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10 Best KickAss Torrents Alternatives For Movie Lovers

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Are you looking for the best alternatives of KickAss Torrents? We have listed 10 best options in this article.

If you go back in history, the KickAss Torrents site used to be a very active source for downloading movies in the past and it was used by millions of users from across the world.

This monster house of illegal copies of your favorite movies and TV shows was banned out of existence in 2016, followed by an arrest of its owner. 

This legal setback caused widespread angst as there were very few sites that had high-quality new-age and old movies, which were not pirated versions.

But that was three years ago. If you’re unwilling to pay for online streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu- there are several options you surf. 

One of them being scouring for alternatives for KickAss Torrents. We have simplified your search for you and narrowed it down to the 10 best KickAss Torrents Alternatives in 2019. 

These popular clone websites are easily accessible, however there are some online safety precautions one must take while surfing torrents- or ‘torrenting.’

This list entails all those options which have been vouched for their reliability and can be used on a daily basis.


It is only justified that the respawning on KAT have its name as well. This site not only has an expansive array of all TV shows and movies under the sky, and also the planet of games, applications and also anime making it a digital treasure trove. 

Having originated as one of the first KAT clones, it is still very much present and used widely. By KTA clone, we mean housing a similar interface and navigating options, which is known to house millions of successful torrents. 

If looking at the right place, one can also find the original database.

  • With over 28,000 files
  • Although freely available, it can be inaccessible by certain Internet Service Providers
  • Harbours a supportive user community
  • Fully functional and has been used for several years

This interface too, with the aim of retaining the yesteryear familiarity, this site’s interface is eerily similar to the KAT. 

Housing all the latest TV shows and movies in perfect quality, has several prominent features which include an easy-to-use interface, an engaging and vibrant community of users and the availability of magnet links. 

It also takes pride in the millions of torrents it harbours and is supportive of all types of diversified content, to cater to the varied needs of its global community. 

You can even write comments and be a part of its user community.

  • Viable alternative to KAT
  • Effective categorization of torrents
  • Different ways of browsing
  • Same footprints as the initial KAT


The slight variation in the name is not the only thing that sets this site apart from the other efficient alternatives for KickAss Torrents. 

With subtle enhancements made to the original KAT version, has a dense stockage of verified torrents for all the movies, TV shows, games and anime you’re looking for. Although it might be a target for certain ISPs, is freely accessible and safe to use. 

Their built-IN search engine is a godsend, especially if you’re looking for rare media. The millions of torrents on the site are effectively categorized to direct you towards exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Categorization of torrents
  • Verified torrents ensure fewer encounters with malware
  • A modified version of original KAT


The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay amidst the cloned versions of KAT, became increasingly popular in the recent years.

Alongside their predominant content of movies, games and TV shows- they are also a domain that houses e-books and applications which is largely unconventional for torrential platforms.

Although it has been banned in several countries, it is still accessible and is there to survive the long haul. 

Having existed since the inception of torrents, this site has more than 3 million torrents encased in an old-school interface.

  • Millions of torrents
  • Accessible via mirror URLs
  • One of the most popular domains, thus reliable



Priding itself as “a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine”. Torrentz2 is a successor of KAT, and acting as a viable alternative. 

With indexing over 6 millions torrents across 80 domains, this site has a proficient and immensely capable search engine that is a house for a plethora of verified torrents. 

This too is a connoisseur of movies, e-books, TV shows, games and other forms of media. Although not a torrent site in itself, it acts more like a search engine for torrents. It locates or searches for other torrent trackers that you need.

  • You can find unconventional or obscure content
  • Simple and fast
  • A torrent tracking search engine


With plenty of different torrent categories, you as a user will know exactly where to look when you’re searching or browsing through. It has only verified torrents, that way there are slighter chances of your contacting a virus or malware. 

Apart from the common movies, anime, TV shows and e-books, Torlock is also known for offering software, music, and images which is unheard of for a torrent site. 

Another lesser-known fact is that upon reporting a fake or false torrent file, Torlock is ready to pay you! It is incredibly fast and one can be assured of downloading only healthy files.

  • Large number of active daily users
  • Has music and software too
  • Each torrent has detailed descriptions or comments for you to verify before going ahead with the download




Apart from a dense repository of enticing files, RARBG was successful in garnering a solid reputation through its reliable and satisfying services. 

Harbouring over 8 million files, this domain is largely accessible across the globe with Bulgaria, Indonesia, Denmark and Ireland being the exceptions. 

Its rich torrent library will have you spoilt for choice. Although it is a common target for most ISPs, you can find your way around it with a quick and easy VPN installation.

  • Incredibly neat and clean interface
  • Comprehensive and categorized list
  • Clean UI


With magnet links and large choice for torrent files, YTS is another common name in the torrents community and has a massive community of satisfied daily users. 

Having been shut down once, YTS just emerged stronger and more diverse than ever. It is known to be founded on one of the better-looking formats, and over the years have proven to be one amongst the lesser controversial alternatives for KAT. 

Centering its focus primarily on films, on this site you’re sure to find all the old-school classics and the latest of movies, with more than 9000 files with available resolutions of 720p and 1080p.

  • Torrent files and magnet links
  • Neat and precise format
  • Largely responsive and functional UI




1337X is lauded predominantly for its search engine and site interface, which is easily navigable and has sleek modernity to its functioning. 

Its media content is diversified into movies, TV, games, music, applications, software, anime, documentaries and other assorted media forms.

With a reputable tracker coupled with a dense torrent library, this site is accessible in all parts of the world with few exceptions of Australia, UK, and Austria. 

This acclaimed second-tier option, this site has been functioning successfully for the past decade without any kind of altercation. Its unrelenting and immaculate services are also the talk of the town.

  • Probably the largest choice on media
  • Unique features and establishment make it a viable option for alternatives
  • Over 2 million torrent files



Lastly, is another torrent tracker or search engine that directs you towards credible and reliable torrents scattered across domains. 

Apart from offering a wide array of torrents, it also has helpful visual insights that complement its effective and large search base.

With tens of millions of torrent files under its belt, its types of content vary from your conventional movies and TV and diverge into software, applications, and graphics. 

Its full library is thrown open for the onslaught of your exploration and all the tending torrents are represented graphically on its homepage. 

Its one of a kind search engine will lead you to exactly what you’re looking for across its wide themes and categories.

  • Perfect KAT alternative if you’re going torrent hunting
  • Proving its usefulness in the torrents market
  • A polished, reliable and safe website

Final Word

Protecting yourself online is an essential priority, owing to the visibility of your Internet Service Providers.

This allows them to store and also sell your personal data to companies that purchase them for millions of dollars. 

You have to keep this in mind especially if you’re planning on downloading files from torrent and hearing those.

There is a misconception with torrenting being synonymous with illegal. This is an unfounded claim, as there is numerous legal and safe site that allows you to download and share safely- and most of them are encompassed in this comprehensive list. 

Depending on the media form that you wish you, consumer, you can make an educated choice regarding the site you want to approach for.

So, have fun binge-watching your favorite content, hassle-free!

If you find the article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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