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15 Best Popcornflix Alternatives: To Watch Movies Online

A large collection of best Popcornflix alternatives that you can use to watch trending movies for free in high-quality videos.

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Are you looking for the best Popcornflix alternatives? We’ve listed the options that you can use to watch movies instead of Popcornflix.

Popcornflix is one of the best platforms when it comes to watching movies. It provides its users with a wide variety of free and available movies on demand. 

A strong argument against Popcornflix is that its collection of movies and TV shows is dated. Besides, there is a steady diet of commercial advertisements that make it less user-friendly. 

However, many other streaming sites like Popcornflix provide more features and content for their viewers. 

While many websites listed on the internet are subject to illegal downloads and piracy, we’ve made sure to include only the legal ones. 

In this list, you will find the best Popcornflix alternatives that you can try out!

Here’s our detailed list of top Popcornflix alternatives that includes paid as well as free movie streaming options.

You can use quality VPN software like NordVPN to watch movies without any issues on any of these sites.

1. Netflix

Netflix is still the undisputed king when it comes to online streaming platforms. For years, it has managed to win the race due to its ease of use, wide range of content, and lack of commercials. 

It has provided entertainment services in drama, romance, comedy, and action movies. Original TV shows such as Money Heist, Stranger Things, and 13 Reasons Why gained popularity among youngsters. 

The two most significant advantages of subscribing to Netflix are its easy accessibility across different devices and the regular supply of fresh content. 

Pricing – The monthly plan for Netflix starts at $9 per month. 


2. Hulu

If Netflix was considered the most potent streaming platform to produce original shows, Hulu is climbing its throne with its exciting list of new original shows. 

Hulu is a multi-platform source of enjoyment that wouldn’t let you leave your couch easily. With Hulu, you wouldn’t have to wait for months for an entire season to appear, as it will keep you up-to-date with its live TV package. 

Although it doesn’t have a massive library of content like Netflix, it has something that none of the other alternatives have to offer. It provides an excellent selection of familiar TV channels. It will make you cut your cable TV service and switch to its on-demand TV channels. 

Pricing – Its basic plan that involves a few commercial costs just $6 per month. You can switch to the no-ads version for $12 per month. 


3. HBO Now

HBO Now provides its users with the latest TV shows and movies. It also offers a lot of original content that is not available on any other streaming sites, making it an excellent alternative to Popcornflix.

The app is free for Android users in the United States, while iOS users can subscribe using their iTunes account or credit card. The app has no ads, and the video streaming quality is excellent.

It’s also worth mentioning that HBO NOW supports Chromecast, which allows you to stream your content directly from a mobile device or laptop onto your TV screen!

The monthly subscription price may be expensive at first glance, but if you’re looking to save time every month by avoiding ads when binge-watching your favorite show, then this might just be worth it in the end! 

Pricing – The free option includes limited access to HBO’s library while paying $14.99 will provide unlimited streaming from all seasons, including exclusive content like Game of Thrones or Westworld!


4. MovieTube

MovieTube offers a wide variety of movies to showcase. The site is also famous for its various TV shows, which are not present on any other free streaming sites like Popcornflix.

The website’s design is user-friendly and straightforward, so you won’t need to go through an extensive process while browsing.

There are numerous movies available on the platform under Action, Adventure, Comedy, and Drama genres. If you’re having trouble deciding which content to go for, try the top-rated or top IMDB list. 

Pricing – MovieTube is a free-to-use website and mobile app. 


5. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is like the lesser-known cousin of big streaming platforms that went straight under the radar. 

We feel like Tubi TV doesn’t get the much-needed appreciation it deserves. It’s a free site that offers thousands of movies and TV shows for its users to watch. 

Although the platform isn’t commercial-free, it is legal when it comes to providing free-to-use online streaming services. It even claims to offer fewer commercials than a cable subscription.

Unlike the rest of the streaming platforms, you’ll find many B-movies and low-budget movies that can be worth watching on this platform. 

Pricing – It doesn’t charge any penny from you. 


6. Crackle

Yes, it’s the same Sony Crackle that Chicken Soup now owns. You can hardly complain about this platform as it provides its services free of cost. 

Since it’s a free option, you wouldn’t receive top-notch services and advanced features. That doesn’t take away from its ability to provide a problem-free streaming performance. 

As far as its library is concerned, it falls just short of Tubi TV. Nevertheless, Crackle has some of the broadest range of content to offer in various genres such as action, drama, thriller, and even anime. There are also some irritating unavoidable ads. 

Although the platform doesn’t ask you to sign up, you’ve to register to add content to your watchlist. 

Pricing  – It is available for free. 


7. AZ Movies

If you’re on the lookout for fresh releases, AZ Movies is the platform to be at. We’re sure that you’ll find the movies released last week on this platform. 

You can watch the latest content for free on this website and download it to watch them later. Its giant carousel displayed on the home page will make the navigation process easier for you. Besides, you can choose from a wide range of genres such as action, fantasy, drama, and horror. 

With excellent advantages, there are certain limitations that come with this platform. You’ll have to constantly encounter pop-up ads that will redirect you to other web pages. 

Pricing – It is available for free. 


8. Amazon Prime Videos 

Like all the other platforms mentioned in this list, Amazon Prime Videos offers a wide variety of shows and movies. 

It’s not as expensive as it sounds. Its price undercut many other platforms, and its simultaneous streaming is better than other top players in this market. It also provides other services such as Amazon prime music and same-day delivery to its subscribers. 

It is also one of the first platforms to offer 4k HDR to its subscribers. One of the perquisites we love is that they provide the first episode free. Amazon is like a black hole of content where you can find various movies, TV Shows, and even Documentaries. 

Pricing –  Its subscription starts at $8.99 per month in which you can even download its content to watch in offline mode. 



In the world of entertainment, IMDB needs no introduction because everyone reviews its ratings for movies and TV shows before deciding to watch them. IMDB TV, backed by Amazon, is a good-looking streaming website with a decent movie collection to its name.

Although there are a few recognizable titles in their collection, we feel they could’ve done better with selecting TV shows. 

It’s home to shows such as Schitt’s Creek and original content such as You’re not a Monster. Although its free version offers a satisfactory service, you can subscribe to its Pro plan for much higher quality content. 

Pricing – While there’s a free plan available, you can subscribe to a $7.99 monthly plan for a wide range of ad-free content.


10. Yify

Yify, also known as YTS, is somewhat different from all the other Popcornflix alternatives listed here, and that’s what makes it so unique. Yify is a collaborative torrent network infamous for distributing a wide range of movies for free download. 

It was founded in 2010, and since then, it is managing to be considered a bypass website for torrents. 

The most influential feature of Yify is that it provides all of its content in HD quality. You can download your content in 720p, 1080p, 2160p, and even 3D. 

A subject of the advisory issued by Yify is that you should download content only by using VPN. 


11. Vudu

Vudu, earlier acquired by Walmart, is now owned by Fandango. It’s an on-demand streaming service that, unlike Netflix, doesn’t require users to subscribe on a monthly basis. Instead, you must purchase or rent the movies or shows you like.

If you’re not a fan of watching too much content, subscribing to Vudu is a no-brainer as it will help you control a lot of unnecessary spending. 

Although there are a few movies and tv shows that you can watch for free, you’ve to suffer from many commercial ads. The major drawback of using this platform for purchasing your favorite content is its cost. It tends to cost more than the monthly subscription of Netflix if you decide to watch over three movies. 

Pricing – On average, it costs $4 to watch a movie. 


12. 123Movies

If we had to choose among the free streaming platforms based on ease of navigation and user-friendliness, 123Movies would have taken the top spot. Despite this, 123Movies remains one of the best sites and will be for a long time.

Like AZ Movies, 123Movies is also home to all the latest movies and TV shows. They update their content regularly so you won’t face any delay in watching an upcoming film or TV show. 

As far as the search navigation is concerned, you’ll search by genres, trendy films, alphabetical order, year, and even country. 

Pricing – Although the content on 123Movies is available for free, you would’ve to face a few pop-up ads here and there. 


13. Apple TV Plus

After seeing its competitors ease through the streaming business, Apple had to enter the market, and they did pretty well. Apple TV Plus is one of the lowest-priced platforms that provides high-end features such as 4K resolutive content and mobile downloads. 

As far as the content is concerned, it still lacks some industry leaders, but it is slowly making progress with its exclusive original content. It currently displays over 60 of its original shows. 

While its excellent features are its silver lining, its accessibility leads to its downside. It offers its services only on apple products and not on android phones. 

Pricing – A monthly subscription to Apple TV Plus costs $4.99. 

Apple TV Plus

14. Disney+

If you’re a Disney or a superhero movie fan, you can’t get enough of the Disney+ streaming service. Since it features high-quality ad-free content, the pricing is kept reasonable. It allows you to watch content from Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, and there’s Baby Yoda as well. 

You can tune for simultaneous streaming of up to 4 devices. Disney+ has also kept sports lovers in its mind as it allows you to pick a bundle of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. There’s also a lot of original content in the production process. 

Pricing – The plan of Disney+ starts at $7.99 per month. 

Disney Plus

15. Paramount Plus

If you’re a fan of CBS shows, Paramount Plus is the streaming platform you should subscribe. With over 30,000 episodes and 2,000 movies in its collection, Paramount Plus is starting to come up the ranks in the streaming platform business. 

From classics such as Star Trek to legendary comedy shows on Comedy Central, Paramount Plus is home to some of the best collections. It has also included sports and new channels. Soon, it will come up with its original content as well. 

You can subscribe to this platform via web browser, Apple TV, Android, Amazon Firestick, and many more popular devices. 

Pricing – A monthly subscription will cost you $9.99. 



These platforms may not have all of the features you like, but they do have a large selection of movies and television shows. Prices vary from free to paid services, depending on what you want to watch. 

Keep in mind that each streaming service’s plan has a different monthly subscription fee.

Hopefully, this list will help narrow down your search when you’re looking for the best Popcornflix alternatives!

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