Best Black Friday Deals On Digital Marketing And SEO Tools

Black Friday Digital Marketing Tools

Black Friday is coming this month, and it’s the best time to save money in buying important digital marketing and SEO tools for your business. 

If you are just getting in the mood of shopping, don’t forget to grab 20-50% or even 90% discounts on the top tools to upgrade your team performance.

Here are the best Black Friday deals on digital marketing and SEO tools that are worth checking out:

01. accessiBe


accessiBe is a fully-automated web accessibility platform that helps you in optimizing your website for various accessibility options such as keyboard controls, image alt tags, icons, buttons, font, text, and colors. The tool is trusted by big brands like Avon, Hilton, and BMW.

Top Features of accessiBe

accessiBe helps you make your website accessible by providing improvements on button functionalities, structural elements, and object hierarchies. 

Here are the top features offered by accessiBe:

  • You can quickly install accessiBe in just 5-minutes with a single line of code.
  • accessiBe also scans your website after every 24-hours to help you make the newly added pages WCAG compatible.
  • Using AI and machine learning, accessiBe manages all the complex requirements like keyboard navigations and screen-reading.
  • For people with cognitive disabilities, accessiBe offers a live online dictionary to help them understand the wordings.
  • To prevent epileptic seizures, accessiBe enables you to disable all the animations.

accessiBe Regular Pricing

accessiBe offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Standard: $490 per month (for 1k unique pages)
  • Large: $1,490 per month (for 10k unique pages)
  • Huge: $1,990 per month (for 100k unique pages)
  • Jumbo: $3,490 per month (for 1M unique pages)

accessiBe also offers a 7-day trial period without the need of any credit card.

accessiBe Pricing For Black Friday 

On Black Friday, accessiBe is offering a 30% discount on all of their pricing plans as discussed above.

02. Dialogue


Dialogue is a leading eCommerce personalization and conversion platform which helps you convert your visitors into customers. By analyzing shoppers’ patterns, Dialogue recommends relevant products in every step of the shopper’s journey.

Top Features of Dialogue

  • With auto-generated content, Dialogue tries to engage your customers to purchase the product from your site.
  • To increase the conversion rate, Dialogue offers beautiful and personalized SmartBanners.
  • You can also send relevant product recommendations on product, home, and catalogue pages on your site.
  • The “Persuader” feature of Dialogue displays auto-generated emotional messages on product and cart pages to convert customers.

Dialogue Pricing For Black Friday 

On Black Friday, Dialogue is offering a 25% discount on their pricing plans via this link.

03. WiseStamp


With over 100 pre-designed and ready-to-use email signature templates, you can create professional email signatures in just 5 minutes by using WiseStamp. It is the best email signature generator that is trusted by over 1 million professionals worldwide.

Top Features of WiseStamp

  • To increase the open email rate, WiseStamp enables you to add images, hyperlinks, and social media to your email signature.
  • With G Suite and Office 365 integrations, you can manage your email signature with ease.
  • WiseStamp provides various social media icons and buttons to include in your signature.
  • With a library of hundreds of images, it is easy for you to create email signatures.

WiseStamp Regular Pricing

WiseStamp comes with a single pricing plan that costs you $5.80 per month.

WiseStamp Pricing For Black Friday

On Black Friday, WiseStamp is offering a 50% discount on their pricing plans.

04. Calendar


Calendar is an online platform where you can schedule your online work meetings and can share with friends and team members. With an excellent and easy to use user interface, Calendar is a beginner-friendly platform. After using it, I can say that Calendar is the best alternative to Google Calendar.

Top Features

  • To help users work from anywhere in the world, Calendar comes with android and iOS devices.
  • To remove conflict, Calendar lets you schedule meetings at different timings.
  • The “Find a Time” feature of Calendar enables you to schedule meetings with other people with ease by checking the user’s availability in seconds.
  • With in-depth analytics, you can check how your work is going like total meetings, office hours and other.

Calendar Regular Pricing

WiseStamp comes with two different pricing plans for individuals and teams. Check below:

  • Pro: $8 per month (unlimited meetings)
  • Teams: $6 per month (with up to 200 members)

Calendar Pricing For Black Friday

Calendar is offering a 50% discount on its pricing plans.

05. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a popular and powerful SEO keywords research tool that helps you in doing effective keyword research for your website. Apart from researching keywords, you can also do competitors check, niche research and check keywords rankings. It is a special tool to find long-tail keywords for the website.

Top Features

  • By using Long Tail Pro, you can spy on your competitor’s keywords with ease.
  • With Long Tail Pro’s built-in rank tracker, you get daily updated rank tracking for your keywords.
  • Within a second, Long Tail Pro displays up to 400 new keyword variations for the seed keyword.
  • To make your work easy, Long Tail Pro enables you to do a batch analysis of up to 200 keywords at once.
  • With advanced filters like avg. CPC, search volume, KD, rank value and other, you can find good keywords for your website.

Long Tail Pro Regular Pricing

Long Tail Pro offers three pricing plans as follows:

  • Starter: $37 per month (with 800 keyword lookup each day)
  • Pro: $67 (with 2,500 keyword lookup each day)
  • Agency: $147 (with 6,000 keyword lookup each day)

Long Tail Pro Pricing For Black Friday

On the occasion of Black Friday, Long Tail Pro is offering a 50% discount on their pricing plans.

06. Mangools


Mangools is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides services like keyword research, rank checking, SERP analyzer, and backlink analyzer. Mangools also offers a popular keyword research tool called KWFinder. Because of its great UI and ease of use, marketers love this tool to optimize their websites.

Top Features

  • You can do good research keywords with a database of over 2.5 billion keywords and 52k locations worldwide.
  • To check SERP of any keyword, Mangools offers the “SERPChecker” tool using which you can check SERP of keywords for more than 50k locations worldwide.
  • The rank tracking tool of Mangools offers rank checking on a daily basis for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • You can also find good link building opportunities by using Mangools “LinkMiner” tool, which lets you check websites backlinks with a database of 9.5 trillion backlinks.

Mangools Regular Pricing

Mangools offers three various plans:

  • Basic: $49 per month
  • Premium: $69 per month
  • Agency: $129 per month

Mangools Pricing For Black Friday

On the occasion of Black Friday, Mangools is offering a 25% discount on their pricing plans.

07. SEO Powersuit

SEO Powersuit

SEO Powersuit is a well-known SEO tool in the marketing industry. It helps you optimize your website for better search engine rankings. SEO Powersuit comes with 4 unique and useful SEO tools that are website auditor, SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracking, and Link Assistant. All of these tools are best in terms of providing good results.

Top Features

  • To find easy to rank keywords, SEO Powersuit provides keyword ideas from 20 different sources including autocomplete, Google trends, word mixer and others.
  • To beat the competitors, SEO Powersuit comes with a spy tool by using which you can spy on your competitor’s website for keywords, backlinks, etc.
  • With over 7.1 billion daily crawled pages, you can find hundreds and even thousands of link building opportunities for your website.
  • With SEO Powersuit’s geo-specific rank tracking, you are able to track keywords ranking in any location in the world.

SEO Powersuit Regular Pricing

SEO Powersuit comes with two pricing plans:

  • Professional: $299 per year (with unlimited data)
  • Enterprise: $699 per year (with data export and SEO reports)

SEO Powersuit Discounted Pricing For Black Friday

On the occasion of Black Friday, SEO Powersuit is offering a 70% discount on their pricing plans.


So, these are the Black Friday discounts on digital marketing and SEO tools. If you are thinking of buying new tools for your business, then this is the best time to subscribe to the tools.

All of the above deals and discounts are for a limited time and that is why I recommend you to subscribe to the premium version of the top digital marketing tools on the occasion of Black Friday. Happy shopping! 

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