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Cornix Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Cornix is a very handy cryptocurrency trading bot that will help you to automate your trading process wile you can track all activities in real time.

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What is Cornix Bot?

Cornix, a modern and innovative platform reshaping the cryptocurrency trading process and how trades are executed and managed.

The platform is focused on automation and advanced trading strategies, Cornix empowers both novice and experienced traders to optimize profits while simplifying the intricacies associated with manual trading.

Cornix seamlessly integrates with leading cryptocurrency exchanges, delivering a user-friendly environment that facilitates the automation of trading strategies. It helps traders with real-time signals, ensuring swift and precise execution of trades.

Its cutting-edge technology and intuitive interface provide a comprehensive suite of features to meet the diverse needs of users.

You have the freedom to customize and create your own crypto trade bots on Cornix. These bots execute trades automatically, leveraging predefined parameters and signals. This eliminates the necessity for constant monitoring, enabling traders to seize market opportunities 24/7.

Let’s have a look at Cornix in detail.

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Cornix Company Details

Founded in 2019, Cornix is a modern and innovative crypto trading platform that will make your trading process easier. Co-founded by Ori Kalinski and Dor Baruch, Cornix offers very handy bots to automate crypto trading.

Company Name: Cornix

CEO Name: Ori Kalinski

Year Founded: 2019

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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Pros and Cons of Cornix

Pros of Cornix

  • Automated trading option
  • Option to copy expert trades
  • Copy DCA bots created by others
  • Customize bots as per your need
  • Integrate with TradingView
  • Advanced trading terminal
  • Customizable advanced trading features
  • Offers 24X7 expert support

Cons of Cornix

  • No free plan is available
  • Newbie traders may find a little confusing

Cornix Features

Automated trading bots
Option to customize bots
Copy expert's trade signals
Integration with TradingView
Track portfolio performance
Advanced trading terminal
Set take-profit and stop-loss orders
Control trading strategy
Dedicated channel for signals
24X7 Expert support

Cornix Pricing

Cornix comes with a transparent pricing plan. They don’t charge any commission on your trades. Also, if you go for yearly billing, you will get a 30% discount on the overall price.

Here are the pricing plans.

Monthly Billing: $24.90/Month
Yearly Billing: $16.66/Month
  • Unlimited Active Manual Trades
  • 2 Active Signal Trades
  • 1 Auto-Trading Groups
  • 2 Active Grid Bots
  • 2 Active DCA Bots
  • 2 Active TradingView Bots
  • 1 Primary API Slots
Monthly Billing: $44.90/Month
Yearly Billing: $29.99/Month
  • Unlimited Active Manual Trades
  • 10 Active Signal Trades
  • 2 Auto-Trading Groups
  • 3 Active Grid Bots
  • 5 Active DCA Bots
  • 3 Active TradingView Bots
  • 2 Primary API Slots
Monthly Billing: $89.90/Month
Yearly Billing: $59.99/Month
  • Unlimited Active Manual Trades
  • Unlimited Active Signal Trades
  • Unlimited Auto-Trading Groups
  • Unlimited Active Grid Bots
  • Unlimited Active DCA Bots
  • Unlimited Active TradingView Bots
  • 3 Primary API Slots

Cornix Price Comparison

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Cornix Detail

The bots offered by Cornix are very handy and they can help you to make money irrespective of market conditions. Be it a trending market or sideways, the bots will work in your favor to make sure that you are profitable.

Cornix Advanced Grid Bots

When the market is sideways, it becomes difficult to make money. However, with the newly introduced Advanced Grid Bot, you will be able to take advantage of the small price changes.

The bot can execute profitable trades even if the market moves slightly. You may get started with Grid Bot quickly.

Once you create your account, you may create your bot and get started. Track the performance of the bot and customize it as per your needs.

Cornix Advanced DCA Bots

The DCA bot or the Dollar-cost averaging bot will help you to spread your purchase to make sure that you get a better price and your money is invested wisely so that you may get a better return.

The bot will make the purchases as per the pre-defined intervals and it will follow an advanced buy-and-sell strategy to make sure that you get a better return.

so, the idea is to buy as the price goes down and sell it when the price goes up. Even if you are not active, the bot will keep performing the tasks.

If you are a newbie user, Cornix gives you the option to copy a public bot. You can search through their platform and copy the bot that you find suitable as per your strategy.

Cornix Marketplace

Cornix comes with a marketplace where you can join channels that offer trading signals. This can be very handy if you are just starting.

You can use the filters to select the exchanges and signal providers, check their pricing, and join them.

Most of the channels offer a free trial before you pay for signals.


Taking Advantage of Trading Signals

Cornix makes it simple for users to get into a trade based on the signals provided by the expert channel. When you join a channel, the Cornix bot will get into the trade based on the signals provided.

The signal providers can take advantage of the Cornix interface and bot to streamline their users’ trade. It will also share the trading results in the subscriber’s group in real-time helping you create a profitable trading community of your users.

Cornix Signals

As the signal community owner, you have the option to integrate your Telegram or Discord subscribers community with the Cornix platform.

Once it is integrated, your users will get access auto-trading solution offered by Cornix. The platform will share target hits, and profit details automatically in the community group.


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What Kind of Support Does Cornix Offer?

Cornix offers 24X7 expert support to help users with any issues they might have. They have support groups, video tutorials to guide the users. You can also get in touch with the team using the live chat option.
Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cornix (FAQs)

Cornix is an innovative crypto trading platform that offers trading bots to automate your trading process.
Yes, Cornix is a safe platform to use.
Yes, you have the option to customize the bots as per your trading need.
Yes, Cornix integrates with a number of popular crypto trading exchanges.

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