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Bloom Plugin Reviews (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Know How Bloom Can Increase Your Email Opt-In Conversion Rate

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What is Bloom Plugin?

Bloom by ElegantThemes is one of the popular email Opt-in WordPress plugins with all the modern features and options. This plugin will help you create a beautiful email subscription plugin for your WordPress site.

The plugin comes with hundreds of ready popup templates that you can use on your site. You can quickly select any of the templates and edit them as per your needs.

You can edit the color combination to match your site, you can add an image to your popup to make it even more attractive.

You can create a popup for special offers, discount deals to increase your revenue. You can also use it to lock your content and open it only to the users who subscribe to your email list.

Let’s have a look at the plugin in detail.

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Bloom Plugin Company Details

Bloom plugin is created by the ElementThemes, a team that created amazing WordPress products over the years. ElementThemes was founded in 2008 and have thousands of active users.

Company Name: Elegant Themes

CEO Name: Nick Roach

Year Founded: 2008

Employees: 50-100

HQ Location: California, USA

Nick Roach ElegantThemes
Nick Roach
Founder & CEO

Bloom Plugin Screenshots and Media

Pros and Cons of Bloom Plugin

Pros of Bloom Plugin

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Hundreds of email opt-in templates
  • Create a custom opt-in design
  • Different types of display options
  • Automatic pop-up & fly-In triggers
  • Multiple email service integrations

Cons of Bloom Plugin

  • Limited integrations as compared to other leading options
  • Limited design customizations

Bloom Plugin Features

Ready email form templates

Bloom comes with a large collection of ready to use email opt-in templates that you may use.

Opt-in pop-up builder

The plugin offers you easy to use opt-in pop-up builder to help you design your pop-up as per your need.

Easy customizations

Bloom is a newbie friendly plugin and you can make changes without any technical knowledge.

Custom targeting option

You can use Bloom for various different purpose. Not only Email opt-in, you may use it to display best offers.

Custom triggers

Bloom comes with custom opt-in trigger options to increase the overall conversion.

Integration with email services

Bloom offers you the option to integrate with most of the leading email service providers.

Advanced settings options

Bloom comes with a comprehensive admin dashboard where you may set the plugin as per your need.

Access to other ElementThemes products

Once you buy the Bloom plugin, you will get access to popular products like the Divi Theme, Divi Builder, Extra theme etc.

Bloom Plugin Pricing

ElegantThemes works on a membership-based model, so you get access to Bloom plugin as well as all other products from the store such as the Divi Theme, Monarch Plugin, and the Extra theme just for $89 for a year and $249 for a lifetime.

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Bloom Plugin Price Review

Bloom Plugin Price Comparison

Compare price of Bloom Plugin With some of the top competitors.
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Bloom Plugin Detail

Bloom is one of the leading email opt-in plugins for WordPress from the ElegantThemes store. It’s a quick, simple and comprehensive email marketing plugin that will surely boost your email list.

There are some amazing email opt-in plugins that are available for WordPress users, and you can make your choice accordingly to your requirement.

In this post, we will stick to the Bloom plugin and see how it can help your blog and revenue growth over time.

We all know about the search engine algorithm which is changing continuously, and even the best sites can get impacted at times. We came across such examples in the past, if you keep an eye on the SEO-related blogs you will get a fair idea about the latest updates and how it works.

So, the email list of your blog is extremely important because it can bring in the traffic whenever you need irrespective of how the SEO changes impact your site.

If you have not started collecting emails on your blog, you must start it now because as it is popularly said the money is in the list.

I would say, investing in a quality email opt-in plugin is a must for every blogger because your email list will be one of the most important assets of the time.

When it comes to email list building, pop-up plugins are very popular and used by most of the top bloggers and businesses because they can capture your visitor’s attention instantly.

Before you plan your email opt-in form, one of the most important points to consider is; how and what you are going to offer them in the opt-in form; because that will all the difference in conversion.

If you are in a product business, you can probably offer some discount if they provide you with their email; if you are in a content-based business, you can offer them a quality eBook for free. There are some ways to get their attention to your email opt-in form; you can do some A/B testing to make sure what works the best.

Bloom plugin is created by the popular ElegantThemes team, they are in the WordPress business for a long time, and Bloom is one of their main products.

As ElegantThemes works on a membership-based model, you get access to all their themes and plugins when you go for this one plugin including one of the most popular WordPress themes of all time; the Divi Theme.

Bloom is one of the most comprehensive lead generation WordPress plugins that offer you an amazing collection of email opt-in templates, placement options and high flexibility regarding design.

Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin Overview

Bloom Plugin Review

Why Use The Bloom Plugin?

There are a few simple answers to this question.

  • Bloom plugin is backed by a very strong team who knows WordPress in and out.
  • The product is evolving with time, and new features are getting added continuously.
  • You get access to other awesome products like Divi Theme, and Monarch plugin when you buy this plugin.
  • This plugin is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly admin interface.
  • It offers you great flexibility regarding placement.

No matter what kind of site you are managing, collecting emails from the first day is very important because a huge percentage of your first-time visitors will never return to your site.

Once you have a strong email list, you can send them the best offers and your important content so that you can increase your daily traffic and overall revenue.

Getting Started With Bloom

The Bloom plugin is quite simple and easy to get started with. It comes with a comprehensive admin interface, and most of the options are self-explanatory.

Once the purchase process is complete, you will get the option to download the plugin. Just upload the plugin in the WordPress admin plugins >> add new and install it.

After you activate the plugin, you will get the Bloom plugin option in the WordPress admin. Click on the option to go to the Bloom dashboard.

The dashboard you have the option to create a new opt-in, you just need to select the opt-in you want for your site and get started with the customization.

Bloom Plugin Dashboard

Set-Up First Email Opt-in With Bloom

The process of setting up your email opt-in form with Bloom is simple and quick. As mentioned above, you will get the Bloom option on your WordPress admin dashboard.

Select the opt-in type that you want to use for your site, here we are selecting the pop-up option.

Bloom Opt-in

In the next screen, you will get the option to select the email service provider from the long list of options. If you are a new user, I recommend you to go to MailChimp as they offer free services up to 2000 emails.

Bloom With MailChimp

Then you select the MailChimp account and the email list where you want to store the email you are going to collect. Once you are done with these options, you can click on the design your opt-in option to fine-tune the design of your form.

Here you get ready-to-be-used templates that you can use on your site. Select the one you like and scroll down; there you will see two options, save and exit or customize further.

Bloom Templates

Let’s see what’s there in the further customization modules.

We have selected the first default template option and clicked on the customize option. There are different options on this screen; we will have a look at them one by one.

Bloom Customization

The first two options are straight and simple. You can add the main title for your opt-in form and the message you want to display on your form.

If you are offering any discount or any special offer, you can explain that here.

Bloom Plugin Review

Next option is the image on your opt-in form. For example, if you are offering any free eBook to the email subscribers; you can showcase the image of your eBook here.

There are some different animations to choose from, select the one you like and move forward.

Bloom Lead Generation Form

The next set of options is for styling your opt-in form. Here you can select the background color for your form, the font option, and a few other styling elements.

Bloom Form Styling Option

Another important thing that is worth mentioning here is the custom CSS option. If you wish to style your Bloom opt-in form in a custom way, you can get done easily by adding the custom CSS here.

Bloom Custom CSS

Once you are done with the styling option, click on the display settings button that will take you to the next screen with the display settings.

Here you can setup how and when you wish to display the pop-up to your visitors. There are some important settings on this screen such as, you can set the display animation when you wish to trigger the pop-up, and you can hide it on mobile devices.

You also have the option to select the taxonomies and categories that you wish to display or hide.

Bloom Display Settings

Done with the display settings, click on the success action button. Here you can set-up what you want to achieve after the user takes action and provides you with the email ID.

You can show a success message, or you can redirect the user to a custom page.

Bloom Success Page Settings

Bloom Display Types

Bloom is one of the most comprehensive email-capturing plugins for WordPress, and it offers you more than one display option.

You can select the one that you think will work perfectly for your site and move ahead with the customizations as mentioned above.

Let’s have a look at the display options.

01. Automatic Opt-In Pop-Up

Pop-up is one of the most widely used email opt-in type at the moment. Though the pop-ups can be annoying at times, a nicely done email opt-in pop-up can do wonder for your site.

Most of the pro bloggers use pop-ups quite effectively and recommend as one of the most effective email opt-in type.

Settings up a pop-up with Bloom is straight and easy; you just need to follow the process mentioned above in this post.

There are some different options when you sit to trigger the pop-up. You can show the form after an interval, after inactivity, at the bottom of the post,  after scrolling a certain percentage of the page, after purchase, etc.

Bloom Pop-up

02. Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins

Similar to the pop-ups, the fly-in option also is very effective in getting your visitor’s attention. You can also set when you wish to trigger the fly-in similar to the pop-up settings.

Bloom Fly-in

03. Inline Opt-In Forms

This is another very important opt-in type. You just have seen lead generation forms inside a post which can be a very effective placement because certain people will immediately give you their email if they find your content useful.

So, making it easier for them is important. Bloom offers you shortcode option for the inline opt-in type so that you can place them wherever you wish to.


04. Below Content Opt-In Forms

This option is similar to the inline opt-in option. You can place the opt-in email form below your blog posts to maximize the conversion.

Bloom Inline Opt-in

05. Widget Area Opt-In Forms

Placing an opt-in email widget is extremely important for every blog. Even if you are using any of the other opt-in types such as pop-up, you must have a fixed email lead generation widget in the sidebar of your site.

Bloom Sidebar widget

06. Require Opt-In To Unlock Content

You must have come across content locker plugins. If you are creating high-value content that you are offering for free, this option can be very effective in maximizing opt-in email conversion.

With this option, you can ask your users to submit their email before they get access to the complete content of your post.

We have already listed some of the best content locker WordPress plugins in this post where you will find a few more options that are quite effective.

Bloom Content Locker

Over 100 Pre-designed Templates

115 ready-to-be-used templates to be precise are available to get started quickly. That’s a huge number for an email opt-in plugin; so you get almost any kind of design you are looking for.

Though the number of huge, you don’t have to stick to the readily available templates because you can easily create your design or customize the one you have selected.


Form Orientations

Depending on the placement of your opt-in form, you have different orientation options to choose from. You can make it horizontal or vertical to make sure it looks good and fits n perfectly.

Bloom Plugin Orientations

Image Orientation Options

Similar to the form orientation, you have the option to select the image orientation on your form. Here we are talking about the image that you are using on the form like the eBook image if you are offering a free eBook.

Bloom Image Orientation

Border Styles

When it comes to design the small things can make a big difference. The border design of your form is one such thing that can quickly enhance the overall look and feel of the form.

Bloom Customized Borders

Unlimited Color Options

Bloom offers you unlimited color options to style your email opt-in form to make sure that the form complements your site perfectly.

We have talked about the color-selecting option in the styling settings above in the post. You can select the color for the form background; the submit button, etc.


Highly Targeted Display

When and what you display on your site can make a big difference to conversion. Bloom plugin offers you highly targeted display option.

You have the option to create unlimited email opt-in forms and target them differently. For example, if you are creating a big SEO-related post, a targeted opt-in with some amazing SEO-related offer will work the best.

So, you can set-up your email opt-in form for various offers and options depending on your content type.


A/B Testing

A/B testing is very important for any lead generation campaign because if you test different options then only you will understand what is working and what is not.

Bloom offers you split testing and lets you compare the performance of multiple variations of the same opt-in form.

You can set-up the testing for different options which are based on triggers, placement, and design of the form to make sure the one is perfect.


Opt-in Statistics

Bloom offers you the statistics option in the admin panel so that you are always updated on what is working on your site and what is not. You can keep track of the performance after every change so that you can fine-tune the form for maximum conversion.


Email Marketing Services Integrations

Bloom lead generation plugin offers you the option to integrate your form with most of the leading email marketing service providers.

Bloom currently offers you the option to link your form with 16 leading providers that include MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, and more.

Bloom Email Service Providers

The email service integration is very simple. Just select the service that you are using for your site and get started.

For example, if you are using MailChimp for your site, select MailChimp from the list after that plugin will pull the available email list on your MailChimp account, you just need to select the list you wish to your on your site and done.

MailChimp Integration

Track Accounts

This is another amazing feature of Bloom plugin. It offers you the option to link more than one email marketing account to your Bloom dashboard.

In fact, you have an unlimited option to add different marketing accounts.

Bloom will organize all the accounts nicely for you in the Bloom dashboard and it will also show you the aggregate email counts from different accounts.

Now the question is, why do you need more than one account?

The answer could be different for different users. MailChimp offers a free account to 2000 users, so someone might opt for that privilege at the same time they can use different services for other existing lists.

Also, if you are in the testing more to try out different email marketing options, price-wise or for any other reason, this feature of Bloom will be extremely effective.

Bloom Multiple Marketing accounts

Responsive Design

Bloom is a fully responsive plugin to make sure that your email opt-in forms look great on all devices. The front-end form and the Bloom dashboard are fully responsive.

Bloom Responsive Plugin

Customized Borders & Edges

You have the option to select customized borders and edges that will make your form look trendy.

Customized Borders & Edges

Final Verdict

We have been using this plugin in some of our blogs, and it Works perfectly. Bloom is undoubtedly a great plugin that will surely boost your email list.

The settings are easy to understand and even a complete newbie will not face any difficulty, and there are many tutorials available for Bloom plugin for the basic set-up as well as advanced custom designs.

The Bloom plugin can be used as a pop-up, inline post, a sidebar widget and the best part is that there are tons of tutorials available to customize the design of your Bloom email Opt-in form if you wish to have a customized design for your form.

You can integrate the email subscription form seamlessly with your site and make sure that it looks like an integral part of your site.

It is extremely important for every online business to have an email opt-in from the very first day of existence because as it is popularly said the money is on the list. You will be able to send your subscribers the best available deals in your niche to make sure that you make those extra dollars regularly.

Another important aspect to look at is the team behind this product, ElegantThemes is in the WordPress business for a long time, and they create well-coded products, so your site will be in safe hands.

Also, you get access to some of the top-quality products like the Divi Theme, the Monarch Plugin, and the Extra Theme when you purchase this plugin.

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What Kind of Support Does Bloom Plugin Offer?

ElegantThemes offers comprehensive support for the Bloom plugin as well as other products they offer. they have a very active blog section as well as complete support portal. You may also reach out to the team if you need any help.
Email Support
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Bloom Plugin Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bloom Plugin (FAQs)

Bloom is a popular email subscription plugin for WordPress. It gives you the option to create beautiful popups on your site. It comes with hundreds of ready popup templates.
You have to buy ElegantThemes yearly or lifetime membership to get access to Bloom plugin. However, along with Bloom you get access to popular products like Divi Theme, Monarch Plugin and other products of ElegantThemes with the deal.
No. ElegantThemes doesn’t offer you the option to buy a single product. You have to take their membership plan to get access to Bloom and other products.
Well, it depends on the users choice. However, Bloom is certainly one of the best email opt-in plugin as it offers all the options that you will need along with hundreds of ready templates.

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