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Imagine how it would have been if life would be like one of those fairytales.

Except for those old-fangled elements which would now be replaced with modern tech, perfected with the touch of the 21st-century advancement. So you surely get to use your iPhone, the iPad, the internet and everything else that you just can’t miss in life.

The only difference in this fairytale life is that you have magic and miracles to wreck havoc, miseries, and nightmare that come your way. So ya, this life is going to bless you with surprises and merriment in every step. All you have to do is to wait for your next surprise.

The surprise can be anything. It can be a trip to your favorite destination, or a sudden visit to a designer boutique, a chance to dine with your favorite celebrity. It could even be something more personal and romantic. Like getting to spend some quality time with your partner with your favorite songs in the background and a table full of mouthwatering delicacies. It could be just anything to make you feel good.

Sounds like a dream, right? Life would be so exciting that way. No one would ever be sad or dejected. This world would be such a happy place to live in.

But the sad thing is that fairy tales does not exist. Our lives are too real, and our realities are very different from what we want our lives to be. The world in which we live is full of challenges that lay like stumbling blocks in your path of life.

So to survive here, you have to give up the fantasies and realize that fantasies can’t become a reality. However, some parts of the fairy tales are too real and true. There might not be a Red Riding Hood, but there is a Big Bad Wolf. And that’s where reality hits you hard.

Everybody has ups and downs in life. But in these, lies the charm of living. The hope and the attempt to combat tough times is what keeps us moving ahead. Our lives are incomplete without those moments of rejection, the feelings of loss, defeat, despair and misery.

Robert H Schuller once said: “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” So do not be let down by these troubles.  Be strong and see what you can do to fix it.

In this article, I will tell you about 10 Best Ways to Deal with Tough Situations. The last one is the most powerful. But do not skip the rest. Because they are equally effective to pass the phase when life is on the skids. So keep reading.

How to Stay Positive

01. Identify the cause

Identifying the cause of your problem is the first big step that can help you get through the situation. Unless you know what is the reason behind your problem you will not be able to find a solution. And in that way, you will only prolong your times of adversity. So make sure you know the cause.

02. Know what you want

Be honest with yourself. Try to figure out what You want. Stop thinking about what others will think or say about you. This will only complicate things further. Introspect the reason for your mess and see what your heart wants. The best way to find a solution in such situations always follows knowing what you want best.

03. Accept and Look for solutions

Once you know what you want, try looking for a workable solution to get out of the situation. In doing so, never hesitate to accept your mistakes. Accepting mistakes and taking responsibilities will help you step closer to dealing with it. Now list down the possible ways to fight the problem. Take your time and evaluate them. Compare your various possible solutions to your problem and see which can work best for your challenge.

04. Have a positive support group

Friends or a closed group of associates who can assure you that they have got your back can be very uplifting in your hard times. It is not necessary that your support is one of your friends. Instead, this could be anyone:  your parents, your siblings or anyone with whom you can share your problems.

Make sure you have at least one such person in your life who can make you feel positive about any tough situation that you might be facing. This will not only make you feel better but will also encourage you to stay strong.

05. Don’t play the victim

Playing the victim is the most dangerous thing you can do in such times. If you are doing it, Stop it right away. People do this only when they are weak and try to find excuses for failing to reach his/her goal.

But how do you do this can be a question.  Robert Firestone, psychologist, and author of Combating Destructive Thought Processes writes: “To move out of the victimized posture, it is important to identify critical inner voices that focus on injustices, such as “It’s not fair.

This shouldn’t be happening to you. What did you ever do to deserve such treatment?” These destructive thoughts encourage passivity and helplessness while discouraging actions that could change an unhappy or untenable situation.”

In simple words, change your negative outlook to a positive one. Find a constructive way of dealing with your anger, learn to take responsibility, stop holding onto grudges, learn to trust people and yes learn to be assertive.

06. Do not define yourself by your environment

This is a major cause of depression in many individuals. You let people define who you are.

Melissa Kirk author of Depression 101 write : “We all categorize the people in our lives to a certain degree, but it’s when we need to define someone (or ourselves), to put them into a category such as “crazy,” “slut,” “jerk,” “flake,” or even “housewife,” “businessman,” or “straight A student”, and refuse to acknowledge or even see the times when they don’t conform to that definition, that it becomes a problem.

When we define others or let others define us, we tend to believe that our lives are limited to just that one definition. This blocks our vision of looking at our lives from another perspective. Therefore it is important for you to stop judging people and stop being judges.

Of course, you can not stop people from judging you. But at least you can stop caring about what they say about you.

You should know that your environment does not define who you are. So learn to take ownership of your life and situations.

07. Relax and Have a Positive Attitude

Adversities can never bring happiness. It is obvious that you will be depressed and disheartened in such situations. But remember one thing. Never lose hope. Do not freak out by thinking negatively. Hold on to the belief that it is just a passing phase of your life’s journey which is otherwise very beautiful. And like always trying time will surely pass.

Just relax and have a positive outlook. Life is a mix of the good and the bad. The taste of good will not be as sweet if the bad does not taste bitter. Have patience and stay strong.

08. Exercise your mind and body

I know it’s difficult to even get out of your bed when life shocks you with its harsh realities. All you want to do is lay down and just do nothing at all. But this will only do you harm.

So get on to your feet and try to exercise your mind and your body. This will not only help you feel better but also improve your mood and help you sleep better.

You can also try playing your favorite song. “Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens,”  said Maria Augusta von Trapp. Music can do wonders. It is extremely powerful and can be a very effective stress management tool.

09. Take a day off from Social Media

Though social media is the most popular socializing tool, there is no denial how distracting it can be. It not only kills time but can also lead to more depression by letting you compare your life to that of others.

But when you do so, you need to know one thing very clearly. What you see on social media does not necessarily need to be the true picture.

Research shows that over 73% of the people make their life seem more exciting on social media than what it is. They are driven by the obsession to portray their life as the perfectly happy one.

So, when you see a happy face whose life is the most perfect and exciting one with all the holidays, perfect job, crazy colleagues, amazing friends and so on, do not forget to question their happy status in your mind. Most of it might just be fake.

So there is no need to feel depressed. The best thing to do instead is to keep yourself away from social media. Try doing this for a day and feel the difference.

10. Remember ‘The Secret’

Well, this might sound like a stupid thing to you. But trust me it works. It’s called the Law of Attraction. If you have ever heard of the book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne,  then you will surely know what I am talking about. This book talks about the most life changing insight.

Salony Satpathy writes:The essence of the book is the power of our minds, which if identified and unleashed properly, can create waves of positive changes in our life. It deals with tuning our thought process which has the capability of making things happen..”

In the book, The Secret Rhonda Byrne talks about the secret that can change your life forever. She says that everything that happens to us is directly or indirectly related to our thoughts. Our thoughts are so powerful and magnetic that each of them can attract what we want.

So you can use this to mold your life in a positive way. Try using this secret to get what you want. And when applying the secret the one thing that needs to be considered is that you have to stay positive no matter what.

So many famous people believe in the secret. Will Smith, Jay-Z, Kanye West are a few of them. There are many others. Here is a link to what Oprah Winfrey has to say about it.

Over To You

I hope you never have to face any adversities in life. But since the path of life can never always be even, you may sometimes come across situations that might break you down. I have faced such times too. And the steps I have discussed in this article have helped me stand up each time.

If you too have a tip that can help our readers do let us know through your comments. If you are reading this article to find ways to deal with your trouble, then let us know if my steps worked with you too.

Until then stay positive and keep smiling. Life is beautiful, and you have a thousand reasons to smile and be happy.

10 Most Effective Ways To Stay Positive When Life Is On The Skids
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