100+ Best Free Grunge Textures for Designers (And Premium)

Free Grunge Textures

Looking for Grunge Textures for your design? Well, we have collected the best Grunge Texture designs from various sources in this article.

Grunge Textures are evergreen and they can instantly bring in a different and professional feel to your design. No matter what your design niche is, the Grunge Textures will perfectly fit into it.

The main advantage of the Grunge Texture is that you can it on any kind of creative project.

You can use them as your website background, you can use them to create your presentation, graphics, business cards, greeting cards, advertisement banners or anything else that you can think of.

The main advantage of these textures is that it has their own unique feel and it blends with any kind of design.

If you are confused about your design at any point in time and not able to make a decision on what kind of background should you use, stick to the Grunge Textures.

so, let’s have a look at the options we have.

20 Free Grunge Textures

Here is a collection of fifteen different Grunge Textures that you can quickly download and use on your design.

These are simple textures that will fit perfectly on any design. You can download the folder using the link below and use it on any personal or professional projects.

Grunge Textures

Download It

Vintage Grunge Texture Pack

As the name suggests, this is a pack of six beautiful and high-resolution vintage-style Grunge Textures that you can use on any of your personal or commercial projects free of cost.



10 Free Black Grunge Textures

10 Creative Grunge Textures of size 3000x2250px JPG image files. Chris from Spoon Graphics created these textures from his bathroom tiles.

These are black design textures that you can use on any of your design projects.



5 Soft Grunge Textures

A collection of simple and soft textures perfect for any modern and vintage style design. These are high-resolution hand-made textures to design flyers, banners, website backgrounds of other similar designs.



Prairie Girl Soft Grunge Textures

A beautiful collection of 20 soft Grunge Textures. This spack is created with girly color textures which will fit perfectly as a website background or any other creative design.

Each of is texture is layered with multiple color options to bring in more depth to the overall design of the image.

Prairie Girl Soft Grunge Textures


10 GRUNGE WALL CRACK texture background

You will love this collection of 10 high-resolution wall crack textures that will perfectly fit any creative design project.

These textures are of 12 x 12 inch 3600x 3600 pix.

grunge wall textures


20 Vector Subtle Grunge Textures

From t-shirt design to your website background, you can use these textures in any type of creative project.

20 Vector Subtle Grunge Textures


Dirty Grunge Textures

A free collection of six beautiful and simple grunge textures. These textures will fit into any kind of creative project, just download and get started.

grunge textures


5 Dirty Grunge Textures Pack

As the name suggests, this is a pack of five dirty textures that you might need in some kind of specific projects where you need to give it an old and dirty feel.

Dirty Grunge Textures Pack


10 Heavy Grunge Textures

Created from original surfaces, this is a collection of 10 heavy grunge textures that you can use to give your project a distressed feel.

These are (6,000 X 4,500 px) size files in EPS and PNG format.

Grunge Textures


Grunge Textures Vector Pack

This Grunge Textures Vector Pack can be used for any kind of creative project where you need a vintage retro feel.

This is a pack of 32 amazing textures that are developed over a long period of time. The files are presented in 5000×3500 px PNG format.

Grunge Textures Vector Pack


20 Free Grunge Backgrounds

A collection of 10 attractive and useful grunge backgrounds that you can download for free and use on your website or any other creative projects.



Free Subtle Grunge Textures

This texture pack is created from an old station in Iceland that has been abandoned for years. The white-painted walls are now old with different textures.

You can download this pack of seven textures for free and use on your creative project.

Free Subtle Grunge Textures


Free 6 Grunge Rust Textures

If you are looking for Rust Textures for your project, here is a nice collection of six different Grunge Textures that come with an attractive design.

Grunge Rust Textures


Final Word

Hope you find this collection of Grunge Textures useful. We will be adding more textures to this collection regularly, so, don’t forget to bookmark and check again.

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