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SmartCrawl Pro (2023): Top Features & Pricing

SmartCrawl Pro, one of the most comprehensive SEO plugins for WordPress.

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SmartCrawl Pro Overview

SmartCrawl is a modern SEO plugin that can help you to optimize your WordPress site and grow your organic ranking.

The plugin offers a number of options that make it a great alternative to the popular SEO plugins that you might be using.

The SmartCrawl plugin offers a completely free version that you can install right from your WordPress dashboard and if you need all the premium features, you can go for the Pro version of the plugin.

The plugin will constantly audit your site and give you the report to improve your site further. It is a very handy SEO plugin.

In this review, we will have a look at this SEO plugin in detail.

SmartCrawl Pro Top Features

  • SEO Checkups & Reports
  • Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • Complete Schema Support
  • Automatic Sitemap Update
  • In-Depth Content Analysis
  • Automatic Linking
  • 301 Redirect Option
  • Generate Sitemaps

When you start a new WordPress site, you will need an SEO plugin to optimize your site as the default WordPress setup doesn’t give you the option to optimize your pages.

While there are thousands of plugins for WordPress, there are only a few quality SEO plugins, and SmartCrawl is one of them.

It is one of the most comprehensive SEO plugins with all the features you will need to optimize your site. Starting from the option to add SEO title and meta description to the automated sitemap, everything will be taken care of by this plugin.

SmartCrawl WordPress SEO Plugin

Getting Started With SmartCrawl Pro

If you wish to use the premium version of the SmartCrawl WordPress SEO Plugin, you can get it from the WPMU DEV site.

You have the option to buy this plugin alone for $24.17 per month or get the agency pack which will give you access to all the products offered by the WPMU platform.

We will have a look at the pricing in detail below in the pricing section.

For now, lets’ get started with the plugin.

Once you buy the premium version of the plugin, you will get access to the WPMU Hub and you can install the plugin right from the Hub dashboard.

After login, you can add your WordPress project to the Hub and you can install the plugins right from the dashboard.

Click on the Plugins tab in the main menu to see all the plugins that are available for installation. As I have the Agency pack, I see all the options that are available to use.

SmartCrawl Pro Installation

Now, to install the plugin click on the Add to Site option and proceed. In the next step, it will prompt you to select the WordPress site where you wish to install the plugin if you have multiple sites added to the Hub.

SmartCrawl Pro Activation

SmartCrawl Pro Settings

Once the plugin is active, you will see the plugin options in the WordPress dashboard of your site. You can process with the Setup from here.

Click on the setup option and process. It will quickly run through the process and complete the process.

SmartCrawl Pro Settings

Analyzing SEO Score for Your Site

You have the option to analyze the SEO score for your site to understand how well your site is optimized for search engines. It will quickly analyze your SEO settings and give you a score.

It also gives you the option to enable SEO reports for your site and you can schedule your report daily, weekly, or monthly as per your need.

SmartCrawl Pro SEO Report

SmartCrawl Pro Schema Builder

Schema is very important for every website these days, it helps the search engines understand your website and your content better.

While there are a number of quality Schema plugins for WordPress sites, you don’t need another Schema plugin once you have the SmartCrawl Pro plugin installed on your site.

You can click on the Schema option in the SmartCrawl Pro Settings panel on your WordPress dashboard and enable it for your site.

Once you go to the Schema Settings, you will see an option as Types Builder to select the Shema type for your site.

You can select the appropriate option from the available options and proceed.

Schema Builder

Select Schema Type

If you are managing a bog, you can select Article as your Schema type and continue. You will see an option to select Sub Schema Type in the next step. Select blog post and proceed. If you are managing a news site, you can select News Article as your Schema type.

SmartCrawl Pro Schema Settings

SmartCrawl Pro Social Settings

The SmartCrawl Pro gives you the option to enable Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and also turn on Pinterest Verification.

This will help you to make your pages and posts look better on social media sites and drive more traffic back to your WordPress site.

SmartCrawl Pro Social Settings

Automatically Generate Sitemaps

Sitemaps are very important for websites to keep updating the search engines about the new content on your site. Search engines like Google ask you to submit the sitemaps in the search console so that you can quickly index the new pages on your site.

The SmartCrawl plugin makes the process simple by generating and updating your sitemaps on automation. It will automatically generate the sitemaps and send updates to Google.

Also, the SmartCrawl Crawler will check for broken URLs, 404s, multiple redirections and make sure that your site doesn’t get harmed because of those issues.

SmartCrawl Sitemaps

SmartCrawl Advanced Tools

Along with all basic SEO features, the SmartCrawl plugin comes with a number of very handy advanced tools and options such as the Automatic linking option.

When you enable the Automatic Linking option, you can automatically link certain keywords to a page on your blog or even a whole new site altogether. 

This will help you to improve the internal linking structure for your site which is so important for every website.

You can go to Advanced Tools and activate the Automatic Linking feature.

Automatic Linking

URL Redirection

As your site grows, you will need to option to redirect URLs or various reasons. Generally, we will need a URL redirection plugin to add a new redirection for your pages. However, if you have the SmartCrawl plugin installed on your site, you will not need another plugin for this purpose as it comes with a built-in option.

You can go to Advanced Settings of SmartCrawl >> URL Redirection to add a new redirection path for a page. You have the option to select Temporary or Permanent redirection as per your need.

URL Redirection

WPMU Hub SEO Dashboard

As the plugin is well connected to the WPMU Hub, you will get all the SEO updates right on the Hub dashboard. So, you can always be updated about the SEO issues on your site, run health checkups and other details in one dashboard

WPMU SEO Dashboard

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SmartCrawl Pro Pricing

SmartCrawl Pro comes with different pricing plans to choose from. You can get only for this plugin or you may choose to go for a packaged plan that will give you access to more products from the WPMU platform.

Another flexibility is the number of sites that you want to use the products on. You can go for a single site, ten sites or unlimited sites package.

For example, you can buy the SmartCrawl Pro plugin only for a single site at a price of $5 per month, for ten sites the price will be $11.67 per month and $24.17 per month for unlimited sites.

The Agency package comes for $41.25 per month for unlimited sites that will give you access to all the plugins.

SmartCrawl Pro Pricing

SmartCrawl Pro FAQs

Q1. What is SmartCrawl Pro?

SmartCrawl Pro is a comprehensive SEO plugin for WordPress that you can use to optimize your WordPress site, pages, posts. It will help you to generate a Sitemap for your site and offer all other required SEO features.

Q2. Is SmartCrawl Plugin Free?

SmartCrawl SEO plugin comes in a freemium model. You get a completely free version of the plugin that you can download from the WordPress plugin repository or install on your site right from your WordPress dashboard. If you need all the features the plugin has to offer, you can go for the premium version of the plugin.

Q3. Does SmartCrawl Work With BuddyPress & Multisite Setup?

Yes, the SmartCrawl SEO plugin works with all kinds of websites including BuddyPress and Multisite.

Q4. Does SmartCrawl Schema Option?

Yes, the SmartCrawl plugin comes with the Schema Builder option. So, you will not need another plugin to add Schema to your site.

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