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How to Build Hype Even Before Your Startup Launches

Last updated: December 30, 2016

As an entrepreneur, you are always high on risk. Believing in your product and passionately pursuing your ideas are well and good, but you can’t deny the nervousness that creeps up every time you imagine the future!

The thing is, in current money-market economics you have to build anticipation for your product. You have link people to your idea even before it comes to life. If you step in with your entire business arsenal into a territory that doesn’t have a clue about you, then you will fall flat.

As a risk taker, you must be aware of the fact that 75% startups fail within the first three years of operations. That is why it is necessary to assess market risk, create market hype and then go for the launch.

Prior Planning prevents poor performance 

In the digital age, everything happens at a rapid speed. Therefore, if you go in unprepared, you will most likely be sitting on the sidelines for a long time. You need to build excitement right up to the day you launch.

Here are seven ways to build hype even before your startup launches

01. Start explaining people about your product: How will it help them?

Why is your product so unique? How can it change someone’s life for the better? What is the core vision behind your business?

You should start relaying these ideas out through social media and content marketing and start connecting with interested audiences.

You should make it clear to the people that your product is disruptive. It will bring a change that will simplify how things are done. By doing this, you will start creating a buzz about your startup. Evaluate the mindset of your target market and log those reactions that engaging audiences give.

This way you can develop an actual post-launch plan.

02. Evaluate the interests of your target market

It is needless to say that knowing your target audience and basing your campaigns on their interests is the only way to ensure consistent business growth.

Are the majority of your potential buyers hanging out on Facebook or Instagram? Do they use smartphones more or are online mostly through their systems?

Answering questions like these helps you create a brand personality that resonates with the interests of potential buyers.

You start speaking stuff that they want to listen to!

A clear-cut way to do this is thinking of your brand as a unique person. Now define its attributes and estimate what kind of people will be attracted to it. Certain specific features will pop-up. These represent your target audience.

Having a firm understanding of the target market’s interests and positioning your brand accordingly will get consumers on the board early on to create a strong foundation.

03. Associate with the right influencers in your niche

Driving critical engagement is a significant factor in creating hype. Influencer marketing helps overthrow this obstacle.

You have to reach out to the authoritative leaders and opinion makers in your niche. These may be bloggers, digital marketers, journalists and similar enthusiasts in your niche.

These influencers have the capability to drive traffic to your brand. They can sway public perception on matters that they specialize in. These are people who have substantial followings over social media.

If you get them on board at an early stage, then your chances of creating hype increase manifold.

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04. Create a stunning web asset

A stunning website for your product/service should be ready way before your product launches. You should have a central standpoint on the Internet where users can go and know about your brand.

You can create a pre-launch web page with all relevant information, signup forms to collect emails and a blog where all your posts can be lined up. Not only will this help gauge consumer interest early on, but it will also take the pre-launch hype and generate it into customer leads.

When creating such a web asset, keep some thins in mind like:

  • The page should be fast, responsive and user-friendly
  • Collect only relevant information. Wanting too much can irritate the visitor
  • Create clear call to actions
  • Create instant sharing options and make them visible. 

05. Incentivize with giveaways and competitions

You can see various top brands fighting to deliver the best pre-launch offers now and then. Flipkart’s Big Billion Dollar Days, Snapdeal Unbox Offer and PayTM cash-backs are all examples of incentive schemes.

Not only do they drive engagement but create a permanent brand recall for your brand. They provide the necessary motivation to sign up early. It is a very cost effective way to build business rapport.

Keep the goals of your contests well defined. They may aim at raising awareness or at generating leads. Regardless of the ultimate goal, the strategy needs to be clear from the start to be effective.

In the end, your giveaways should have value for the end user. The prize should appeal to the entire demographic. This will drive increased traffic to your website and get you the much-needed hype.

06. Always be duly diligent

Businesses today cannot survive without being data driven. You have to know which of your experiments fail and which ones succeed.

Even before the launch, you should analyze key metrics like engagement, direct reactions, sign-ups, and conversion rates among others.

Some steps that you can follow for effective tracking and analysis include:

  • Placing analytics codes on every web page
  • Correlate goals with corresponding metrics
  • Use tools like BuzzSumo, CrowdFire and Facebook Insights

Once you have all the data, analyze what is working and what can be optimized. You will keep polishing the rough edges and be extremely ready before you launch.

07. Everybody likes a little suspense

Don’t reveal all the stellar features in your product before the launch. Keep some stellar features to announce post-launch.

Remember the days when we still had 2-sided audiocassettes. Before launching their music cassettes, various top channels like MTV and Channel V would promote some songs, and these were the ones on the A-side of the tape.

However, they didn’t promote all songs. Thus, when the audience got something newer after days of listening to his already favorite song, he/she was pleasantly delighted.

I think you know where I am going with this… 

Think of it this way: Building hype is not telling what a product will do but disclosing what it might! 

Divulging too much information can kill the interest, and all the hype you created will be lost.

However, small hints should keep popping-up. Doing this creates regular engagement establishes brand recall and connects your business to the customer in a more intimate way. 

For instance, notice how DC and Marvel interconnect their Movies and TV series with hints, post-credit scenes, mid-credit scenes and Easter eggs to create speculation and excitement about their forthcoming projects.

To conclude, building anticipation for your business is something that you cannot ignore in modern times. There are too much competition and the way you market yourself and place your brand amongst customers is what will decide your future growth. Stay on your feet and keep hustling!

How to Build Hype Even Before Your Startup Launches
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