Chitraparna Sinha
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Chitraparna Sinha is the Director of <b>Esmee Network</b> and a regular contributor at BeginDot.

How Apps and Related IOT are Changing Global Security?

Apps are a part of a global force that is redefining all sectors of business and human living from an elemental level. Continue Reading

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15 Best Joomla Templates for eCommerce

Why is the world drooling over Joomla? Continue Reading

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10 Best eCommerce Bootstrap Themes and Templates

In this era of globalization, every retailer, brand or business needs an online presence to beat the bottleneck competition. Continue Reading

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5 Reasons Why High Traffic Blogs Fail with Monetization

I know it is the dream of every blogger to pull a consistent amount of growing audience and traffic trooping onto your blog page. Continue Reading

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A Guide on Instagram Advertisement

Instagram is creating opportunities for businesses, brands and marketers to reach 500 million active monthly users, engage and convert them into sales. Continue Reading

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10 Best Appointment Card Templates

Successful businesses need professionalism and punctuality. If your company follows strict time slots, you are in need of appointment cards. Continue Reading

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Why Personal Branding Is Important & How to Do It Correctly?

As the digital revolution makes the business economy more macroscopic in potential than ever, the nature of marketing, advertising and branding is becoming more microscopic. Continue Reading

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10 Tips to Improve Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2017

Technology is everywhere. The ubiquitous nature of technology is mainly due to the tools that carry the same to every nook and corner of the globe. Continue Reading

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9 Effective Ways to Grow Your Online Business Really Fast

The Internet has given way to an entirely new economy, and it is growing with unprecedented exponential rates. The time is perfect to start online stores and establish business blogs. Continue Reading

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Demystifying IoT: An Entrepreneurs Guide to “Smart” Everything

In one of my previous posts, I have outlined how important it is for founders to have expertise in the product or service they are trying to pitch. Continue Reading

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