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A wider proxy solution with solution for all specific needs depending on your geo-location and proxy type.

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What is

The name Proxy-Seller itself suggests that it sells proxies. However, unlike other proxy-selling websites, you can buy both Socks5 and HTTPS proxies on this platform. 

Proxy-Seller offers the following services:

  • Proxy IPv4
  • Proxy IPv6
  • Mobile Proxy LTE

To purchase a proxy from Proxy-Seller, you must select the service and location, the time period, and the quantity. It is visible from the steps itself that buying proxies from a Proxy-Seller is child’s play. 

On Proxy-Seller, you can select a proxy for web scraping, social media, sneaker websites, gaming and other purposes. Company Details

Proxy-Seller is a providing all different types of proxy options since 2014. The company is based in the capital city of Lithuania.

Company Name: Proxy-Seller

CEO Name: Igor Efimenko

Year Founded: 2014

Employees: 10-40

HQ Location: Vilnius, Lithuania Screenshots and Media

Pros and Cons of

Pros of

  • Simple to use
  • Supports HTTPS and SOCKS5
  • Flexible payment option 
  • Reasonable speed connection
  • Supports mobile proxy 
  • Large IP and location coverage

Cons of

  • Poor compatibility 
  • No free trial Features

300 networks and 800 subnets
Dedicated channel up to 1Gb/s
Supports HTTPS proxies and Private Socks5
99.99% uptime
Multifunctional user control panel
Easy to use
Good location coverage
Supports IPv4, IPv6 and mobile proxies
IP Type: Datacenter
Static proxy provider Pricing offers multiple packages depending on geo-location and the type of proxy you select.

Here is the pricing for US proxies.

IPv4 Pricing for US Pricing US

IPv6 Pricing for US

Proxy IPv6 for US Price Comparison

Compare price of With some of the top competitors.
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Proxy-Seller has been offering proxy services since 2014 and they have a wider network of a variety of IPs for all different requirements.

Here’re some of the top features of the platform.

1. Good Location Coverage

Unlike residential proxies, data center proxies require the presence of data centers in the countries where they have proxies. It is the reason why finding a good data center proxy provider is tough. 

However, it is not the case with Proxy-Seller, which has good location coverage. Its data center is present in countries like Russia, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Ukraine, and Russia. 

2. Easy to Use

Purchasing new proxies from Proxy-Seller is easy. Even before beginning the purchasing process, the users get an idea about the cost of their purchase. 

The USP of Proxy-Seller is that you can use specific goals, such as online gaming service, to buy proxies from the platform. 

3. Intuitive Dashboard 

The web interface of Proxy-Seller is extraordinarily informative and intuitive. Furthermore, it is possible to customize a package from the website’s landing page. 

The entire registration and payment process is easy. Even though the dashboard is highly minimalist, it houses all the essential functionalities. 

4. Multiple Services 

Proxy-Seller is one of the rare data center proxies that provide its users with a secure SOCKS protocol. In addition, fewer providers have the option of IPv4 and IPv6 proxies which Proxy-Seller offers. 

Proxy-Seller excels in terms of the number of options it provides its users regarding proxies. 

5. Reasonable Internet Speed 

Even though Proxy-Seller does not house the fastest proxies, one cannot complain about the internet speed and the response time it offers. 

It is because there is hardly any observable difference between used and unused proxies when using Proxy-Seller. 

6. Flexible Payment Option 

Proxy-Seller does not have a minimum requirement for the number of proxies you can purchase on the platform. This flexibility is highly refreshing as most proxy providers have a minimum requirement. 

In addition to providing flexibility in the number of proxies, Proxy-Seller also offers flexibility in the rental duration. Besides, it supports multiple payment options too. 

7. Pocket Friendly 

The non-requirement of minimum proxies purchase makes Proxy-Seller extremely budget-friendly. Also, the pricing of the platform is highly transparent. 

The proxy prices are lower on Proxy-Seller, especially if you require more proxies for a prolonged time. 

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What Kind of Support Does Offer? offers support to all its users. You can contact the support team through their social media channels or the support email ID. You can also join their Telegram group to post your issues and check all other discussions.
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Frequently Asked Questions About (FAQs)

As the name suggests, this is a platform where you can buy proxies for various needs.
Proxy-Seller can help you to browse the internet safely and gather data from all different sources be it any website or social media.
No, Proxy-Seller doesn’t offer free proxies. However, their pricing plans are very affordable.
Yes, Proxy-Seller is a safe proxy provider. They have been in the business since 2014.
Yes, Proxy-Seller offers API option.

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Dhiraj: Founder of Begindot
If you are looking for an affordable proxy option, Proxy-Seller is a good option for you. They have multiple pricing options that you can choose from depending on your need. Also, if you are looking for country-specific proxies, they have multiple locations to choose from. Overall, a good proxy option.
Review Contributor
External Reviewer
Excellent proxies, I recommend their store, the prices suited me. The accounts have been around for a long time, the proxies are very clean, it makes me happy, thank you very much for the taco site, I like everything, the prices are impressive, they are really lower than the market ones.
Nilakshi: Content Writer & Editor @Begindot
While the wide range of pricing and locations makes Proxy-Seller a good option for proxy buyers. There are multiple customer feedbacks on various platforms about below-average customer support. This is one aspect the team must have a look at. User Reviews and Ratings

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