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How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products Using an Adspy Tool?

Find Dropshipping Products

Are you planning to start your dropshipping business? While it is a proven business to make a good amount of money, it is not as easy as it seems to find winning products to sell.

Many newbies make the mistake of spending a lot of their time on less essential aspects and neglecting the most important thing: finding the best Dropshipping products.

Choosing the winning products on AliExpress has been a palpable achievement and continues to yield interesting results. However, in recent times, there are Adspy tools that are less time-consuming and very efficient for quickly finding trending products.

You will discover in this article:

  • The approach to be taken to find the winning Dropshipping products,
  • An explanation of what an Adspy tool is and why to use it,
  • A practical case on how to find a Dropshipping product with the Dropispy Adspy tool.

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products

There are a lot of methods, but we will discuss 2 classic methods (AliExpress and Facebook) and a method which is the most effective: Adspy tools.

  • The first is to browse AliExpress, … to discover a product with more orders and therefore in vogue.
  • The second is to watch the ads on your Facebook news feed.
  • The third is to use an Adspy tool like Dropispy to find winning products on social networks.

Let’s try to go through them one by one to find out which one is more effective and which could give you overwhelming success.

Use AliExpress

This possibility of browsing the AliExpress site to find the best products is old and has given good results in the past, then continues to gain ground, even if it is no longer effective in the face of the demands of the advancing realities of the digital world.

Now is the time to notify you that searching for the best Dropshipping products on AliExpress takes a long time.

Therefore, it is more advantageous to turn to other means that meet current needs.

Make Use of Facebook

Make use of Facebook to Source Dropshipping Products

The method of finding winning products on your Facebook feed has the advantage of being free but requires you to identify which ads have more interactions or which are trending. However, trending ads in this category are often few on Facebook.

Because despite the efforts that one could make to have potential ads on Facebook, we often do not manage to come across the majority of winners or interesting ads.

This is what justifies turning to adspy tools which are less time-consuming and more efficient to collect the best Dropshipping products.

Make Use of an Adspy Tool

Make use of an adspy tool to find dropshipping products

The second method of using adspy tools to spy on social media ads is the best. Because these adspy tools collect thousands of millions of ads daily, they make them available and accessible on their platforms.

Well, from their database, you have the ability to accurately search to find the right ads for your business. It could be targeting your specific audience or niche. This gives you access to a massive database of millions of ads in which you get a winning product.

Among several adspy tools that have these features is also the Dropispy tool which allows you to find all these ads on Facebook.

adspy tools

In short, of the three methods we have just studied, Adspy tools are less time-consuming and allow you not only to find winning products but also to have control of the competitive market.

Because they give you the ability to be one step ahead on the best Dropshipping products that your competition is using in their online stores.

Now, since an adspy tool is social media ad spyware, we are going to find out more about what it is, and why it is much more beneficial to use it in your business. e-commerce or Dropshipping.

Explanation on what an adspy tool is and why use an adspy tool?

To better support this two-themed components, we will address them one after the other

What is an Adspy Tool?

An Adspy Tool is a social media ad sourcing application. The tool collects millions of social media ads and finds the ads that work best, trending ads.

And because of this, it makes it possible to find the best winning products to sell in Dropshipping. Some Adspy tools like Dropispy establish a ranking of the best stores.

Why Use an Adspy tool?

The advantage of using an adspy tool is that you spend less effort and time to find the best Dropshipping products that perform well in the competitive market.

In addition, you get to know in real-time all the ads that they are running on Facebook. Take the example of an adspy tool to help you better understand what it is in concrete terms.

When we rely on Dropispy tool, we realize what it really is.

Dropispy tool

Thanks to a well-diversified system of filters and sorting, Drospispy is able to spy on ads on Facebook etc, and the best stores of your competitors to keep you ahead of the competitive market.

Thus, it collects millions of ads in its database daily, then makes them available to you. In this sense, you have the possibility of filtering and sorting these thousands of millions of pieces of information (according to your specific previously defined objectives, of course!) to get out the best winning Dropshipping products.

In short, Dropispy allows you to:

  • Easily find the best trendy Dropshipping products,
  • Spy on winning and high potential ads.
  • Know all the actions and strategies of your competitors, and know their target niches.
  • Also, spy in real-time on their best stores for information on their winning products.

So whether you are in the field of Dropshipping or e-commerce, if you want to be successful in your e-business without wasting your time spinning around AliExpress or your Facebook news feed for potential products. adspy tools like Dropispy,  Minea, etc. are best suited for you.

Practical Case: Find a Dropshipping Product With the Dropispy Adspy tool

Finding the best Dropshipping products requires several important strategies to put in place. But here we just need to use one or two strategies at most to capture the outlines.

To do this, we will also need to employ an adspy tool to do this effectively. So, we will continue with the same example used previously: Dropispy.

One of the most effective strategies in research is to find the winning Dropshipping products that are popular on the internet today. To find potential products, you must first identify the ads that have the most interactions and that promote the products.

Well, let’s do a practical case that can help you understand the process and follow it to discover trending products. In this specific case, we are using the adspy tool from Dropispy. We will then proceed with a few essential points.

Precise Ad Search Window 

At this point, Dropispy’s adspy tool allows you to sort ads by “last seen date” or to sort ads first seen by Dropispy on Facebook.

What matters to us is to refine our search to discover a large number of ads dedicated to Dropshipping. This is why we need to do our research in the database of the Dropispy tool.

To do this, let’s first click on “Filters” in the upper left corner as shown in the image below:

Search Dropshipping Products

The window that appears allows us to precisely refine searches among the millions of ads contained in the tool’s database. See what this presents to you:

Product for Dropshipping Business

Now let’s move on to the ad creation date step.

Search by Ad Creation Date

At this point, to collect the best Dropshipping trending products, we will filter recent ads. The ad “creation date” filter allows you to select a time range between 2 dates.

Let’s take a look at ads that are already 30 days old, that is, 30 days back from today. So we have the following:

Search by ad creation date

Now let’s move on to the Call To Action.

The Call To Action

Also, let’s try to define the call to action on the ad. For the most part, ads for Dropshipping products use “Shop Now”. Likewise, there are those who use “Apply Now” or “Get Offer”.

Indeed, many Dropshippers adopt a promotional strategy to be able to easily convert their prospects into potential customers. This is why it is good to make product price reductions of 50% for example, by also adding the call to action button.

The Call To Action

Now let’s talk about the ad redirection platform.

The ad Redirection Platform

The majority of Dropshipping stores are created and developed according to the Shopify Content Management System (CMS). For example, let’s target popular e-commerce platforms. So we have the following:

ad redirection platform

There is also the type of media that we need to be interested in.

The Media Type

Here we have the option of filtering only ads by video formats, which are very suitable for Facebook to grab the attention of Internet users. It is these video formats that are used a lot more for Dropshipping ads.

The Media type

What about the target country and the native language of the ad? Let’s tackle touch on this point!

Target Country and Language of the Ad

To deepen and refine our search, it is possible to filter the countries targeted by the advertiser even when the ad is launched on Facebook.

language of the ad

Knowing how to sort the ads is also great; let’s see what it is!

Sorting Ads in Search

In addition, to finalize our search, we can sort the results obtained by a simple click on the drop-down list located on the right in the upper corner.

You are free to sort everything by the number of “comments”, “likes”, “shares”, etc. But this time we are interested in the number of “shares”.

Sorting ads in search

By sorting by the number of shares, the ads that match our search will be sorted by share. So the ads that have the most will show up in the top search results. The Dropshipping ads that get the most shares are the ones that go viral and necessarily win.


The most important aspect for any Dropshipper and e-merchant is to have at their disposal the most efficient means to be able to quickly find the best Dropshipping products, in order to be overwhelmingly successful in their business.

It is no longer necessary to demonstrate that if you want to be successful in Dropshipping, you need adspy tools! Because these allow you not only to save time (unlike research on AliExpress and Facebook which are time-consuming and do not guarantee rapid success), but also to have the winning products, and trends that you are looking for as soon as possible.

In addition, an adspy tool is an app to spy on ads on Facebook, etc. which allows you to collect information about ads so that you know the winning products in real-time.

And through this article, you have also understood why and how to use it through a practical case focused on the adspy tool from Dropispy.

How great would it be to see you experiment with one of these adspy tools for the success of your online business!

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