5 Must-Have Features for a Top Entertainment App

Top Entertainment App Features

Media and entertainment are internal parts of all people’s lives. You can’t simply imagine yourself going through the long route to work and facing the subway without your morning playlist.

Or even worse, eating your lunch without finding something to watch—the idea of this happening is terrifying for most of us.

Luckily, this would have been the case if we had lived in the past. Now, thanks to apps, we have media and all means of entertainment in the palm of our hands.

In this article, we will discover together how apps have transformed the huge and enormous industry of media and entertainment and the top entertainment app you can use.

The History of Apps and the Media and Entertainment Industry

Well, we can’t dive deep into the history of media and entertainment; that would take weeks and weeks of talking and hundreds of articles to cover. However, we are going to be brief and talk about the history of apps and the media and entertainment industries.

The rise of apps in this industry coincided with the rise of streaming services. The initial concept of apps came in the early 2000s, when the first idea of creating the first media streaming service was in progress.

Toward the end of the 2000s, there were a number of entertainment and media streaming services favored by millions of people, like YouTube and Netflix.

With mobile phones getting more advanced and the emergence of smartphones, all these platforms rushed to make their platforms available for such devices to increase their user base even more.

This, of course, turned out to be very successful and effective. As these apps started to accomplish exceptional numbers of downloads around the world. However, this also started the never-ending competition for the top entertainment app title.

How Did Apps Transform and Benefited the Media and Entertainment Industry

The transformation that apps did to the entertainment and media industries is undeniable. They unlocked and unveiled many possibilities and new opportunities that were buried deep down due to the lack of advanced technology.

So, how did apps put the entertainment and media industries at the top?

If we are going to mention benefits and advantages, we have to mention accessibility. The fact that apps have made all means of media and entertainment available everywhere and anytime without being limited to certain places is astonishing.

Now people can watch movies, listen to their favorite songs, and play games anywhere with only one tap on their phones. They don’t need to go to arcades, deal with the inconsiderate audience at cinemas, or deal with many more unpleasant situations that we can now avoid.

Another way that apps transformed the industry is that they made it possible for these platforms to reach potential users that were once unreachable.

As almost all people around the world use apps and have smartphones. It is easy for streaming platforms to target people from different languages, cultures, and backgrounds by personalizing the app experience and localizing their apps to fit their needs.

This, of course, could significantly boost the sales and profit of such apps and platforms.

Types of Apps in the Media and Entertainment Industry

Music streaming apps

Music Streaming App

Music streaming apps are one of the top entertainment app types, and people highly rely on them now. This is due to the fact that music lovers can now access great and enormous libraries of music anywhere.

They can listen to anything they want, whether songs or podcasts, in high quality. Creators also greatly benefit from music streaming apps, as it gives them the chance to share their creations with the app users and earn profit from the plays, downloads, and shares.

Gaming Apps

Gaming apps are time-killers for all of us. It is the one thing you always go to when you are stuck in traffic or stuck in a boring conversation with someone you don’t like.

Gaming apps are the earliest form and introduction of apps in media and entertainment. Remember the snake on all Nokia phones? This is actually probably the first app ever made.

Gaming apps are now responsible for a huge portion of the mobile app industry revenue

Media Streaming Apps

Media Streaming Apps

Media streaming services are essential and something everyone is definitely using now. This type of app contains huge libraries with thousands of movies and TV shows.

Whether they were released yesterday or even 60 years ago. Media streaming apps are also among the top entertainment app types favored by millions around the world, which led to the emergence of many streaming services and lit the flame of powerful competition.

Best Apps in the Media and Entertainment Industry


Netflix is anyone’s comfort place where they can watch all the media they love, old or new. They can find everything they want and more on the platform.

Netflix is popular because of its extensive catalog of movies and TV shows, which includes Netflix originals. Finding new shows to watch is simplified by the system’s ability to make recommendations tailored to individual viewing habits.

Furthermore, you may watch your favorite episodes and movies anywhere thanks to the ability to download any content and enjoy it while you are offline.


SoundCloud is a widely used application that enables individuals to upload, stream, and share their music with the world.

The app is an excellent venue for gaining visibility and making connections with followers, as it has over 76 million active users. It also allows users to effortlessly interact with content through options like commenting, reposting, and sharing.

Creators and musicians can also easily earn from their content by allowing ads and sponsorships on the app.


If you are a creator who wants to share your content in an engaging and fun way. Or if you are someone who enjoys live streams, then Twitch is your go-to. Live video games, concerts, chat shows, and more may all be broadcast in real-time on Twitch.

It also has a chat function that lets viewers talk to the streamer in real-time. Furthermore, Twitch is a great way to make money while doing what you love. This is due to the possibility to monetize your content through subscriptions, gifts, and sponsorships.


YouTube is an ideal platform for both audiences and content creators that aim to grow and expand. It is a renowned platform that has been here since the emergence of the Internet.

People have an endless library of videos in all fields where they can learn, have fun, and access any type of content they want. With this app, creators can manage their channels on the go, track their video performance, and respond to comments and messages from their audience.

The platform is a safe place for any creator who wants to publish videos and find a new way to earn some profit. Plus, with real-time analytics, you can see how your videos are performing and make data-driven decisions to improve your content.

Features That Make Media and Entertainment Apps Special

Personalized Recommendations

Media and game apps rely heavily on user personalization options. These apps utilize algorithms and user data to deliver recommendations.

These recommendations are unique to each individual user based on their tastes, past activities, and preferences. Users are more invested and satisfied when they are given the opportunity to access new content that is relevant to their interests.

Social Media Integration

Several media and entertainment apps have built-in features and integrations for various social media networks. Which allows users to easily share their creations and engage with others.

Sharing digital content, recommendations, playlists, or reviews with friends and followers is a cherry on top for all users. User engagement usually increases and skyrockets with the presence of such a feature.

Offline Accessibility 

Offline accessibility is a common feature in any top entertainment app; users can download content beforehand in order to enjoy it whenever and wherever they like.

Those who wish to watch videos while on the go or in places with minimal internet accessibility will appreciate this feature. The ability to access media while away from home increases the flexibility and adaptability of any entertainment app.

User Profiles and Playlists

Often, media and entertainment apps will let you create your personal profile and playlists. Users are able to tailor their profiles with a variety of options, such as viewing and listening histories, playlist creation, and content sharing.

These features boost the customization options and give users more power over the level at which they consume various forms of media.

Content Streaming and Media libraries

The best streaming experiences are typically found in media and entertainment apps. They offer a wide variety of media, including movies, TV series, music, podcasts, and even live broadcasts, that may be accessed at any time.

These apps often provide flawless performance and streaming, and a wide range of video quality settings. Additionally, they have powerful streaming features to guarantee that users can watch their favorite shows and movies without any interruptions.

Create Your Entertainment App With Nandbox!

Competing in such a crowded and saturated industry and market can be quite tough unless you have a powerful app to compete with. Creating this app in the traditional way would require much effort and time, and most importantly, great amounts of money.

However, as apps made consuming media and means of entertainment easier, nandbox made developing these apps even easier. The leading no-code and only native app builder, nandbox, offers many great capabilities and advantages for developers.

The first advantage is that you can create an app in no time. As the platform is based on no-code development, it depends on pre-made elements and features.

So all they have to do is drag and drop features to integrate them. The second advantage is a rich collection of features that contain everything we mentioned earlier and even more, allowing developers to create a robust and fully functional app.

The last advantage is that the nandbox app builder is so affordable that you’d only need a fraction of the money you’d need to develop the traditional way. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of a distinguished industry like media and entertainment, and create your app now with nandbox!

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