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AppSumo Deals Offer Details

Are you looking for the Best AppSumo deals? We have listed the top active deals on the AppSumo platform to help you get the best software at the maximum discount.

AppSumo has been one of the best places for online entrepreneurs to find the top tools & software for a discounted price.

So, no matter whether you are a small business owner or a blogger, you will surely find tools that can help you to grow your business quickly.

Before you buy any software for your business, you must have a look at this list of active software deals to save a lot of your money.

Let’s have a look at the active AppSumo deals.

AppSumo Deals Discount Offers

Wave.video Logo


Active: Lifetime Deal
Wave.video is a complete app-in-one platform for video producers. You can use this platform to record, edit, livestream videos as well as host any number of videos. It comes with a video thumbnail generator, video player, and all other important features that are required to make you a pro video creator.
  • Lifetime access to Wave.video and Animatron
  • Unlimited pre-recorded videos
  • Unlimited uploaded media
  • Video streaming option
  • 4 hours streaming pre-recorded video
Original Price: $228
Offer Price: $99
SuiteDash Logo


Active: Lifetime Deal
SuiteDash is a single platform for collaborating with your team, CRM solution, client communication, and all other internal business management. It replaces a number of regular tools with this single platform. Client portals, file sharing and management, invoicing, forms, appointment scheduling, and more.
  • Lifetime access to SuiteDash
  • All future Pinnacle Plan updates
  • Manage unlimited contacts
  • Email marketing toolkit
  • Booking and scheduling toolkit
  • LMS learning management
  • And more
Original Price: $1,188
Offer Price: $129


Active: Lifetime Deal
Circleboom is a popular and one of the most comprehensive social media management software that you can use to schedule your posts and manage multiple social accounts. The software works with all the leading social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • Lifetime access to Circleboom Publish
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • Multiple plans to select from
  • Schedule posts to all social platforms
  • User-friendly interface
Original Price: $228
Offer Price: $39
NeuronWriter Logo


Active: Lifetime Deal

NeuronWriter is a comprehensive AI content writer and optimizer. The software will analyze all the top-ranking pages for your topic and recommend the best practices and edits for your content to make sure that it ranks better.

It comes with an AI content optimizer, AI content writer, SERP analyzer, Content planner, and more. It is a one-stop solution for your content requirement.

  • Competitor SERP analysis
  • AI content writer
  • NLP content optimization
  • 15,000 AI credits (per month)
Original Price: $750
Offer Price: $69
Ocoya Logo


Active: Lifetime Deal
Ocoya is a very handy social media content software that you can use to create and auto-generate content for your social accounts. It comes with a user-friendly post-scheduling option to help you manage your content flow smoothly. The software comes with over 10,000 images and video templates to help you create engaging content.
  • Comprehensive social content management
  • Copy translations (26 languages)
  • 10,000+ Image and video templates
  • Social post auto creation and scheduling
Original Price: $600
Offer Price: $69
Soundwise Logo


Active: Lifetime Deal

If you ever wanted to start your own podcast or create audiobooks, or courses but didn’t take action, here is your chance.

Soundwise is a platform that you can use to start a podcast and set up a paid version of it.

Also, with the increase in mobile content consumption, audio courses are becoming very popular. So, take advantage of this opportunity and lifetime access to this platform for a very limited amount.

  • Lifetime access to Soundwise Essentials Plan
  • You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Essentials Plan updates
Original Price: $290
Offer Price: $59


Active: Lifetime Deal

LongTailPro is a very popular software for keyword research and finding profitable long-tail keywords that you can target through your content.

Not only keyword research, but the tool also comes with a comprehensive backlink analysis tool, SERP analysis tool, and complete SEO audit tool.

  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Backlink analysis
  • 60 Day money-back guarantee
Original Price: $1097
Offer Price: $69
Stackable Plugin Logo

Stackable Plugin

Active: Lifetime Deal

Stackable is a very handy WordPress block builder plugin that you can use to add a number of different functionalities into your pages. We have been using this plugin for a long time on Begindot and it has been a very useful addition to our site.

Other than different blocks, it comes with amazing templates and design elements and works like a website builder.

  • Lifetime access to Stackable
  • 400+ ready-made designs & UI Kits
  • 39 flexible custom Gutenberg Blocks
Original Price: $330
Offer Price: $59


Active: Lifetime Deal

SendFox is an email marketing service from the Sumo family. With this tool, you can out your email marketing process on complete automation.

The tool is simple and easy to use. You can host your email list with proper segmentation. You have the option to send emails from different domains, so you don’t need multiple accounts for your businesses.

You can keep your email list for different domains separated from each other and use them as per your needs.

The main advantage of SendFox is the automation process. You can schedule an unlimited number of emails at different times.

The tool can also auto-pull content from your site through RSS feed and send email updates to your subscribers.

  • Affordable lifetime deal
  • Easy to use a simple interface
  • Complete automation possible
  • Schedule unlimited emails
  • Host different list for different domains
Original Price: $480
Offer Price: $49
Metricool Logo


Active : 1 year deal

You can’t think of managing a business without social media these days. However, it is a time-consuming process if you don’t have the right kind of social media management tools.

Metricool is a platform that makes it easier for bloggers and businesses to manage social media content from one single platform.

However, it is more than just a social media management tool. You can bring in social media, website and online advertising platforms such as Google das at platform making it easier for the business to manage them.

You can also use the Metricool platform to analyze your competitors.

Use Metricool to schedule your social media content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Manage your Facebook and Google Ad campaigns and increase the effectiveness and ROI of your ads.

  • Get Lifetime access to Metricool
  • Unlimited campaigns, users, history
  • Complete ad management
  • Unlimited social media scheduling
Original Price: $144
Offer Price: $129
Steve.AI logo


Active : 1 year deal

Steve.AI is a video creation tool. You can create engaging videos in just a few minutes with this AI-powered software.

It can convert your blog text to engaging videos and it can choose relevant media and animations for your videos helping you save a lot of your time.

  • Limited-time lifetime offer
  • All current and future video templates
  • 20 voiceover accents in English
  • Exclusive media marketplace
  • Text to video
Original Price: $708
Offer Price: $59

Hippo Video

Active: Lifetime Deal

Hippo Video is an AI-powered video-creating platform that you can use to create videos for different purposes. It comes with ready workflows and all the necessary features to save a lot of your time while creating videos.

You can use this software to create hyper-personalized videos to send to your prospects for better conversion.

  • Lifetime access to Hippo Video
  • All future Sales Pro Plan updates
  • 60 Day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited full HD recordings
Original Price: $1164
Offer Price: $59
Screpy Logo


Active: Lifetime Deal

Screpy is an AI-based SEO analytics software that you can use to monitor all your website data in a single platform. It comes with a simple interface making it easier for the team member to get all updates.

It offers a keyword tracker so that you can track all your important keywords and get actionable suggestions.

  • Lifetime access to Screpy Pro Plan
  • 60 Day money-back guarantee
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • Google Rank Checker 
  • Technical SEO Audit & Monitoring
  • Pagespeed Analysis & Monitoring
Original Price: $204
Offer Price: $49

AppSumo Deals Discount Offer Details.

If you are looking for the best AppSumo deals, we have listed the top lifetime deals that are currently available on the AppSumo platform. You can get some of the top software for the maximum discount on this platform.

A quick view of all the available active deals on AppSumo.

Sr NoProduct nameOriginal PriceOffer PriceDeal Link
1Wave.video$228$99Get Deal
2SuiteDash$1,188$129Get Deal
3Circleboom$228$39Get Deal
4NeuronWriter$750$69Get Deal
5Ocoya$600$69Get Deal
6Soundwise$290$59Get Deal
7LongTailPro$1097$69Get Deal
8Stackable Plugin$330$59Get Deal
9SendFox$480$49Get Deal
10Metricool$144$129Get Deal
11Steve.AI$708$59Get Deal
12Hippo Video$1164$59Get Deal
13Screpy$204$49Get Deal

FAQs About AppSumo Deals Discount

AppSumo is a daily deal website for marketing products. If you managing any website, online business, blog or any other related business where you need digital marketing products, AppSumo is a place to look for discounts.
The discount rate is different for different products. You can get discounts up to 95% for certain products. So, make sure to check AppSumo if any deal is available before you make a purchase.
When you make a purchase of a product on AppSumo with a lifetime deal offer, you get access to the product forever. You don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly recurring payment.
AppSumo Plus is the premium membership program of the AppSumo platform that offers a 10% discount on deal purchases and several exclusive surprise offers.

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