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WunderTrading (2023): Top Features & Pricing

A comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform that supports a number of leading exchanges.

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WunderTrading Overview

As the name “WunderTrading” suggests, it is a trading platform. It is a crypto trading platform, to be precise. You can roughly translate the “Wunder” element of WunderTrading to “Wonder”, which is justified because it eases the entire crypto trading process magically. 

Even if you have zero trading experience, with WunderTrading, you can start earning by automating trades. Whether you are a newbie in trading or a seasoned trader, WunderTrading can help you with all the crypto trading needs. 

The platform is designed to help users invest in cryptocurrency and start their trading process seamlessly. 

It is a fintech company that allows its users to purchase Bitcoin safely and securely. Not only can you buy bitcoins from WunderTrading but also engage yourself in other cryptocurrency exchange services too. 

WunderTrading Top Features

  • Automates TradingView scripts 
  • Copy Trading 
  • Allows trading through all accounts simultaneously 
  • Smart trading 
  • Spread trading 
  • DCA bot
  • Crypto Portfolio tracker 
  • Allows creation of own trading bots 
  • Advanced terminal to support automated trades and strategies. 
  • Supports multiple crypto-assets

WunderTrading was founded in 2018 and is established in Estonia. To use WunderTrading, the user needs to go through a verification process which is essential for the company to maintain a secure environment. 

With WunderTrading, users can start trading without spending a buck by creating a free account. The users can purchase the crypto assets through debit/credit cards. 

This platform can be labelled as an innovative platform with surety. Thanks to its automated crypto trading bot, the user can draft their own automated protocol based on different parameters. This empowers the user to earn profit even when they are chilling on a vacation or are fast asleep. 

In short, you do not need to be present in front of the screen to earn profit through cryptocurrency trading if you have the help of WunderTrading. 

WunderTrading Review

How Can It Help?

We have already identified WunderTrading as an innovative platform, and it’s not easy to become an innovative product without tons of impressive features.

Naturally, WunderTrading is filled with many remarkable features. Let’s deep dive to understand what this platform brings to the user’s table. 

1. Crypto Trading Bot 

The crypto trading bot of WunderTrading allows you to:

  • Create strategies 
  • Backtests the strategies 
  • Apply the strategy to cryptocurrency pair and timeframe

After completing these three steps using WunderTrading, you can create alerts to receive suggestions to buy and sell. Once you receive the alert, WunderTrading converts the alerts into execution commands. 

WunderTrading allows you to create crypto trading bots without any limitation. The power will enable you to grow your portfolio seamlessly.

With the trading bot, you can completely automate the process of trading.

crypto trading bots

2. Copy Trading 

If you are a newbie in the world of crypto trading, then copy trading can prove to be a convenient feature for you. Are you wondering how?

Well, with the copy trading feature, you can directly copy from seasoned traders and that too on automation. This can be extremely beneficial, as proven by a research carried out by Watson Research Center that indicated that copying trades resulted in more favourable returns. 

Let us now look at how the copy trading feature works. When a signal provider enters the crypto trade either through bot or manually, the copy trader will start mimicking the same actions. In addition to that, it will open the order on the exchange too. 

You, on the other hand, will have the power to set the amount and leverage the profit. Also, the detailed statistics provided by WunderTrading can be used to analyze the actions in detail to make the right decision. 

copy trading

3. DCA Bot 

Before understanding how exactly the DCA bot works, it is important to understand DCA. DCA is the acronym for Dollar-Cost Averaging, and it is an investment strategy employed to cushion the volatility of the market. DCA eliminates the role of a detailed assessment of the market. 

Now that we know about DCA; let us see how the DCA bot of WunderTrading work. The DCA bot can help you in three ways:

  • Reduces the risk of trading in a volatile market by investing only a small portion of funds 
  • Helps to purchase the assets at a lower price and thus helps you to stay safe from the market downturns 
  • Smoothens the average entry price

4. Spread Trading 

This unique feature of WunderTrading allows users to create a spread between different assets present in the same exchange. 

You can select the asset that you want to use to create the spread. Once you select it, the smart trade terminal of WunderTrading will start buying one asset and selling the other asset simultaneously. 

Obviously, we’re referring to the assets that are selected by you!


5. Crypto Portfolio Tracker 

For a trader, it is important to always have a clear view of their portfolio distribution. The crypto portfolio tracker of WunderTrading focuses on the same. 

It is easy and safe to understand your portfolio distribution with this portfolio tracker. The portfolio can be tracked both across the assets and different exchanges. 

6. Multiple Account Management

It is a common trait amongst the traders of the cryptocurrency market to have multiple crypto accounts. Are you wondering why? It’s because of safety reasons. For instance, if one exchange suffers an attack or goes down, the trader will have the other account to rely on. 

WunderTrading understands this, therefore it has made it possible to manage multiple accounts. 

With the multiple account management feature, the trader can control and enter trades across various exchanges simultaneously from a central location. Further, this is possible with just a single click. 

For using this feature, the user will have to add their APIs in their account. Once added, you need to select the APIs that you want to use in trade. And voila! WunderTrading will ensure that the trading starts occurring simultaneously in all the selected APIs. 

7. Supports All The Major Crypto Exchanges 

Even though WunderTrading does not have an extensive list of crypto exchanges, it covers all the major exchanges like:

  • Binance 
  • Bitmex  
  • Binance Futures
  • Bitpanda Pro
  • ByBit 
  • Deribit 
  • Huobi
  • HitBTC
  • FTX and FTX US
  • Kraken 
  • Kukoin 
  • Okex
Crypto Exchanges WunderTrading

You can use WunderTrading to buy:

  • BTC
  • BNB 
  • ETH 
  • LTC 
  • TRX

The crypto can be purchased using credit card, debit card and global banking transfer like SEPA and SWIFT. 

In addition to these features, WunderTrading are also working on additional features like GRID bot and Arbitrage trading. 

Pros & Cons of WunderTrading


  • Advanced trading terminal 
  • Supports free forever plan 
  • Direct purchase of crypto
  • Low trading fees
  • Supports multiple account management


  • List of payment is not diverse
  • Automated trading needs improvement

WunderTrading Pricing

The pricing described below is for a one-year subscription of WunderTrading:

  • Free: $0 USD/ year 

This plan is suitable for exploring the platform

  • Basic: $95.52 USD/ year 

Automates the trading and investment to earn passive income

  • Pro: $239.52 USD/ year 

Suitable for full-time traders. The plan companies automatic, manual and copy-trading

  • Premium: $431.52 USD/ year

Supports unlimited features both for the traders and their followers

WunderTrading Price

WunderTrading FAQs

Q1. What is WunderTrading?

WunderTrading is a crypto trading platform that you can use to automate trading with custom bots. It supports a number of leading exchanges.

Q2. Is WunderTrading Safe?

Yes, WunderTrading is a safe platform for crypto trading.

Q3. Is WunderTrading Free to Use?

WunderTrading is a freemium platform. It offers a completely free plan that offers you 2 active bots and a number of other features.

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