11 Best GoDaddy Alternatives

A list of top GoDaddy alternatives for domain registration and hosting your website.

GoDaddy Alternatives

Although GoDaddy is a convenient place that offers help for all your distinct domain name and registration needs and for hosting your site, there are plenty of other options worth noting just as well.

There are many GoDaddy alternatives that you can consider when you need help with getting a new option to work instead of GoDaddy.

You’ll need to look at these when the issues and costs of GoDaddy are considered.

Why look for a Godaddy Alternative?

Even though the site has made a name for itself as a simple place for managing domain names and offering web hosting solutions, it helps to find different GoDaddy options for many reasons.

To start, there are several choices out there that might prove to be less expensive than what GoDaddy charges.

You should look for options for hosting that isn’t going to force you to spend more on services than what you might prefer to work with.

The fact that GoDaddy has plenty of BBB complaints doesn’t help either.

Also, GoDaddy has been a strong supporter of the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA bill.

While the bill sounds like a good idea, the bill actually allows the government to find information on people at any time, including details on domain registration functions that are normally supposed to be private.

This is not an aspect of handling a site that you might be comfortable with using. Therefore, it would help to find other sites that compete with GoDaddy when looking for a convenient domain host.

What Are The Top GoDaddy Alternatives?

Here’s a list of top GoDaddy alternatives that you may consider for your business.


01. BlueHost

BlueHost focuses mainly on WordPress, although the Blue Flash interface provides a sensible approach to producing a WordPress site.

You do not require any technical knowledge of how to produce a site to use BlueHost.

The WP Pro support offered by BlueHost is positive to note. The resource protection system here ensures you’ll have more control of your content.

The added unmetered bandwidth surround ensures you’ll have more control over your content.

Another advantage for the newbie user is that you get your domain name for free when you buy BlueHost hosting for your site.

Also, read this article about top Bluehost alternatives.

BlueHost Hosting Review

02. InMotion Hosting

InMotion can be one of your primary choice of hosting as their service is trustworthy and has been around for a long time. InMotion offers a simple interface for hosting your site that lets you use a free SSD setup.

What’s also useful about InMotion is that it uses a one-click installer that makes the entire process of creating your website smooth. You can add multiple apps that are ready to use through the control panel.

The secure backup process ensures you’ll have more control over the work you are putting in.

The backup setup uses a design where you’ll keep your content ready for reach during an emergency or if you are struggling with making your site more functional or useful.

When you look for GoDaddy alternatives, InMotion is certainly a good option.

InMotion Hosting

03. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has several hosting options such as shared hosting, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting solutions.

You can use A2 Hosting with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento setups in mind to produce a simple and well-facilitated layout.

The Turbo server feature that A2 offers costs extra to access, but this solution puts you at the front of the line for producing better speeds and controls.

The Turbo server works really fast offering a great experience to your users. You can use this quite well for your handling needs depending on the account you’re using and how well the setup works.

A2 Hosting

04. Rackspace

Rackspace is a little different when compared with other GoDaddy alternatives in that Rackspace concentrates on emails.

You can work with the unique Rackspace Email setup and use unique spam and virus protection setups. The security involved is easy for all to follow.

You can also use Rackspace for your eCommerce needs. Rackspace has separate solutions for Oracle, Drupal, Sitecore, and WordPress.

Of course, Rackspace is best for when you’re looking for something thorough and direct, although you need to analyze the content as well as needed.


05. HostGator

HostGator is another choice that concentrates mainly on basic hosting.

The one-click installation support offered by HostGator provides makes it a good choice for newbie users.

The most important part of HostGator is that it is simple and easy to use. It comes with a user-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans.

HostGator also offers you a domain name for free with some of the hosting plans they offer. The variety of domains that HostGator offers includes choices with different extensions.

You can use an auto-renew service as well to ensure your domain does not expire because you were unable to get it restored.

HostGator Hosting

06. Domain.com

Domain.com as the name suggests is a platform to register domain names and it is one of the leading alternatives to GoDaddy when it comes to domain registration.

You can use this platform to find the best domain name for your business as well as an SSL certificate for your website.

You will get domains with all different TLDs on this platform, so you will have a wide range of options while you look for the best domain names.

Other than domain and SSL, you can use this platform to build a website. It offers web design and marketing services to grow your business.

So, Domain.com is a one-stop solution for your online business that you can try.


07. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks hypes itself for being a green hosting company. That is, the company uses renewable energy when getting its hosting servers up and running.

But this aspect is only a small part of what makes GreenGeeks a viable alternative to GoDaddy.

Your ability to use as much disk space and bandwidth as needed is a big plus. The free backups and live chat offered are convenient as well.

The marketing package provided by GreenGeeks makes it a worthy choice as well. GreenGeeks uses several encryption tools and SSL functions for protecting your content.

The added support for multiple carts makes for a huge plus too. You can use GreenGeeks quite well when producing content that is thorough and easy to plan out.


08. WebHostingHub

The SSD-based support from WebHostingHub is something of note. SSD hosting entails using a solid-state drive that offers faster speeds and can receive proper connections in moments when used well enough.

WebHostingHub provides this feature to those looking for helpful ways to manage their content right.

You can transfer your site to WebHostingHub without any downtime involved in the process, you will have the freedom to get your page moved out well without delay.

The drag-and-drop builder offered by WebHostingHub also ensures you’ll have more control over how well your content looks.

You won’t have to worry about technical knowledge when trying to get your site produced well enough.


09. DreamHost

DreamHost is a solution that helps you with finding a domain name and get it ready in moments.

You can use DreamHost to plan out a new domain name in a few bits without being too complicated or hard to use.

Also, DreamHost gives you extra control over your experience with a fully customized control panel. The unique panel design offers more features and is fully reliable for your needs.

The 24/7 service department also ensures you’ll have more control over the work you are putting in here.

The cloud hosting solutions from DreamHost provide you with root access as well.

This feature is mainly for those who understand the more technical aspects of hosting. But the cloud host setup gives you extra help with handling your work and making more out of your content.


10. Namecheap

Namecheap is another very popular alternative to Godaddy. A large number of users go to Namecheap to find new domains.

Along with domain names, Namecheap offers hosting solutions for WordPress sites. You have multiple plans and hosting types to select from depending on your need.


11. SiteGround

SiteGround is a very popular web hosting provider that is suitable for all different types of websites. You can use SiteGround for cloud, WooCommerce, WordPress, and basic web hosting options.

The simple interface of the platform and customer support make it a good choice over many other competitors.

SiteGround Hosting

Final Word

Each of these GoDaddy alternatives has its own pros and cons. You need to be clear about your requirement before you select any of these alternatives.

If you are ready for a longer commitment, BlueHost is a good option as you get a domain name completely free with their hosting packages.

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