21 Best Drupal Business Themes

Drupal Business Themes

Many users use Drupal as their preferred platform to create a business site, and why not? It’s a leading content management system that offers tons of modern design options to choose from.

Branding and advertising are two key activities that are required for the development of the business.

Irrespective of the type of business, individuals who are involved in professional practice as well as businesses that offer various kinds of services to customers have the necessity to display their offerings.

Drupal themes help people to display their products and services to customers in an attractive and professional manner.

We present here the best Drupal themes for a business house to make use of.

Flat Metro

Flat Metro is a Drupal seven theme that can be used for multiple purposes. Supported by Framework 4 of Zurb Foundation, Flat Metro Drupal theme can act as the base for all kinds of commercial projects. The advanced theme settings option and unlimited colors provided for building attractive themes make it a fully responsive theme.

It supports the usage of Google and is retina-ready. Flat Metro regular license costs $48, and an extended license can be purchased by users for $2400.

Flat Metro Responsive Drupal Theme


80/20 is a perfectly responsive retina-ready Drupal theme that comes with extensive documentation for proper guidance to the users. 80/20 comes with a quick-start pack that helps users to use the same quickly. The unique manner in which this Drupal theme has been created makes it astounding.

This parallax Drupal theme is a one-page theme that can be used for creating a Homepage, Portfolio or Services page or about us page. 80/20 regular license costs $43, and extended license costs 2150.

80-20 Drupal Theme


Bedford is a grid system-based theme that can be used to build one-page Drupal themes that are highly responsive. It is a retina-ready theme that can be used for creating astonishing web pages. Bedford is completely compatible with all kinds of browsers like Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8,9,10 and 11 versions, Safari & Firefox.

Bedford comes with a quick starter pack and thorough documentation which makes it easy for the users to install and use the same. Bedford regular license is available for $48, and an extended license is available for $2400.

Bedford Drupal Portfoli

Page Line

Page Line is a responsive template that can be used on HTML5 and CSS3 as well. It can be used on various devices such as desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. This is a professional template – clean and simple.

It has different kinds of pages such as corporate pages, portfolio pages, shop pages, and various other inner pages. The slideshows that can be seen on this theme are fairly awesome as well.

However, these are not the only features of this theme. Its design is full of features, and it can be customized quite easily as well.

PageLine Drupal Theme


Coursat Drupal theme has been designed mainly to address the requirements related to the education websites. It comes with ten plus home pages and eight-plus Coursat pages. Coursat helps create awesome blog pages.

It is a retina-ready Drupal theme that is responsive to Computers as well as smartphones. The mega menu and MD Slider options make it one of the best Drupal themes for creating educational websites. Coursat regular license comes for $48, and an extended license is available for $2400.

Coursat Drupal Theme


This theme is premised on Bootstrap framework, which happens to be quite a formidable CMS framework. This means it would look good on any device. This template also comes with a multipage as well as a single-page layout.

This means you can easily create the site that you want and that too at a very little time. Kompleet has more than 60 pages to choose from and several styles of headers and footers. Basically, it has all the elements that you could be looking for. It can be coded easily and the design itself is quite sleek.

Kompleet Drupal Theme


Saha is a Drupal template that photographers will surely love. It can also serve purposes related to creative templates. It comes with some features that you would not see anywhere else, its design is modern, and it has a gallery as well.

It happens to be a responsive design as well and can be loaded in a rather short span of time.  You can also customize it rather easily, and the same can be said of its usability as well. It has been created keeping photographers, businesses, creative designers, nightclubs, and creative agencies in mind.

Saha Creative Portfolio Template


As a Drupal theme, Sanbro can be described as a professional business-oriented one. It goes without saying that it is quite at par with modern sensibilities as well. What further helps is the fact that it is a completely responsive design.

Once again, this is a theme that can be used for any website irrespective of the purpose for which it is being used – business or personal. You can customize it just the way you wish to and that makes it so easy to use. It is also an extremely user-friendly platform that comes with a distinct look.

Sanbro Business Drupal 8 Theme


This Drupal eight theme is meant specifically for construction businesses, as well as ones in domains like architecture, and plumbing and renovation. It can be used rather easily. The creators of this theme have gone through some such sites before coming up with Darna.

They have done this to make sure that all functions and elements have been covered properly. However, this template can also be used for other related businesses. It is retina-ready and fully responsive as well. It also works well with frameworks that are built on Bootstrap.

Darna Construction Drupal 8 Theme


This Drupal theme can be used to serve different purposes at once, and this is what makes it a high-performance theme in the truest sense of the word. It is ideal for businesses. This design is completely responsive and retina ready too. It looks great no matter what device you may be using.

Its design is professional and clean, and this means it gives you the perfect platform to showcase your work. It has a cascading style sheets (CSS) template that is properly structured, and it also comes with JavaScript (JS) files, something that your web developers will like.

Click Multi-Purpose Drupal 8 Theme


If you are a blogger, you will love PIREZ. It is a modern theme that also happens to be responsive and clean. In case you wish to start your website or blog then it can hardly get any better than this.

By using this, you can build up any blogging site – be it personal or business. It has at least six styles of home pages. The same can be said of the headers styles as well. Apart from this, it has four options for skin colors.

PIREZ Blogging Drupal 8 Theme


This website template is a multipurpose one and can easily be applied on the professional front. You can use it for businesses, for-profit and non-profit ones. Since it is retina-ready and completely responsive, you can expect it to look stunning no matter what device you are using.

Its design is a professional one and also quite clean – in short, it is the best thing that you could have asked for to showcase what you have done in your career.

It is also tough to predict the number of layouts that you can create with it since the possibilities are endless.

gates drupal


Moderno – as the name would suggest – is a modern Drupal theme that is full of features and serves some purposes. It has been built on the Bootstrap framework. This template has around 50 ready-made pages and can be converted to any content management system (CMS) that you wish to.

With this template, you can easily create websites that can be run using just content management systems. It also has e-commerce features such as product lists, carts, product details, and checkout pages. As far as flexibility goes, it does not get any better than this.

Moderno Fast Performance Drupal8 Theme


This theme has been designed specifically keeping in mind the construction industry and its various players in mind. This means that any company that is in the business of building houses can build websites by using this theme.

It has a design that is unique and thus, awesome. With this theme, you can easily design your website just the way you would want to. No matter what the size is, the layout of this theme will always look good. The same thing goes for the layout as well.

Construct Drupal 8 Business Theme


This theme is one that can work on any given browser due to its cross-browser compatibility feature. It can work with both CSS3 and HTML5 and happens to be retina-ready as well. It has touch support, and its design is clean and much different from anything else out there.

This template is a multipurpose one in the truest sense of the term. It can be used in a wide range of non-profit websites. You can also customize it just the way you would want to.

You can be sure that when you use the template, it will redefine the very value of your brand.

Elementy Drupal Theme


Progressive is a responsive Drupal theme that can be used for multiple purposes. This Drupal seven theme is built on Bootstrap and comes with built-in 80 plus value-adding user interface elements. This retina-ready theme supports the creation of 50 plus pages.

The layout builder in Progressive gets high levels of support from the Mega slider. Progressive has many visual shortcodes built-in which makes it highly adaptable.

The progressive regular license can be purchased by users for $58, and the extended license can be obtained for $1500.

Progressive Drupal Theme


PageLine is a multipurpose Drupal theme built with Drupal 8 HTML 5 and Bootstrap version 3.3.6.  It comes with built-in ten corporate pages, 20 shop pages, and 80 plus HTML PAGES. The working contact form and many more features that are inbuilt in the PageLine Drupal theme make its design a highly responsive theme.

The extensive features of PageLine make it a completely customizable theme. PageLine regular license costs $59, and its extended license can be purchased for $2300.

PageLine Drupal Theme


Enar is a multipurpose Drupal eight theme that has premium modules integrated into it. Be it the theme settings or the shortcodes that accompany Enar, the strength of the same to build a clean website is amazing.

Enar is easy to customize in a complete manner owing to the RTL and Google font support it provides to the users. The video background option and unlimited color support add value to the theme as a whole.

Enar Multipurpose Drupal 8 Theme


Vanessa is an easy to build startup landing page theme built using Drupal 8. The image and video backgrounds provide support to users for building a modern-looking theme. Vanessa supports Google fonts and provides 630 plus icons for the users to choose from. The native content and block types, regions, views, and taxonomy

The native content and block types, regions, views, and taxonomy add immense value to the Drupal theme in a holistic manner. The extensive documentation that is provided with Vanessa makes it easy for the users to install and use the same without difficulties.

Vanessa - Drupal 8 - Easy Startup App Landing Page Theme


Porto is created using Drupal 7 and Bootstrap 3.3.5 versions. It is a boxed theme whose width is adjustable by the users to suit their requirements. The light and dark adjustable options make this Drupal theme a flexible one.

The support provided for unlimited colors adds value to the themes created using Porto. Porto is the number one selling Drupal theme of all time. Porto comes with a spectacular design and awesome configuration. It is considered one of the most powerful out-of-the-box Drupal themes of all the choices available to users.

Porto Ultimate Responsive Drupal 7 & 8 Theme

Website Corp

Website Corp is a Drupal six theme that is easy to install and simple to use. It comes with built-in PSD files and complete documentation to guide the users through the process. Website Corp is compatible to work with all kinds of browsers which adds huge value to it as a theme overall.

The style with which the theme is built looks highly professional and can be used for building themes for corporate websites. Website Corp regular license costs $38, and extended support for an extra 12 months can be availed by users for an additional $10.50.

Website Corp Drupal Theme

Final Word

The above given Drupal themes can be used for multiple purposes ranging from personal to business development. Right from medical professionals to legal professionals, everyone can display their service offerings using these Drupal themes.

These themes communicate the intention of the users to the target audience in the perfect manner through their clean presentation capabilities. Use Drupal themes and create your website within a few hours.

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