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Agile Hero Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Agile Hero is a comprehensive project management software designed to facilitate agile methodologies and streamline workflow processes for teams of all sizes.

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What is Agile Hero?

What is Agile Hero?

Agile Hero is a versatile software solution designed to streamline operations in Employee Outsourcing (EOR), Human Resources (HR) outsourcing, global mobility, and cross-border payroll solutions, perfect for agile HR and global teams. Developed over 30 years, this platform combines advanced technology with deep industry knowledge, offering comprehensive features tailored to support businesses in managing their workforce effectively across different geographies.

What is Agile Hero Good for?

Agile Hero excels in automating and simplifying complex HR processes, including but not limited to, employee onboarding, payroll management, compliance tracking, and international workforce deployment. Its robust functionalities are ideal for managing outsourced employees, ensuring compliance with local labor laws, and facilitating efficient global mobility operations. The software significantly reduces administrative burdens on global EOR and HR teams, enabling companies to focus more on strategic activities.

Who Should Use Agile Hero?

Agile Hero is primarily aimed at businesses of all sizes that engage in EOR, HR outsourcing, global mobility, and require cross-border payroll solutions. It is particularly beneficial for multinational companies looking to streamline their HR operations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) aiming to expand their footprint internationally without the overhead of local offices, and outsourcing firms seeking to efficiently manage their outsourced workforce.

Agile Hero Company Details

Agile Hero, a prestigious outsourcing company based in Singapore, was formed with a workforce ranging from 51 to 200 members. The company, known as Agile HRO, offers an extensive array of services including payroll, Employer of Record (EOR) services, HR consulting, and advisory expertise. Under the guidance of CEO Jamie Haerewa, Agile HRO has established an impressive reputation over the past three decades, demonstrating a deep dedication to delivering cutting-edge and dependable outsourcing services. The company’s fundamental principles revolve around honesty, teamwork, and flexibility, committing itself to enhancing businesses around the globe. Agile HRO operates with a mission to be the leading choice for organizations seeking versatile and all-encompassing HR outsourcing services, aiming to promote corporate achievement through superior quality and creativity.

Company Name: Agile HRO

CEO Name: Jamie Haerewa

Est Year: N/A

Employees: 51-200

HQ Location: Singapore, Central Region, Singapore

Jamie Haerewa
Co-Founder and CEO

Agile Hero Demo & Media

Agile Hero Top Features

Email Archiving

Agile Hero provides strong email preservation capabilities, guaranteeing that key messages are securely kept and readily accessible, essential for preserving a detailed product backlog.

Searchable Email Database

The platform offers an extremely effective searchable email repository, allowing individuals to easily find particular emails or details, thereby facilitating rapid decision-making and progress monitoring.

Email Tagging and Categorization

This functionality enables the categorization of emails according to project or subject, simplifying the process of organizing and prioritizing tasks in the product backlog.

Secure Email Storage

Agile Hero guarantees top-tier security for email storage, safeguarding critical data related to projects and clients, including agile HR information.

Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Standards

The service complies with legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring it is a trustworthy option for businesses seeking to uphold compliance in their email interactions.

Access Control and Permissions

Agile Hero provides flexible access management options, enabling supervisors to adjust permissions for various team members according to agile practices.

Audit Trail

The audit trail function offers clear documentation of all email communications, critical for monitoring adjustments and choices during the entire increment process.

Customizable Retention Policies

Users can establish customized email retention guidelines, guaranteeing that essential emails are preserved for as long as necessary for project and sprint reviews.

Integration with Applications

Agile Hero's capability to merge with different project management tools amplifies its usefulness in overseeing a thorough agile workflow.

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

This function guarantees that team members remain informed about essential email messages, aiding agile groups in preserving their pace and reactiveness throughout sprints.

Pros of Agile Hero

  • User-friendly interface
  • Global Mobility for Agile teams
  • Provides a wide selection of items
  • Automate specific chores, prompt users about their duties, and enhance overall efficiency
  • Smoothly incorporates a range of project management systems
  • Cons of Agile Hero

  • Limited Customization
  • Utilizing advanced functionalities involves a steep learning process
  • Inefficiency in saving sorting preferences within the system
  • Agile Hero Pricing

    Agile HRO presents adaptable pricing structures aimed at supporting your company’s swift growth into various international markets and territories. Our International Employer of Record (EOR) offerings are segmented into three levels: Starter at $599 per employee, Pro at $894 per employee, and Hero, which is available on-demand to meet different organizational demands. For Global Payroll solutions, we start at a base fee of $499 per employee, offering an economical approach to managing payroll across multiple countries. Our Global Mobility services are customized to meet specific demands, ensuring smooth facilitation of employee transfers. Furthermore, our HR consulting and Expansion Advisory services can be accessed as needed, providing specialized advice to cater to your unique challenges. With Agile HRO, you gain access to straightforward and adaptable pricing models, empowering you to effectively manage your international expansion while keeping costs and resources in check.
    Global EOR Starter
    15% discount if paid annually
  • Local compliant Employment Contract
  • Employee on-boarding & Management
  • General Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Monthly consolidated invoice per country
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Monthly Payroll Processing – One/ month
  • E-Payslips
  • Access to payroll system
  • Managed personal income declaration to local government bodies
  • Crypto Payroll Option
  • Global EOR Pro
    15% discount if paid annually
  • Local compliant Employment Contract
  • Employee on-boarding & Management
  • General Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Monthly consolidated invoice per country
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Expense processing
  • Timesheet Processing
  • Employee Care Program
  • Employee Rewards Program
  • Private Health insurance Arrangement (excludes cost)
  • Global EOR Hero
    Quote on Demand
    15% discount if paid annually
  • Local compliant Employment Contract
  • Employee on-boarding & Management
  • General Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Monthly Payroll Processing – One/ month
  • E-Payslips
  • Visa application
  • In-Country support
  • Advertise Client Services to Community
  • Expense processing
  • IT Assets Arrangement (excludes cost)
  • Global Payroll
    $499/minimum/5 employees
  • Monthly Payroll Processing – One/ month
  • Tax and Social Security Submissions to local authorities
  • E-Payslips
  • Access to payroll system
  • Time and attendance management
  • Managed personal income declaration to local government bodies
  • Expense processing (If required)
  • Timesheet Processing (optional)
  • Crypto Payroll Option (If required)
  • Payroll adhoc payment processing (Extra $39)
  • Global Mobility
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    HR Consulting & Expansion Advisory
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    What Kind of Support Agile Hero Offers?

    Agile Hero offers a strong support system for its customers, featuring aids such as manuals, online seminars, and a timely live messaging service. Additionally, they establish their visibility on professional platforms like LinkedIn, improving their reachability. Nonetheless, there are sometimes slight lags in response times during busy periods, and many users have mentioned a requirement for more detailed guides to effectively utilize the tool’s sophisticated functionalities.
    Email Support
    Social Media
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation
    Phone Support

    Agile Hero FAQs

    Agile Hero is a legitimate software solution with over 30 years of experience in EOR, HR outsourcing, global mobility, and cross-border payroll solutions, serving various industries with its reputable and trusted services.
    Agile Hero offers significant value in streamlining HR processes, enhancing global mobility, and managing cross-border payroll efficiently, making it a worthwhile investment for businesses seeking to optimize their HR operations.
    Agile Hero integrates seamlessly with numerous project management platforms, HR management systems, and accounting software, offering versatility and expanded functionality to meet diverse business needs.
    Yes, Agile Hero can connect with current project management platforms. Agile Hero is designed to integrate with leading project management tools, facilitating improved collaboration and project tracking.
    Agile Hero provides a robust Application Programming Interface (API) that enables businesses to customize integrations and automate workflows, enhancing operational efficiency and scalability.
    Agile Hero offers comprehensive instructional programs, including online tutorials, webinars, and customer support, to assist beginners in navigating and maximizing the software’s features and capabilities.
    Fields that involve extensive HR management, global workforce mobility, and cross-border payroll operations, such as multinational corporations, tech companies, and consulting firms, gain the most from implementing Agile Hero.
    Agile Hero incorporates advanced security measures and adheres to global compliance standards to protect sensitive information and ensure data security, offering peace of mind to businesses regarding their HR processes.
    Agile Hero supports multiple currencies and languages, facilitating seamless global operations by accommodating diverse workforces and simplifying cross-border transactions and communications. 
    Agile Hero offers high customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their specific HR processes, workflow requirements, and integration needs, thereby enhancing operational effectiveness. 

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