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WP Review Pro Overview

The WP Review Pro plugin is a powerful review and rating tool that allows you to easily create, manage, and publish reviews and ratings on your WordPress site.

With this plugin, you can add an unlimited number of reviews and ratings, as well as customize the look and feel of your reviews to match your site’s design.

WP Review Pro also includes a built-in review importer that allows you to quickly import reviews and ratings from other sites, making it easy to get started with this plugin.

WP Review Pro Top Features

  • 1. Customize Your Review Box Layout
  • Multiple Rating Types
  • User Reviews
  • Google Places Review
  • Yelp Review
  • Facebook Review
  • Forum Thread
  • 8. Amazon Product
  • YouTube Video
  • WPML Ready
  • RTL Support
  • SEO Friendly
  • Schema Integrated
  • Caching Supported

WP Review Pro from MyThemeShop is one of the most popular review plugins for WordPress that has been around for a long time.

The plugin has got a facelift in the recent past and improved by many folds with time. This plugin offers you all the features and option that you will need to create a top quality product review site.

In this article, we will have a look at the plugin in detail and go through all the settings and options that this amazing plugin has to offer.

What is a Review?

A review is an assessment of any product or service to understand if it is good or bad. If you publish an honest review of a product, it will help others to make an informed buying decision.

As the online shopping volume is increasing with time, the importance of online review also increases. You can help thousands of people by informing them about the potential issues with a product or why it is good, and they should buy.

Why Publish Online Reviews?

As already mentioned above, if you publish an honest review, it will help thousands of people to make an informed decision and not to get trapped in the marketing gimmick.

Also, as a blogger, you can make a good amount of money by writing product reviews on your blog. Most of the buyers check for online reviews before making any purchase decision.

So, as a blogger, you can find the profitable products with a good amount of affiliate commission and write a detailed review of the product with it’s good and bad quality and how to use the product.

No matter which niche are you in, you will find tons of products on affiliate marketplace like Shareasale. There are bloggers making six-figure earning every month with affiliate product reviews.

Other than the products to promote, you will need to create a professional looking website with a clean and good looking design.

We recommend you to have a look at MyThemeShop designs as they are very quick and SEO friendly or else you can have a look at the Genesis framework.

Once your site is set, you will need a top quality WordPress review plugin, and this is where the WP Review Pro comes in picture.

So, let’s have a look at what this amazing plugin has to offer.

WP Review Pro Overview

I have been a fan of MyThemeShop products and used most of their themes and plugins in the last few years. The main reason why I like their product is that they are created with top quality codes, they are SEO friendly and very quick.

If you migrate your site from any other theme to a MythemeShop theme such as the Schema theme, you will immediately see a change in loading time and the overall SEO score for your site.

The WP Review Pro is no different. It is one of their main plugins, and they are adding amazing features to the plugin on a regular basis.

WP Review Pro

To take you along the journey, I have installed the plugin in one of our test sites, and we will go through all the settings and options of the plugin to understand it better.

Installation and Settings

You can download the plugin and go to the admin dashboard of your WordPress site. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and install.

Once you activate the plugin, you will get the settings of the plugin. You can start with the general settings and the default review settings on your site that you can over change post or post basis if required.

01. General Settings

Some important settings for the plugin are right there on the general settings tab. You can define the global settings for your site here.

The option is to restrict the review feature only to the logged in users only. This can be helpful if you receive a lot of spammy low-quality traffic who doesn’t have much idea about the kind of content you publish.

You have the option to show the total result of the review on the thumbnail of the article, that is again a great feature which will help you to attract more users to read your reviews.

You can enable the review option on the comment section of your site to make it more interactive, and you have the option to choose the content template of the WP Review plugin.

There are many other important settings in the general settings tab.

WP Review Pro General Settings

02. Style Settings

One of the most important settings, the style settings will help you set up the look and feel of your review section.

It is important because you are using this plugin so that the review section of your site looks professional and attractive so that your users like to read your reviews.

The style section offers you some different styling options to choose from. You can choose the theme that blends perfectly with your site, though you have unlimited color options to make it match your site completely.

The WP Review Pro plugin comes with sixteen different; the to be used design templates, and you can fine-tune it further in case you need to change the color of the template, width or the font of the review section.

Review Style Settings

03. Default Settings

As the name suggests, this settings will be applicable throughout your site that you can change the post to post basis if you wish to.

You have the option to set up the

  • Review Type
  • Review Location on Your Site
  • Schema Type
  • Links Etc.
Default Reviews

The plugin gives you an option to select the review type as all the users may not like the star rating, someone might want to use point rating and so on.

Review Type

As far as the placement of the review section is concerned, you have two options, the first one is the placement at the start of your post which is the most effective section, the second option is to use a shortcode provided by the plugin, you can place the review form anywhere in the post just by placing the shortcode.

The next important settings are to select the schema type, the rich Schema markup helps the search engines to understand your content better that will help the search engines to rank your content accordingly.

You must have seen rich snippet markup with start reviews in the Google search results; this setting will help you to achieve that for your content.

The WP Review Pro plugin offers you some different Schema markup types, and you can select according to your niche and content type.

Schema Type

Popup & Notification Bars

The popups and notification bar are an integral part of marketing these days because of the proven track record in increasing the click-through rate of the post.

If you are using the WP Review Pro plugin, you will not have to install an additional notification bar plugin or a popup plugin as it already makes it available in the same plugin to make sure that you can increase the click through for your review posts and revenue of your site.

If you look at the popup option, it offers you all the features and options that a quality popup plugin offers you.

You can set the timing when you want to popup to appear, you have the exit intent option so that system triggers the popup when the user is about to leave your site, that will give you a second chance to retain the user for a long time which has a positive impact on the overall SEO of your site as well.

Review Popup

As for the notification bar, you have the options to style the bar to attract more users to click and read your product reviews.

Review Notification bar Settings

Single Page Review Settings

Along with the detailed default settings that we have discussed above, we have review settings on each post; you can set every post.

Place your affiliate link in the review section, the summary of the review, the details description, pros and cons of the product that you are reviewing.

Single Page Review Settings

Create Product Comparison Table

Comparison table can be very effective and useful for the users to make an informed buying decision. The WP review Pro plugin comes with the option to create detailed product comparison table that will help the users to understand the available options better.

Product Comparison Table

Google Places Reviews

If you are managing a business where you already have the reviews on Google, the WP Review Pro plugin gives you an option to showcase the Google Reviews on your site easily.

Google Reviews

Yelp Reviews

When it comes to local business listing, restaurant, and food-related ventures, the Yelp is the market leader. The WP Review Pro plugin offers you a quick and simple option to showcase the Yelp reviews on your site.

Yelp Reviews

Facebook Reviews 

If you have an active Facebook page with a lot of product reviews, you can instantly bring in the Facebook reviews on your site.

The plugin gives you quick option to integrate the Facebook reviews on your site.


Comment Reviews

We have already discussed the comment review option above in the article. For any product review site, the user reviews are extremely important because they are genuine and most of the visitor write from their experience.

The WP Review Pro plugin offers you the option to enable comment review feature and allow users to write their comment with the pros and cons of the product.

Comment reviews

Custom Widgets

The review plugin offers you ten different custom widgets that you can place at any of the widget section of your site.

Some of the useful widgets are

  • Category Reviews
  • Recent reviews
  • Top rated reviews
Review Widget

WooCommerce Integration

This is another advantage of the review plugin, it works perfectly with the WooCommerce store, and it will replace the simple review option of WooCommerce and make it more comprehensive to increase your overall revenue.

WooCommerce Integration

Knowledge Base & 24 X 7 Support

For all the MyThemeShop products, the team offers support round the clock. The WP review Pro plugin is very simple and easy to get started, there are no complicated settings that are difficult to understand.

Still, if you face any issue; you can have a look at their knowledge base section where you will find the answer to all your questions.

If you need further help, you can create a support ticket and the team will guide you to the solution. I have been using MyThemeShop products for years and have a great experience with their support team so far.

Final Word

Without any doubt, the WP Review Pro plugin is one of the most advanced and complete review plugins for the WordPress platform.

This plugin offers a lot more than just the simple review option, the popup and the notification options are some of the examples that show how detailed this plugin is.

We have mentioned the discount coupon in the title of the post, so here is the coupon code “NotLogged” that you can use to get $10 discount on any MyThemeShop product including the review plugin.

Please note, use this coupon code if there is no better discount deal that is already applied to the product by the MythemeShop team.

Get started with your product review website now. WP Review Pro, a comprehensive product review plugin will take care of all the aspects when it comes to publishing great reviews on your site.

WP Review Pro Pricing

When it comes to pricing, you have two choices. You can go for only the review plugin that comes for $67 and you can use it on unlimited sites or go for the MyThemeShop membership that comes for $199 and will give you access to all the MyThemeShop products.

WP Review Pro FAQs

01. What Kind of Reviews Can I Create With WP Review Pro?

You can create any kind of review website with the WP Review Pro plugin. It offers you 16 pre-designed templates to display the review box like a pro.

02. What Kind of Rich Snippet Does WP Review Pro Support?

The WP Review Pro plugin supports 19 types of rich snippets at the moment. This will cover almost all common types of rich snippets you can think of.

03. Can Users Submit Their Review With WP review Pro?

Yes. The plugin gives you the option to allow your users to submit reviews and ratings on your product review post. So, you can easily create a product review site like the top authority sites in the review niche where the users submit reviews.

Along with the start rating, the user can post detailed comment with pros and cons about the product to help other users.

04. Can I Add Alternatives or Comparison With WP Review Pro?

Yes, You can. The WP Review Pro plugin gives you the option to create great looking product comparison table with the rating for each product. So, while creating a review you can add the top alternative of the product with individual rating.

05. Can I Use WP Review Pro With Any WordPress Theme?

Yes. The WP Review Pro plugin is fully compatible with every WordPress theme. So, there should not be any compatibility issue.

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