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12 Best Instagram Tools to Increase Followers

Last updated: August 27, 2017

Occupying just 12.15 MB of storage space on your mobile phone, available in 25 languages, and functional on almost every leading operating system, Instagram is one beautiful online photo and video sharing site allowing the user to connect to the world.

The level of social network connectivity enjoyed through Instagram is phenomenal.

According to Instagram statistics, the Instagram community boasts of engagement of more than 500 Million users worldwide with 300 million active users. The social media giant has the traffic of approximately 70 million new photos per day, and 5.2 billion photos are liked daily.

The website has a total of 34,700,000,000 (34.7 billion) photos shared till date, and this data is increasing every minute. The growing engagement seems a very promising and attractive platform for recognition of an individual or an organization.

For businesses, it’s a way to let your brand reach out to a maximum number of people, give it a human touch, make people trust your brand, surprise the consumers and generate business and popularity.

Here are few ways and tools you can follow to start collecting the massive following for your personal or professional account. It is all about how to put your time and content to use.

Use Instagram in Style

  • Make your Instagram account look good. Tell your potential followers about yourself. Give them some interesting information about yourself.
  • Have a catchy, easy-to-look for the username. For business purpose, try to include your name in the username along with your brand. Choose a profile picture that suits your style, something that describes your taste and things you wish to convey about your brand.
  • In your bio write pleasant, unique and exciting things about your brand. Tell about yourself. Give a touch of your personality to it.
  • Add the URL that links your Instagram account to your business or personal websites, if any.
  • Also, make sure that your account is public which can be done by turning off private on Instagram ‘Options’ Menu.
  • Have a content curator if you are operating for any large organization. Trust someone who knows Instagram and all the features and who can do a good job for you.

Start Posting Regularly

Once your Instagram account is active, you should start posting. Have at least of 15-20 photos to start with. Make a plan for how you will be going about the posts. How often you are going to post and rest. Post often and aim to be more connected.

Posting 2-3 photos on an average every day is recommended. The most successful accounts post with a higher frequency. If you share on a regular basis and your posts pick up right engagement, then the Instagram algorithm will do the rest for you.

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Post pictures of the day and post videos during the night. Simple reason would be that during the day people are busy and can just look at your pictures whereas during the night time (9pm-8am) they have time and can enjoy the luxury of watching your posted video.

Instagram is available 24/7, so there is no particular time to post your photos. But according to research the maximum number of people posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Go ahead and try your luck.

Create Cool Captions

Posting pictures are nice. However, the caption of the posted image plays an imperative role. It introduces your picture and what you wish to say with your posted image. Showcase your brand in the caption. Catch your audiences’ fancy with the picture. Ask them a question or communicate with them in your caption.

Use High-Quality Images

Quality matters on Instagram. Instagram is all about photos. A bad picture goes unnoticed and unappreciated. It does not mean that you have to take a photography course or spend hours trying to learn Instagram but be good with pictures. Use high-quality images.

Make it look good. Catch the fancy of an observer. The most popular filter has been no filter. But filtered photos have got 21% more views and 45%more comments than photos that did not use filters. The most sought after the filter is a combination of the following:

  • High exposure.
  • Warm temperature.
  • Higher contrast.
  • Emphasis on one subject at a time in the picture.
  • Improvisation on your perspective.
  • Being funny, giving people something to laugh about.
  • Capturing small details and encouraging symmetry.

Use DSLRs to capture your pictures or use a better camera. Play with light and learn better techniques. Capture and post high quality and visually stunning images. You can also think of using good photo editing apps such as Afterlight (59 adjustable filters, 128 frames, and 66 different textures.), VSCO, Whitagram, PicStitch, Aviary, and many others.

Story Telling

Use storytelling to grab the attention of your followers and other users. Tell them an appealing and exciting story. Build up a story around your picture simply by narrating the background and your thoughts about the picture. Create a story using visual content.

Make your audience feel valued and interest them. Develop that urge in them to listen to you. Grab their attention. Give them something different and out of the box.

Use Quality and Quantifiably Mass Appealing Hashtags

Using just the words can be limiting and less fruitful on Instagram. If you wish to connect the masses, then you need to use the trending hashtags. Hashtags can be used to find, track, share, and participate in topics of interest.

Larger brands with more than 1000 followers receive 21.21% interaction per post, but with 11 hashtags they receive staggering 77.66% interactions. Instagram allows the use of more than 30 hashtags. However, avoid using hashtags on a large scale. Try to pick and choose. Try to do your research. Use ‘Explore’ option on Instagram to let you help in such case.

Tagging a Friend

Tag a friend in your posts. Ask your friends to tag their friends further if they like a post. In this way, you would be able to reach more and more people. Host an event and try to reach a maximum number of people. In an event or contest, you would be able to reach the highest number of individuals with similar interest.

Adding Emojis

Emojis have become popular among people as a form of expression. Instagram reports that nearly 50 % of comments and captions have an emoji or two.


Instagram keeps an open door for the people who follow you or want to follow you. People who already support you are interested in the things you have to offer.

Instagram connects people through photos and videos so consider a few things for better engagement.

  • Like other people account and photos and leave the comments too.
  • Follow already established followers on other social media platforms.
  • Know and lend your ears to what other people have to say. Take some time to consider the comments. Try to understand the pattern of likes and comments.

For Business

Instagram worked with hundreds of business users to figure out what was needed to enhance their Instagram experience and it was understood that are the three most important requirement of business users are:-

  • Stand out
  • Get insights
  • Expansion(reaching new users)

Primarily, they found that businesses want the ability to stand out on Instagram. Secondly, those businesses needed a better understanding of current scenario and imagination into their future performance. And lastly, businesses want to expand.

Instagram offers a Business profile as a free feature for accounts wanting to be recognized as a business on Instagram. Businesses can choose how they want to connect with their customers from three available options: Contact, Map (Direction to the location) and Email.

Insights on Instagram give businesses the information about their users and followers and the posts performances.  By knowing more about your audience, you can plan your posts better. Insights will feature metrics like reach,  top posts, engagement and impressions around posts, and more info about your followers like their location, gender, and age.

Promoting your business is another interesting feature available that enables you to create ads within the app and make it accessible to your followers and encourage more following.

The Tools to get Massive Following on Instagram

Other than these ways to grab the massive following on Instagram, one can use a few tools to enhance the number of followers. Here are a few of them.

01. Schedugram 

It is an extremely user-friendly and easy to use the tool. The tool acts as a schedule manager to schedule your posts. You can plan in advance how you need to schedule your posts on Instagram. It also provides you with the flexibility for a single post as well as bulk posting.

Schedugram for Instagram

02. Crowdfire

This incredibly powerful tool lets you clean your account in the simplest way. It efficiently manages your following on Instagram. Available for the iOS, web as well as the Android platforms, the spectacular tool lets you easily manage who you follow and then pursue users who might have an inclination and interest in your offering of any service or product.

A few of services offered by Crowdfire can be as follows-

  • You can get a list of users who unfollowed you.
  • Let you know your new followers.
  • Allows you to know who is following you and who is not following.
  • Divulge about other users who follow other accounts that you are interested in.
  • Let you unfollow users who are not following you.

Crowdfire App

03. Later

Another very effective and useful Instagram tool that will help you to schedule your posts for the image marketing platform. Many frontline brands are already using this tool to maximize their outreach on the popular social platform.

With the help of this tool, you can visually plan and schedule your posts for maximum benefit. Not only Instagram, you can use this tool to plan your posts on other leading social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Later for Instagram


04. Olapic

This tool helps brands and business to manage their posts as well as posts of other valued followers. Curation, Activation, and Analysis are the three steps followed by a process. It was earlier called as Piqora. It is a beautiful tool for enhancing your Instagram posting.

The tool uses the lethal combination of Artificial Intelligence as well as human advice who are professionals to help you manage and analyze your posts.


05. SocialRank

A well-known tool in the field of social media account management, SocialRank optimizes your online presence on Instagram. It provides the value added to the basket of tools. It gives you information about the valuable followers.

It lets you know who the social media influencers are. These influencers go a mile and provide you a large gathering of followers simply because they have a huge following.


06. Instalike.s App for iPhone Users

This efficient tool makes getting original Instagrams comments and likes unbelievably simple. You need to follow a three-step process.

  • Like other user’s photographs on Instagram and attain coins.
  • Use the coins to purchase Instagram likes.
  • Earn more coins to get more followers and likes.
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07. Facebook Power Editor 

Integrating your posts with your Facebook account is a welcome idea. This tool allows you to achieve exactly such flexibility. Specific advertisements can be earned using this tool as your Instagram posts are sponsored on Facebook as well. Therefore, this tool becomes a must have in your arsenal of content advertising. The USP features of this powerful tool include:

  • Call to Action Button for sponsored Ads.
  • Customize the target audience as per demographics and preferences.

Facebook Power Editor

08. Minter 

Filtering and tuning your analytics from the country, age, and the city allows you to manage your posts and content well. This fantastic tool allows you to pick the ideal time for your posts as well as fine tune your analytics.

Minter Instagram

09. Stribr

This is an online tool. It offers optimization and tracking of your Instagram activities. KPI or Key Performance Indicators measure the connect of your content with your users. Stribr allows optimizing your accounts, managing content hashtags, and your conversations.


10. Simply Measured

An astonishingly simple tool for Instagram, Simply Measured is a reporting tool. It lets you know about your extremely popular Posts, most popular Filters, and the Engaged Locations.

Simply Measured

11. Iconosquare

A beautiful tool that makes the process of liking and commenting on your follower’s post incredibly straightforward and easy. It lets you analyze your most favorite photos, your new followers, and the ideal time to post. It also provides the option of tracking new comments.


12. Repost

It works the same way Retweet works on Twitter. It allows you to share from your followers into your account. It is extremely helpful when you are in a quandary as to what to post.

Repost Instagram


The Essence

These are a few ways and tools that you can follow to allow your following on Instagram to reach exponential heights. However, a consistent effort and regular posting of beautiful photographs and videos from the bottom-line.

12 Best Instagram Tools to Increase Followers
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