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A legitimate platform to grow your Instagram account with followers and engagement

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SHARE IT Overview is one of the most popular and widely used Instagram marketing companies that are all about boosting your Instagram reach and of course, the likes. In simpler words, boosts your Instagram engagement on all your posts easily and intuitively. 

In return, you are charged a very small amount for the service. The team behind has been doing this for a very long time and is steadily becoming one of the best in the business. 

They know the dos and don’ts of Instagram marketing and are steadily improving their services each new day. The intuitive social media marketing solution has developed a ton of different methods to avoid penalties, as well as to maintain a stable environment on social media profiles. Top Features

  • Grow Instagram engagement
  • Grow Instagram followers
  • Real likes
  • Real story views
  • Help to grow organically
  • Smart targeting
  • Target based on location
  • Target based on interests
  • Target based on hashtags
  • Safe for your Insta account

Instagram is a leading social media platform these days to create authority for any business or an individual.

There are Instagram influencers making thousands of dollars every month by promoting third-party products to their followers.

So, if you have a good number of followers and engagement on your account, you can use your profile to make a regular income.

However, before you start making money through your Instagram account, you will have to work on it and grow it to a decent number. is a platform that can help you to grow your Instagram account followers and engagement. We will look at the platform in detail in this article.

Setting up a social media account for business or social influence is easy but running it successfully is quite a challenge. It demands you to be on your toes around the clock and requires a number of tricks. 

If you are also planning to boost your likes on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, Instagram, then look no further as here we bring you a detailed guide of one of the most popular and fastest emerging solutions for boosting Instagram likes. Review: Is This Legal?

First things first, one of the biggest concerns people have about such Instagram marketing applications is whether the service is even legal or not? The short and simple answer to this question for is that it is completely legal. 

Another concern most new customers have in mind is the legitimacy. is completely legit and delivers results. 

The company accepts and delivers orders by the given time and date to all kinds and levels of customers on the platform. is not at all like those fraud and illegal companies that charge you a huge chunk of money for Instagram reach boosting but deliver nothing in return.

The company is a well-established and respected organization in the business and has delivered results to some of the most popular Instagram influencers across the globe. 

The customer base of is huge and comprises people and business organizations from across the globe. Review: The Major Features

So now that we know what is all about and how much it would cost you, let’s take a quick look at all the major features of this popular Instagram marketing solution:

Get Instant and Effective Likes

The craze for getting the highest numbers of likes on Instagram posts is only booming around the world. Likes are more than the heart emojis on the posts. 

They are very important for getting your posts ranked higher on the news feed of your target audience. The likes on your posts are proportional to your credibility on Instagram.’s Instagram likes boosting feature is simply amazing. Your purchased likes are delivered in an instant manner. 

One of the biggest perks is that the customer is free from all kinds of penalties from Instagram as the service sends you real-time traffic and likes. 

Boost Followers Right Away

Apart from the number of likes on your posts, the number of people following you on Instagram is also very important. It might not directly help you in boosting your ranking and organic traffic but surely has an impact on how your Instagram profile is looking. 

A good amount of following on Instagram is good for businesses, especially if you are planning to monetize your Instagram influence. Unlike any other service provider in the business, delivers customized followers to its customers to give them actual, real-life followers on their profile. 

Completely Legit and Real Followers

When it comes to legitimacy and credibility, there is no comparison to the service offered by They have a system in place where they do not allow any kind of fake traffic to reach you and empower you to get 100% genuine engagement. 

The service maintains a good 60% organic traffic and 40% of paid traffic for all of its customers. 

These were the major features of that you must know to boost your Instagram influence and business. There are a few other features available, such as boosting the views and the auto like feature. You will have to give it a try to know if this works for you or not! Pricing

Now comes undoubtedly the biggest question people have about such Instagram marketing companies around the world, the price tag: that is, if the service is worth the investment or not?

The offered pricing plans are of four different types, designed and developed for people and business organizations with all kinds of budgets. Here is a quick analysis of the different pricing plans offered on

1. For Instagram Like: This is one of the most popular pricing plans in the category and delivers results to all of the customers. 

The pricing plan starts at a feasible amount of only $3.49. Users choosing this plan get a decent 50 likes, which is common in the business and quite competitive to other service providers in the business. 

2. Instagram Auto Likes: This is another important pricing plan that is popular among new customers and budding Instagram influencers around the world. 

As the name describes itself quite evidently, the plan offers you a good amount of auto likes on your Instagram posts at quite a feasible rate. 

This pricing plan is a good option if you are in need to boost your Instagram engagement. The plan starts at only $19.9. Here also you get a good 50 likes on your Instagram posts. 

3. For Increasing Followers: Another amazing pricing plan for instant result delivery. The pricing plan starts for a decent $3.95. Here you get a whopping 100 followers on your Instagram page. 

This pricing plan also delivers reliable results and is quite popular among Instagram influencers.   

4. Boosting Instagram Views: This pricing plan is a good option for people trying to gain more views on their Instagram profiles. 

The delivery of this service is quick and effective for all kinds of products and posts on Instagram. Here you get 500 views at only $2.95. A good option for beginners for sure. 

The pricing plans are quite feasible and competitive as compared to other Instagram marketing services around the world.  

Bottom Line

So here ends our review of the popular Instagram marketing solution, The service is designed and developed for all kinds of Instagram influencers, marketers, business owners, and influencers around the world who need an instant boost to their Instagram reach. 

The service offered by is quite amazing as compared to other options available in the market, which is at the moment packed with a ton of different fraud Instagram marketing companies and service providers. FAQs

Q1. What is is a platform that offers Instagram service to help you grow your account. You can buy legitimate likes and followers on this platform.

Q2. How Does Likes.Io Work?

As you signup for service, they start engaging with other users’ content in your niche, and slowly the users from other accounts will start seeing your posts and engage.

With the increase in engagement around your posts, it will start growing organically.

Q3. Is Safe?

Yes, is a safe platform to work with.

Q4. Will I Lose The Followers That I Get Through Service?

It is normal to lose certain number of followers that you get through the platform. However, team will replace the number that you lose.

Solution used by over 150,000 businesses

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