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Webshare Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Looking for fast and reliable proxy option? Know more about Webshare and how it can help your business.

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What is Webshare?

Webshare, based in Covina, California, is a proxy service provider. Though Webshare is not a popular name in the proxy industry, it has risen up the ladder of success in the past few years. 

What makes Webshare one of the best proxy service providers is the fact that the company has developed all of its technology in-house instead of relying on third parties. It is why their proxies are encrypted and protected. 

The proxies of Webshare are not only cheap, but they are also powerful enough to handle high internet speeds. Additionally, it has no bottleneck internet speed, which is a huge plus.

If you are looking forward to buying proxies with numerous benefits, then you should definitely check the proxies available on Webshare.

Webshare Company Details

Webshare Software is a tech leader specializing in the lawful use of enterprise proxy services. Even businesses from Fortune 500 companies use the services of Webshare because of its reliability. The company currently has 100k+ activated users, 10k+ active customers and over 250 billion monthly proxy requests. All the technologies that the company uses are built in-house.

Company Name: Webshare Software, Company

CEO Name: Utku Zihnioglu

Year Founded: 2018

Employees: 2-10

HQ Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Utku Zihnioglu Webshare
Utku Zihnioglu
CEO Webshare

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Pros and Cons of Webshare

Pros of Webshare

  • Robust speed monitoring 
  • Easy signup 
  • Modern control panel 
  • Affordable pricing
  • Reliable and fast proxy servers

Cons of Webshare

  • Few proxy locations 
  • Slow customer support

Webshare Features

Free Proxy Server

On signing up, Webshare offers users ten free premium proxies that house all the features included in the paid plan.

Identity Protection

Webshare protects the identity even against complex detection techniques like HTTP header inspection and DNS leak detection.

Real-time Protection

The proxies of Webshare automatically discover websites that detect your identity and prevent them from doing so in real time.

Protocol Options

Depending upon the user's needs, they can go for the same proxy servers, both HTTP proxies or SOCKS5.

Guaranteed Compatibility

Webshare guarantees the integration of its SOCKS5 proxies with any application to boost its online security.

SSL Proxy

All the proxy servers of Webshare support both SSL and HTTP proxy protocols without any limitations.

Customizable Proxy List

Webshare allows you to customize the proxy list by choosing your protocol and authentication method.

Reliable Proxies

Webshare checks all its proxy servers every 15 seconds to ensure their performance and stability.

Premium Network

The platform only uses premium data center networks to ensure the highest throughput and low latency.

Modern Control Panel

Webshare supports a modern control panel that houses over 50 features and is useful for improving daily workflow.

Webshare Pricing

Check the table below for the starting price of different proxies that Webshare offers. 

Proxy TypeProxy ServerPrivate ProxyDedicated ProxyStatic Residential
Starting Price$0.01/proxy$0.18/proxy$0.55/proxy$1.79/proxy

The pricing of Webshare depends upon the plan the users go for. The starting price for different plans is listed below. 

Proxy Type/PlanProxy Server – $2.99/monthPrivate Proxy – $13.89/monthDedicated Proxy – $36.25/monthRotating Proxy – $12.35/monthStatic Residential Proxy – $24/month
Number of Proxies 10025201020
Bandwidth Unlimited UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Threads 500 – 3,000500 – 3,000500 – 3,000500 – 3,000500 – 3,000

Residential proxies are high-speed and high-reliability alternative to standard proxies. Here are the prices.


1 GB10 millions+ IPscheckcheck$18.75/Month
10 GB10 millions+ IPscheckcheck$120/Month
25 GB10 millions+ IPscheckcheck$270/Month
50 GB10 millions+ IPscheckcheck$480/Month
100 GB10 millions+ IPscheckcheck$840/Month
250 GB10 millions+ IPscheckcheck$1800/Month
500 GB10 millions+ IPscheckcheck$3000/Month
1,000 GB10 millions+ IPscheckcheck$4800/Month

One can also use Webshare for free to receive ten proxies for up to 1GB/month for an unlimited time. However, payment is required for unlocking features or increasing the bandwidth and proxies. 

Webshare Price Comparison

Compare price of Webshare With some of the top competitors.
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Webshare Detail

Webshare is one of the leading and most reliable proxy providers, let’s get into the details.

1. Free Proxy Server 

Webshare provides users with high-quality web proxy lists for free. Furthermore, on signup, one can avail of ten free premium proxies. These proxies include all the premium features. 

You can also use the proxies to integrate with any program that accesses Socks5 or HTTP proxies. 

The free proxies of Webshare help secure online privacy and further check country-specific content. 

2. Modern Control Panel 

Webshare supports a modern proxy provider that makes configuration of the proxy list easy. In addition, the control panel houses more than 50 features that help utilize the proxies to the fullest. 

Also, Webshare releases new features every week. So you can be assured that you always stay updated. 

3. Fastest Proxy Servers 

The company uses in-house technology to optimize hardware features. The servers of Webshare are optimized to handle fast traffic across the globe. 

Webshare ensures that by providing all the proxies with a dedicated Gigabit line for internet connection. Also, the team continuously monitors the performance of the proxies. 

According to Fast.com, the download performance of Webshare’s proxies lies between 800 Mbps and 950 Mbps, while the rating of Speedtest.net indicates a download speed between 500 Mbps and 750 Mbps. 

4. Socks5 Proxy 

Users can avail of SOCKS5 proxies with all the subscriptions of Webshare. One should go for these proxies when engaging in traffic-intensive web scraping activities. 

The SOCKS5 proxies that Webshare offers can handle all traffic-heavy online tasks. It also keeps the actual IP address secure. 

Moreover, these proxies come with the guarantee of integration with all the applications. 

5. Proxy List 

Webshare allows you to customize the proxy list based on your protocol and authentication method. 

Furthermore, there is no limitation in downloading and accessing the same proxy using the SOCKS5 proxy and HTTP endpoint. 

Also, you do not need to copy your proxy list when using Webshare manually. It is because it provides you with a link to download the proxy list directly. It is possible to download the list as a file in addition to using it on their API. 

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What Kind of Support Does Webshare Offer?

Webshare comes with a detailed help and support section where you can find information about how to use the software in detail. You may also contact the support team if you need to.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Webshare (FAQs)

Webshare is a reliable proxy provider that offers all types of proxy options to choose from.
Yes, you can use Webshare for free. It proxies ten free proxies on signup, which the users can use for an unlimited time.
Webshare has three different proxy types. The dedicated proxy is one that you fully own. On the other hand, a private proxy is shared by a maximum of two users. More than two users share the proxy server. Please note that Webshare optimizes all its sharing.
Firstly, Webshare ensures your traffic is never routed through residential endpoints or compromised servers. Furthermore, all the proxy activities are authorized and encrypted. It also provides a trusted proxy endpoint. Finally, it also implements artificial intelligence and machine learning for real-time protection.

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