidance on IPRoyal residential proxies.

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