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10 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Last updated: August 30, 2016

Entrepreneurs do not descend from any mysteriously motivated or facilitated parts of the universe. They are people just like you and me but yes, there is a difference in how they think and live their lives.

They are highly motivated, highly adaptive and most importantly their focus and passion stem from an inherent obsession to fulfill a purpose that they themselves create. Unlike others, their will is made of iron and is dangerously free!

The devil is always in the details.

A minor activity that is done relentlessly and irrevocably, a productive habit that most would never commit to, perseverance the capability to survive in the harshest of waters… an entrepreneurial existence is not driven by comfort, it is driven by passion.

Here are 10 habits of highly successful entrepreneurs

1 They Never Bow Down to Fear

Entrepreneurs never shy away from entering dangerous waters. Success requires risk taking especially in Business. If you are scared to death on the thought of investing your savings in your idea, you will probably die retired from the same mundane job that you are in right now!

Fear is just another experience to entrepreneurs. I am not saying that they don’t feel it with each risky step. They overcome it by focusing on their confidence and trusting their idea. Fear is a distraction they can easily get away with!

Fear Quotation

2 Their Level of Self-Confidence is Infectious

Unless you don’t believe in your idea, there is no chance you can make it a success. Entrepreneurs don’t have a problem jumping in and letting it all go when it comes to developing their ideas.

Patience and resilience are some of the major attributes they possess. No matter how much time it takes, no matter how many attempts it takes, they will always find a way to take more attempts and not bow down unless they win!


3 They Adapt Instantly to Any Situation

Out there, amid cut-throat competition, only the fittest survive!

And the best way to survive is to adapt to any situation. Successful entrepreneurs have a knack of instantly adapting to new situations and challenges and working their way around them without any apparent hassles.

Market fluctuations don’t matter, unavailability of funds doesn’t matter, and stringent pitch sessions are easily handled.

These are the people who don’t blame circumstances but they use them. This goes for any business. If you want to be profitable consistently you have to keep adapting to new environments and make the best of it every time.

4 Nothing Comes Between Them and Their Passion

If you ever get a chance to talk to a motivated entrepreneur, the first attribute you will find is that they never talk in terms of money. They always talk ideas and possibilities.

That is what passion is all about. Your passion can be earning money and doing business too! But what they realize that the only way to satiate their passion is through work and not through salaries or compensation.

Their pursuit of passion burns indefinitely and is never dependent on the compensation they get!


5 They Keep Rewarding Themselves

That’s right! Who needs a certificate of appreciation when you are your own boss.

They always evaluate themselves by taking a break at important milestones. They understand that it is important to relax and reflect. This is their reward, the measure of their sweat equity. They savor every moment.

It is not difficult to do you know! They accomplish a deal, they get their favorite ice-cream… ten years down the line… they reach a billion dollar evaluation, they buy a penthouse!

6 They Always Attract Great Teams

The first step towards being a really successful entrepreneur is realizing your limitations.

Successful entrepreneurs never do everything alone. They are leadership material and easily sway like-minded and motivated individuals to their side.

They are also ever sure to weed out the losers in their life. These are the people who are demotivating them, bring them down or don’t appreciate their ideas.

Successful entrepreneurs will work with amicable team members, exceptional mentors and will connect with passionate people instantly.

7 They Are Always The Pillars of Responsibility

When was the last time you blamed somebody? Think thoroughly!

Entrepreneurs don’t have time to play the blame game. They are concerned about the next level. They know what they do is theirs to uphold.

You will never find them complaining. If they make a mistake then they will own it up! Making is a mistake is not something to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it is the only scientific way to learn!

8 They Always Welcome New Ideas

Realizing the dynamic nature of knowledge is one the first steps to becoming truly educated.

Successful entrepreneurs understand the ever-changing nature of science and technology and they welcome new ideas with the utmost zeal. There are always other people with great knowledge and skills and any real entrepreneur will jump at a chance to collaborate with them and do something stellar… cause that’s what it is all about.

9 They Welcome Criticism

Entrepreneurs are people on a different plane of existence. They have aims, goals, and visions. What they don’t have is anger, impatience, ego and jealousy.

They are in their own world of comfort. Their intellect is such that they welcome critics but instead of getting provoked they appreciate the free evaluation, learn from it and just execute better. They know that listening to others is completely under their own control.

They just take the good stuff in and leave everything else out.


10 They Remain Positive… No Matter How Hard It Gets

When you are clear about your purpose, passion, and goals, circumstances will not matter. Mario Puzo was broke while writing the godfather, but he was so positive that he used to tell his children that he was writing a masterpiece.

He believed in his work, he trusted himself and made relentless efforts, being ever patient. We all know the cult of Godfather has millions of die-hard fans today

Staying positive is not an option but a choice. That is what keeps an entrepreneur going through all sorts of downtimes.

The road to success is not an easy one. What looks like an overnight success actually is a long process backed by effort, passion, belief, and dreams. It is supported by failure and retrial and amid all this, successful entrepreneurs strive hard with the utmost will and these small but universal traits of successful people!

Stay Positive

10 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs
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