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ChatSonic Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

ChatSonic is a ChatGPT like conversational AI chatbot system that is powered by Google Search API.

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What is ChatSonic?

ChatSonic is a conversational AI chatbot that is similar to ChatGPT. It is an excellent alternative to ChatGPT because it improves upon the limitations of ChatGPT. 

Writesonic launched this tool as a part of their product. 

Google Search trains and powers ChatSonic. Therefore, you can easily use it to work on the factual content of even current events and topics. 

In addition to creating written content, ChatSonic also helps generate AI Art for digital campaigns and social media posts. 

Furthermore, it supports a Chrome extension, a handy feature for receiving content suggestions on the go. Also, it understands voice commands and responds like Google Assistant and Siri. 

A unique feature of ChatSonic is that it houses a personality mode that offers you 16 persona options based on your requirements.

A few use cases of ChatSonic are writing emails, articles, essays, and product reviews. You can also use it to create ads, social media posts and more.  

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ChatSonic Company Details

ChatSonic is a product of Writesonic. Samanyou Garg is the founder and CEO of the company. The company launched the first version of Writesonic in October 2020. Later, in December 2022, Writesonic launched ChatSonic as an AI Chatbot. The product is similar to ChatGPT, however, with superpowers. Y-Combinator backs the company.

Company Name: Writesonic, Inc.

CEO Name: Samanyou Garg

Year Founded: 2022

Employees: 2-10

HQ Location: San Francisco, CA

Samanyou Garg CEO Writesonic
Samanyou Garg
Founder & CEO
Nafeen Abdul Writesonic
Nafeen Abdul
Head of Engineering

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Pros and Cons of ChatSonic

Pros of ChatSonic

  • Generates factual content 
  • Turns texts into art
  • Customizable personal assistant 
  • Supports Chrome extension 
  • Understands voice command 

Cons of ChatSonic

  • Does not always provide accurate data 
  • No free version

ChatSonic Features

Powered By Google Search

Google Search powers ChatSonic to provide relevant real-time information on trending topics and current events.

AI Art Generation

You can use ChatSonic to generate AI art from texts which help in digital campaigns and creating social media posts.

Personality Avatars

ChatSonic provides users with a customizable personal assistant for different requirements.

Chrome Extension

It is possible to add ChatSonic as a Chrome extension to receive content suggestions.

Supports Voice Commands

ChatSonic understands and responds to voice commands like Google and Siri assistant.

Supports API Access

You can use ChatSonic API access to connect the tool with all your existing apps.

Contextual Conversation

ChatSonic remembers all the past questions and comments and answers the follow-up enquiries in the context of the previous chat.

Share, Edit And Download Conversations

The platform allows users to edit, share and download the conversation.

Comprehensive content AI tool

ChatSonic is created by Writesonic which is a comprehensive AI content writing solution that can help you write all kinds of content.

Expert support

If you face any issue while using ChatSonic AI, you can contact the expert to get your issue resolved instantly.

ChatSonic Pricing

Writesonic provides ChatSonic– AI Chat Assistant, as a free tool to its users. However, to avail of the same, the users require a subscription to Writesonic.

The free trial supports 25 free generations daily from ChatSonic. In addition to the free trial, it offers two premium plans and four quality types (Premium, Good, Average and Economy).

The free trial costs $0/month, and the Long-Form begins its pricing at $12.67/month. For the custom plans, the users are required to contact the sales. 

Quality Services ProvidedChat GenerationsWord CountNumber of Users
Premium Free Trial252,5001
Long FormUnlimited19,0001
Good Free Trial256,2501
Long FormUnlimited47,5001
AverageFree Trial2512,5001
Long FormUnlimited95,0001
EconomyFree Trial2525,0001
Long FormUnlimited190,0001

Please note that the above table states the services provided at the base price of free trial and long-form. As the word count and users increase, the pricing increases too. 

ChatSonic Price Comparison

Compare price of ChatSonic With some of the top competitors.
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What Kind of Support Does ChatSonic Offer?

ChatSonic comes with a detailed guide to help the users. You can check the articles related to the products, join the social communities or contact the team in case you need any support.
Email Support
Social Media
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

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Frequently Asked Questions About ChatSonic (FAQs)

ChatSonic is a conversational AI chatbot created by the Writesonic team that can answer your questions instantly. It is powered by Google search.
No, ChatSonic is a premium product that will need Writesonic membership. However, they offer a free trial that will give you access to the software and you can 25 generations every day.
Well, ChatGPT has revolutionized the whole chat-based search system. As both the software are new, there may be corrections needed. When you compare, ChatSonic may be better at some answers as it used Google search data.
The ChatSonic Art generator is another product from the Writesonic team that can help you generate unique art based on your text.
Yes, ChatSonic accepts and responds to voice commands just like Siri or Google Assistant.
Yes, ChatSonic works on mobile devices. It offers you an app to install and create content on the go.

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ChatSonic User Reviews and Ratings

Rated 3.5 out of 5
3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

Needs Finetune

Rated 3.0 out of 5
February 14, 2023

A handy tool for the Writesonic users. However, it still needs finetune to make sure the content is of good quality. It produced repetitive and low quality content when we tried.

Avatar for Luke Nash
Luke Nash

Good alternative to ChatGPT

Rated 4.0 out of 5
February 14, 2023

We have tried to generate a few answers and tried the voice search option, worked smoothly.

Avatar for DK

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