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How to Choose a Copywriter to Represent your Business?

Last updated: January 11, 2017

The sales piece copy is the heart and soul of a direct mail campaign. Unfortunately, it is difficult to write interesting and persuasive copy and the task is often not appreciated by the people who pay for it.

The main reason behind this attitude is that most marketers think that anyone can write sales copy. However, good writing requires a lot of skill and excellent writing always appears effortless.

Great copywriting compels the readers to focus on the message and then cleverly appeals to their emotions. This appeal to the emotions is deftly disguised as a presentation of facts. The end is with a choice point and a call to action encouraging the readers to make a commitment to buy.

The copywriter you choose must select words and images that represent your company, the excellence of your product or service and your values. A good copywriter will establish a creative relationship with you with a common goal and this is why it is necessary to select a good copywriter.

Let us look at some of the qualities that you should look for in a copywriter:

They should be well versed in your industry.

Some copywriters are specialists and spend their entire career writing pieces directed towards a specific area or subject. It is important for such a specialist to know the language of a field and use it effectively.

If you hire someone who does not specialize in your field, you will have less success with him or her.

Of course, there are the versatile writers who can adapt to different audiences, but it is necessary to check if they can be effective and for this you should ask them for a sample of their work.

They should easily adopt your voice.

Every content piece meant for sales, has a voice of its own. A content piece can be professional, caring, informative or alarming and it often seems like it has a specific personality.

If a business owner is good at writing, he or she should try writing their own sales pieces and they are sure to take off and make them a fortune. However, it is usually not possible for a business owner to take such time out of the core activities due to which they need to hire a copywriter.

This copywriter should be able to catch the voice of the original piece that the business owner has written and write pieces that appear to have been written by the same person.

You can also give the copywriter samples of pieces that you particularly like. If you are a known personality or your company has a brand image of its own, then you can simply talk to the writer to give him or her a feel of what the sentence structure, vocabulary and images should be like.

A good copywriter will listen and ask the right questions.

Avoid a copywriter if he or she has an attitude that you know nothing and they are the experts. A good copywriter should be able to adapt to the client’s requirements. You are the person most knowledgeable about your product and your target audience and the copywriter should understand that.

A good copywriter will want to learn your perspective and then work to please you. One way to judge this attitude is to notice whether he or she asks you pertinent questions. A good writer will not need you to tell him or her, what they need to do.

Instead they will get the direction simply by asking you who your audience is, is it a magalog or a postcard, what should the feel of the piece be like, what are you offering, do you want the piece to be more technical or informal and more. In short he or she will try to give you exactly what you want.

At the same time, the copywriter is an expert in his or her field, so be willing to listen to them as well.

They are accommodating to your business and marketing needs.

Unfortunately, most of the times, direct mail campaigns always experience stringent deadlines and last minute scramble. Hence it is important to choose a writer who can meet deadlines and is reliable.

Just like any other professional that you associate with, your copywriter should understand the practical requirements of your business and deliver a great product on time.

At the same time, a good copywriter will be willing to make changes because a first draft may require revisions. But here again you need to be reasonable and give the writer his or her due.

How do you find a copywriter with all these qualities?

The best place to start is among your friends and associates as recommendations are the best way to find professionals for your work. Usually the companies that design and run marketing campaigns are associated with good copywriters and they are a good place to start.

You can also look for copywriters online as there are many sites which bring together people who are offering work and those who are looking for such professionals. However, here you need to conduct a thorough research by reading the reviews and testimonials regarding the writer’s work.

When looking online for writers make sure to interview several candidates, ask them about their experience and get samples of their work. You should also be willing to pay what the job is worth. This is especially true because the price of excellent copy may seem exorbitant to some.


All in all, if you want to promote your business through great sales pieces then you need to depend on a professional copywriter. As per your specific requirements you may have to look for some other qualities in a copywriter, but usually if you adhere to the above mentioned guidelines, you are assured of effective and successful sales pieces.

Always remember that choosing a good copywriter, like choosing any other professional requires patience and effort. It may take you some time to find the best copywriter for your purpose, hence you should start looking for one much before you start your campaign.

How to Choose a Copywriter to Represent your Business?
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