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Partners House (2023): Top Features & Pricing

Monetize your web traffic to make handsome revenue with Partners House program.

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Partners House Overview

Partners House is a Push Subscription network for publishers that works closely in association with Push House which is a network for advertisers. This platform helps you in monetizing your website traffic with Push Subscriptions.

You can signup as a publisher and make money through push subscriptions.

As a publisher, you can join the Partners House network and monetize your traffic by using the push notification. It provides a breezy way to communicate with the users because of its non-intrusive nature.

It is an affiliate program of Push House, a popular ad network. Founded in 2019, Partners House is based in Ukraine.

Partners House Top Features

  • Split landing page testing
  • Multilingual landing 
  • Universal tracking code
  • Minimum payout: $50 
  • Real-time bidding for traffic 
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Live statistics 
  • New landing page addition on request
  • Universal tracking code 
  • 100% ad delivery to the subscribers 

With Partners House, users can monetize the traffic in more than 186 countries. The ad networking platform has shown its value with the commendable numbers that it provides its users with.

For instance, it has generated more than 250,000,000 clicks monthly and helped its partners earn more than $900,000. The numbers alone speak about the result that it can give to you. Webmasters and Media Buyers can use Partners House. 

Partners House Review

Partners House is designed for both Webmasters and Media Buyers. Webmasters refer to publishers or site partners, and Media Buyers refer to affiliates. 

If you are a webmaster, looking forward to using Partners House, you can get started with it in four simple steps:

  • Add the site to the system 
  • Install the code and the script to the root of the site.
  • View the statistics of the income 
  • Withdraw the money earned 
Partners House

A media buyer can also start benefiting from Partners House by following the four steps listed below:

  • Choose a site in the system
  • Select one or more landing pages
  • Get the link to drive the traffic 
  • Receive the funds earned instantly 

How Can It Help?

Push notifications ensure a high open-rate. Reports have indicated that 60% of the push notifications are opened by the users in the very first hour.

Also, the CTR of an ad campaign lies in the range of 7.5% to 10%. Let us now have a look at how Partners House can help you to achieve these results. 

1. High ROI 

Partners House guarantees high ROI by allowing the users to monetize and advertise in more than 186 countries. Further, the ad delivery rate to the subscribers is 100%. 

It supports multilingual landing and provides the users with a universal push subscription cost. You can also go for one or more landing pages to monetize. However, a new landing page can only be added on request. 

2. Split Test Reports 

The split test report of Partners House provides the user with all the information that is required for analyzing and then further monetizing the traffic in a better way. A few of the different parameters that can be used for creating split test reports are:

  • Type of traffic 
  • Source traffic 
  • Landing 
  • Traffic 
  • Difficulties or Redirects
  • Costs 
  • Subscription 
  • Traffic Back 
  • Number of affiliates

The split test result can be used to know the number of earnings and check the return on investment. Partners House also supports advanced real-time statistics too. 

3. Supported Payment Options

  • Partners House provides the users with a number of payment options. The different payments that Partners House supports are:
    • Web Money 
    • Yandex Money 
    • QIWI
    • Epayments
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
Partner House Payment Options

Making Money With Partners House

As a publisher, you have two options to choose from when you wish to monetize your traffic with Partners House.

  • Instant Sale Of Push Subscription 
  • Long-Term Income With RevShare 
Making Money with Partner House

4. Instant Sale Of Push Subscription 

It is one of the two ways through which the user can earn with Partners House. For the instant sale of push notifications, a site can monetize traffic with the CPL payment method.

The system carries out an automatic purchase of the subscribers at a fixed price. Later, the money that is earned through the selling of these subscriptions is directly credited to the account. Once you have the money, you can order the payment and withdraw it at your convenience. 

Earning money through the instant sale of push subscriptions is often acknowledged as a short-term revenue stream. 

5. Long-Term Income With RevShare 

This is the second way of earning money through Partners House. As understood by the term, for earning long-term income from Partners House, you need to create a platform that supports the RevShare payment method. 

The traffic flow is again organized to the site, however, this time with the RevShare payment method. You can then go ahead to collect the push subscribers who will be shown ads.

Whenever a push subscriber then clicks on the ad, you will receive up to 90% of the cost of the click that is charged to the advertisers.

Partners House Pricing

Partners House is a free platform to get started.

Partners House FAQs

Q1. What is Partners House?

Partners House is a traffic monetization program for publishers that is available in more than 185 countries.

Q2. What Kind of Monetization Program Partners House is?

Partners House gives you the option to monetize your traffic through Push Subscriptions.

Q3. How Much Can I Earn Through Partners House?

The amount of revenue you earn will depend on your traffic and the number of subscriptions. Also, Partners House gives you the option to go for a fixed revenue per subscription or revenue share options. So, the overall review will depend on these factors.

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