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Smush Pro (2023): Top Features & Pricing

Optimize all the images on your WordPress site and speed up to improve Google Core vitals.

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Smush Pro Overview

Smush Pro plugin, the premium version of the Smush plugin can help you to optimize the images on your WordPress site and make it load a lot quicker. The free version of the plugin has more than 1 million active installations making it one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

In this review, we will look at the premium version of the plugin and how it can help your WordPress site.

Smush Pro by WPMU DEV is a leading plugin when it comes to image optimization. It can resize, scale and optimize the images on the fly helping you to get a much better loading speed for your site and improve Google PageSpeed which will have a direct impact on ranking and organic traffic.

Let’s have a look at the plugin in detail.

Smush Pro Top Features

  • Offers free version
  • Over 1 million active users
  • Optimize unlimited images with a click
  • Resize and scale images
  • Backup original image version
  • Compress images
  • Blazing fast 45 point image CDN
  • WebP format support

Smush Pro Review Details

Images are one of the most common components that slow down a website, at the same time we can’t do without the images. So, you need to make sure that the images are properly sized and optimized to the best of their potential so that it doesn’t affect the loading speed.

The loading speed has been one of the important parameters that determine the overall quality of a site and a very important part of the search engine ranking algorithm. And with the Core vitals becoming a part of the Google search algorithm, it is even more important now.

Smush Pro is a very handy plugin that can help you to improve the overall loading speed and code vital score for your site to a large extent by optimizing all the images on your site.

Smush Pro Plugin Review

Before we move ahead with the details of the plugin and how it can help your website. Let’s have a look at some of the community reviews to understand the sentiments around the platform.

WPMU DEV has 4.9 TrustScore on the Trustpilot platform after over 1800 reviews which is remarkable. And similar sentiments on other review platforms as well.

WPMU DEV Reviews
WPMU Dev Review

Getting Started With Smush Pro

You can get started with the Smush plugin like any other WordPress plugin, it is simple and easy. Before we check the Smush Pro plugin, let’s have a look at the free plugin.

Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images

If you don’t have the budget to go for the premium version of the plugin, you can start using the free option.

The Smush plugin has more than 1 million active installations and a five-star rating.

Smush Plugin review

You can install the Smush plugin right from your WordPress dashboard. Go to WordPress admin, Plugins >> Add New and find Smush.

Smush Plugin Installation

Once the plugin is activated, you will have the settings in the WordPress dashboard. You get options like bulk image optimization so that all your previously uploaded images are optimized. You get the option of Lazy Loading images, the option to convert images to the WebP so that the overall performance of your site improves.

Smush Plugin Settings

Installing Smush Pro

WPMU DEV offers several top-quality products for the WordPress platform, that includes plugins, hosting, and WordPress management. It comes in a membership model and gives you access to the products it offers. We will see the pricing in detail below in the article.

For now, let’s move ahead with the Smush Pro details.

You can access all the products from the WPMU DEV Hub. Once you take membership, you will get access to the Hub.

You can add your project to the Hub & start using the products. I have added one WordPress site to test it.

When you click on the plugins at the top menu, you will see all the plugins that are available for installation. You can select Smush Pro and click on “Add to Your Site“.

If you have multiple WordPress projects listed on the WPMU DEV Hub, you can select the one where you wish to install the plugin and proceed. You can Install and Activate the plugin right from the Hub.


Once the Pro plugin is installed and activated, you will see the plugin options in the dashboard. As you can see in the image below, on our test site, there are more than 900 images that can be bulk optimized, other than that, you will see the options like activating CDN, Lazy Load, etc.

Smush Pro Settings

Optimizing Images With Smush Pro

The Smush Pro plugin is simple and easy to use, there are no complicated settings that you have to deal with. As of now, we have activated the plugin and seen the dashboard. Now, to optimize the images on your site, you can go to the Bulk Smush settings, here you will see all the options to optimize images.

If you have started using the plugin on an old site with hundreds of images, you can use the Bulk Smush Now option to optimize the old images. You just have to click on it and wait for the system to complete the optimization process, nothing much to do.

Bulk Smush Images

While you go for the bulk smush, you have the option to exclude certain image sizes if you want to for any reason.

Exclude image dimensions from Smush

Optimize Your Images on Upload

Smush gives you the option to optimize the images automatically when you upload them. You have the option to exclude image dimensions for the optimization process as we mentioned above.

There is also an option to Super Smush Images for further optimization if the loading speed is very important for you. This setting will maximize the optimization process.

Smush Pro Optimization Process

There is an option to compress images when you upload them as the default WordPress doesn’t compress the images to reduce overall file size.

Convert Your PNGs to JPEGs

The JPEGs images are smaller in size as compared to PNGs. The Smush Pro plugin gives you the option to convert the PNGs to JPEGs. the system will check the files and see if there is any possibility to reduce the size by converting them.

PNG to JPEG Conversion

Lazy Loading Images

Lazy loading has been one of the most widely used and popular techniques to speed up the loading of a page. If your page has a lot of images, loading all the images at once will slow down the page, so why not defer the images that are not visible yet?

Deferring your off-screen images makes it easier for the server to load the page quickly with the visible images only.

Smush Pro plugin comes with the lazy loading option that you can enable for your site.

When you click on the option to activate Lazy Loading, you will get the option to exclude certain image types and output locations if needed.

Lazy Loading Images Smush Plugin

Smush Pro CDN

If a user is accessing your site from the nearest location from the server, the site will load a lot quicker than a user from far. Smush Pro comes with a 45-point CDN to boost the loading speed of your site by serving your site from the nearest server.

Smush Pro CDN

In the next step, you will also get the option to convert all the images to Google’s preferred next-gen format, WebP. You can choose to convert all the images automatically or you can go for the manual option.

Smush pro WebP version

Detect Incorrect Image Sizes and Fix It

Correct image size is important so that they are served perfectly at the front-end. The plugin gives you an option to highlight the images that are either too large or too small than what they should be.

Go to the Tools section on the Smush Pro settings and enable the option.

Image Resize Detection

Reset to Original Settings

In case you wish to go back to your original settings, the Smush Pro plugin comes with the reset option so that you can get back the original images and settings.

Go to the Smush Pro tab on WordPress admin, click on settings, here you will see the options to reset to original under the Data & Settings tab.

Smush Pro Reset

Smush Pro Pricing

WPMU DEV products come in a package membership model. You have the option to choose from three different plans and you can choose to go for monthly billing or yearly billing.

If you go for the yearly billing, you will get 2 months free. You get seven days completely free to check the platform and the performance of the products before you start paying.

Here’s the good news for you. Get a 20% exclusive discount on monthly or yearly billing when you use our link. click the button at the top and get your offer now.

WPMU DEV Pricing

Smush Pro FAQs

Q1. What is Smush Pro?

Smush Pro is an image optimization plugin that you can use to optimize all the images on your site to improve the overall loading speed of your site. It also offers CDN to serve images from the nearest servers.

Q2. Is There is a Free Version of Smush Pro?

Yes, there is a completely free version of the plugin that is already being used by more than a million users.

Q3. How Can I Get a Discount on Smush Pro Plans?

You can use the link on this article to get a 20% discount on monthly or yearly billing for WPMU DEV plans.

Q4. What Happens to My Images If I Cancel Smush Pro Subscription?

Your images will not break even after canceling the subscription. The images with Super-Smushing compression will remain as it is even after that. The CDN will be canceled and the images will be served again from your primary hosting server.

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