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PrivateProxy Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

A proxy solution with over 100,000 proxies from different locations. Get data center and residential proxies fro any purpose.

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What is PrivateProxy?

AquaNetworks HK Limited operates PrivateProxy, which was launched back in 2010. PrivateProxy provides its users across the globe with 100% clean private proxies. 

PrivateProxy houses over 100,000 proxies and 15 data centers and have served more than 5000 clients worldwide. 

What makes PrivateProxy different is that it features dedicated proxies for different purposes, such as proxies for:

  • E-commerce
  • Games
  • Search engines
  • Social networks
  • Streaming 
  • Sneakers

PrivateProxy supports the following proxies:

  • Datacenter proxies 
  • Residential proxies 
  • Rotating proxies 
  • HTTP proxies 
  • SOCKS5 proxies

You can use the proxies for any purpose, and a few use cases include local SEO, reputation intelligence, lead generation and fraud prevention. 

PrivateProxy Company Details is owned and operated by AquaNetworks HK Limited, a HongKong based IT company founded in 2010. It offers more than 100,000+ proxies. A team of over 15 employees serving more than 5000 clients.

Company Name: AquaNetworks HK Limited

CEO Name: Alex

Year Founded: 2010

Employees: 10-20

HQ Location: HongKong

Aleksey Krasnov PrivateProxy CEO
Aleksey Krasnov
Co-Founder & CEO
Anthony Valov PrivateProxy Member
Anthony Valov
Operations Director

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Pros and Cons of PrivateProxy

Pros of PrivateProxy

  • Permits 10 IP addresses 
  • Instant activation 
  • Dual authentication method
  • One free swap a month 
  • Good connections
  • 24/7 Live support

Cons of PrivateProxy

  • A trial subscription requires billing information 
  • Limited payment options

PrivateProxy Features

Instant activation

Quick and simple to get started.

Unlimited connections

You may have unlimited connections as per your need.

Unmetered bandwidth

You will get unlimited bandwidth, to use without any issues to limitations.

Multiple locations

Multiple data center locations to choose from.

One free swap a month

One free swap in both data canter & residential proxies.

Super fast connections

You will get fast connections to avoid any kind of lag.

Proxies for scraping

Trustable proxies for data scraping.

Different proxy type

Supports static and rotating proxies to select from.

SOCKS5 proxies

Get reliable SOCKS5 proxies for bypassing Internet filters.

24/7 Live Support

Get quick support from experts if you face any issues.

PrivateProxy Pricing offers multiple pricing plans and packages depending on the proxy type you select. They have data center proxies, static and rotating residential proxies.

Here are the pricing details.

DataCenter Proxy Pricing

Common features

  • Instant Activation
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 Free Swap a Month
  • Any Purpose
  • Multiple Locations
Newbie$9/month3 Static Datacenter Proxies
Amateur$15/month5 Static Datacenter Proxies
Starter$29/month13 Static Datacenter Proxies
Professional$59/month30 Static Datacenter Proxies
Business$99/month50 Static Datacenter Proxies
Corporate$180/month100 Static Datacenter Proxies
Enterprise$525/month300 Static Datacenter Proxies

Static Residential Proxy Pricing

Common features

  • Instant Activation
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 Free Swap a Month
  • Any Purpose
  • Multiple Locations
Newbie$5/month1 Static Residential Proxy
Amateur$15/month3 Static Residential Proxies
Starter$50/month10 Static Residential Proxies
Professional$120/month30 Static Residential Proxies
Business$200/month50 Static Residential Proxies
Corporate$400/month100 Static Residential Proxies
Enterprise$900/month300 Static Residential Proxies

Datacenter Rotating Proxy Pricing

Common features

  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
  • Instant Proxy Switch Allowed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Access to the Whole Rotating Proxies Pool
  • Additional Gateway Ports Allowed
  • 2 Days Free Trial
Beginner$59/month200 000 Requests/month
Scraper$119/month1 Million Requests/month
Pro$499/month5 Million Requests/month
Harvester$799/month10 Million Requests/month
Data Jedi$999/month15 Million Requests/month

Rotating Residential Proxy Pricing

Common features

  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
  • Instant Proxy Switch Allowed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Access to the Whole Rotating Proxies Pool
  • Additional Gateway Ports Allowed
Beginner$150/month200 000 Requests/month
Scraper$350/month1 Million Requests/month
Pro$1500/month5 Million Requests/month
Harvester$2500/month10 Million Requests/month
Data Jedi$3500/month15 Million Requests/month

PrivateProxy Price Comparison

Compare price of PrivateProxy With some of the top competitors.
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PrivateProxy Detail

PrivateProxy is a comprehensive proxy solution that offers a variety of different proxy options to choose from.

Here are some of the key highlights of the platform.

1. Fast Connection 

When you select a datacenter proxy server of PrivateProxy, you can choose from a wide range of locations. With this freedom, you can ensure that the needed IPs function at a reasonable speed. 

Furthermore, PrivateProxy tests and then supplies the users with the fastest data center proxies. 

2. Guarantees Almost 100% Uptime 

PrivateProxy guarantees almost 100% uptime for users when they buy bulk residential proxies. Such high uptime guarantees that you can rely on PrivateProxy’s fast proxies. 

3. Functional Dashboard 

When you purchase a premium residential IP proxy service, you automatically get access to the PrivateProxy’s proxy dashboard. 

On this dashboard, you can:

  • Browse through your different IPs 
  • Necessary tools 
  • API 

In other words, it supports all the necessary tools to manage IPs. The functional dashboards are available for other proxies too.

4. Private/Dedicated Proxies 

PrivateProxy supports private or dedicated rotating proxies. It means you will be the sole owner of the IPs you purchase for rotating proxies. 

It, in turn, guarantees stable connections whenever you use PrivateProxy’s proxy server. 

5. Easy To Use 

When you purchase a proxy of PrivateProxy, a user-friendly dashboard is provided. From this dashboard, you can easily make IP configuration and set-up. 

In addition, you get an API that you can use for coding different tools and apps. 

6. Ideal for Scraping 

Many users use proxies for scraping, which requires both a stable and reliable operation. The proxies that PrivateProxy provides are stable and reliable. 

Therefore, it has the power to cater to your scraping requirement. 

7. Anonymous Proxies 

PrivateProxy is the market leader for anonymous proxy providers. You can use its anonymous proxies for web scraping, video streaming and fraud prevention. 

To fulfill your requirement for anonymous IPs, PrivateProxy studies your use case and then works towards providing you with the best solution possible. Furthermore, it has reliable 24/7 tech support. 

8. Dual Authentication Method 

PrivateProxy supports the following dual authentication method:

Username and password login 

IP address authorization 

Both authentication methods have their own set of pros and cons. Therefore, having the freedom to choose between both authentication methods is a huge plus. 

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What Kind of Support Does PrivateProxy Offer? offers comprehensive support to all their users through 24/7 Live chat. You can contact the support team at any point in time for any issue.
Email Support
Live Chat
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Frequently Asked Questions About PrivateProxy (FAQs)

PrivateProxy is a HongKong based proxy provider that has a pool of over 100K proxies.
No, PrivateProxy offers premium packages only. The price starts at $5 per month.
PrivateProxy offers stratic and rotating proxies both for data center and residential proxies.
PrivateProxy proxies can help you in multiple ways. You can use proxies to browse the internet safely. You can use them to bypass restrictions or for data scraping.
You can use PrivateProxy eCommerce proxies to scrap data on popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc.

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Founder @begindot
If you are looking for a proxy solution for any purpose, PrivateProxy is an option you may have on your list. They have a pool of over 100,000 proxies from multiple locations. They have a comprehensive data center and residential proxies to choose from.
anonymous Icon
Source: CNET

Easy to use, choice of proxy servers (I have the Elite version), encrypted information every time, secure lines, can be used anywhere.


Only works on PCs, not for MAC


I travel all the time and this product comes with me everywhere! No matter where I am, in the US or in another country, I can work, shop or play on the internet knowing that I'm protected from hackers. I love this!

anonymous Icon
Source: CNET

Easy to use. With a click of the button I can choose which server/location I want to be "seen" at. I've had no problems with slower speeds. I like the fact that with Private Proxy everything is encrypted so no matter where I use the Internet with my laptop, I feel safe and well-protected. It also allows me to get by any posting limits I may have on some websites. This product is easy to install and with one click, I have a choice of static or rotating servers. I found that the Elite Version works best for me because I do travel a lot. One of the best features is the "Verify my Connection" button. This will open your browser and let you know what IP Address you are using and that your connection is safe. I can now feel comfortable doing anything on line, from shopping to social networking, without worrying that a hacker will steal my information. Private Proxy travels with me no matter where I go.


I also own a Mac, but Private Proxy isn't available for Macs.


I really like this product and will stick with it for a long time. It's really only a few dollars a month, but knowing my information is safe is well worth any cost.

Bruno Maiorana PrivateProxy Reviewer
Bruno Maiorana
Source: Facebook
Awesome service. The proxies work like a charm for any website or stealth operation. The work with any scrapper, link creator or social media automation software as well. Very recommended!

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