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Talk to any SEO professional about the importance of backlinks, and you will hear a never-ending sermon! .GOV and .EDU are top-level domain extensions SEO professionals use to build powerful backlinks that improve the search engine presence of a site.

Always remember that a single high authority backlink is worth more than multiple low-quality backlinks. Google loves backlinks from.GOV and .EDU sites. Why? These domain extensions associate itself with educational institutions and government organizations, and as such, Google considers them more authentic.

Below, you will find an exhaustive list of.GOV and .EDU sites. You can sign up on their blog, register in their community and start building backlinks. If nothing else, if you find an active blog on any the below-listed sites, drop a meaningful comment on any of the interesting blog posts, which when approved will get your site a high authority backlink.

Before you move further, don’t forget to read our article about 15 best backlink building tools that will help you to improve the overall SEO of your site.

How to Find .GOV and .EDU Sites for Backlinks?

Once you exhaust the above list and want more sites, you can search them on Google. Go to Google and copy paste the following parameters.

  • site: .edu
  • site : .edu blog
  • Site: .edu comments
  • Site: .edu forums
  • Site: .edu log in / create account
  • Site: .edu inurl:blog

Replace .edu with .gov and you can find .gov links. The parameters will be:

  • site:  .gov
  • site : .gov blog
  • Site: .gov comments
  • Site: .gov forums
  • Site: .gov log in / create account
  • Site: .gov inurl:blog

Start building backlinks from the first site. Maintain an excel sheet record of the email ids, username and passwords. Use a tool like Clicky.com and RankScanner.com to monitor growth in search rankings. While Google Analytics is very popular, I strongly recommend Clicky.com as it shows better data analytics than Google Analytics. Also, RankScanner.com is better than Google Webmaster data.

Another tool to find .gov and .edu sites are to use DropMyLink. You can create a free account and start searching for relevant web properties. You have to enter the desired keyword, choose the Category and based on the Category; you will see Footprints to choose. Let us see how it works.

In the first example, I choose “blogging tips” and Comment Backlinks as Category, I see listed Footprints as Do-follow Comments, Intense Debate, CommentLuv Premium, Keyword Luv and Livefyre. On choosing Do-follow Comments, I will see a list of sites related to “blogging tips” that allow a user to post do-follow comments.

In the second example,  I choose “blogging tips” and Forum Backlinks as Category, I see listed Footprints as Vbulletin, ip.board, Fireboard, SMF, PhpBB, and phpbb3. On choosing Vbulletin, I will see a list of resources related to “blogging tips” that allow a user to create forum accounts and create link profile.

Now, these results will show all types of domain name extensions. If you want just .edu and .gov, choose the TLD from the dropdown option. Thus, you can narrow down the search further.

The Art of Commenting

A mistake backlink builders often make to use their “keyword” instead of a proper name when using the comment-based backlink building system. It has two downsides: first, it sets you up for a Penguin penalty and second, bots are able to identify you as a spammer.

Avoid all the messy situation and be a real commentator. Use your name, email id, and write a genuine comment while adding a link back to your site through the URL section.

Further, if you are using blogs that auto-approve comments and posting spammy content as a “comment,” it is only a short-term reprieve as there is no guarantee that the blog owners will not review the content at a later stage, and it might cause you to lose the links.


List of High Authority .Edu & .Gov Sites


It is not tough to get .edu and .gov backlinks. You can use our manual list or the search parameters or DropMyLink.com to find and build relevant backlinks. In fact, not only .gov and .edu backlinks, the DropMyLink.com resource will be your new friend to find tons of other opportunities to build backlinks.

How to Get High Authority EDU and GOV Backlinks?
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