30 Best Free Blogger Templates for Education Sites

Education Blogger Templates

A collection of best free blogger templates for education sites. If you are using Blogger CMS, this collection of free templates will be very helpful.

Education is a diversified field, and there are plenty of educational disciplines out there. In the education sector, a huge number of people connect with each other and share their knowledge.

Some even start up their blogs with education as the niche and provide their opinions about the opportunities and knowledge involved in their respective fields.

From educational institutes such as schools, colleges, universities to individual bloggers; everyone needs to have a website to share relevant information and interact with their audience.

Owing to the increasing need for a professionally designed education website, many different website templates are being offered to people who want to build a website that connects with their visitors.

Plenty of blogger templates are available online that can be downloaded for free with a set of already designed web pages that can give a professional look to your educational website.

These blogger templates are perfect for institutions, schools, colleges, kindergartens, training centers, learning centers, organizations and everything else that is linked to education in one way or another.

Along with being easy to set up and easy to use, these blogger templates do not require you to have any prior technical knowledge.

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All you need to do is carefully choose the one that suits your institution’s website and make the most of its endless features.

Still wondering how? Read on to find out a list of best free blogger templates for education sites:

Top Free Education Blogger Templates

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The Learner is a free blogger template meant especially for education blogs and websites. The design of this template has been adapted from WordPress and includes two columns, right sidebars, footer columns, and many other useful features.

The template is ad ready and also offers social bookmarking icons, post thumbnails, drop down menu and several vectorial elements. Incorporating all these elements makes a website look professional, and ‘Learner’ gives it all for free.

Learner Free Blogger Template


EducationSite is a blogger template best suited for education bloggers. The template has three columns, left as well as right sidebars, slideshow option, social bookmarking icons and many other useful features that offer a delightful experience for your audience.

EducationSite provides an overall professional look to your website. And what’s more? You get all these amazing features for free!


Educator blogger template comes with a highly stylish yet sober layout that goes pretty well with education blogs or sites. It is a perfect template for schools, colleges or institutions that want to have a stylish yet professional look and feel to their institution’s website.

A distinguishing feature of this website is that it can be easily converted into a magazine blog. Quite good!

Educator Free Blogger Template


As the name suggests, eLearn is an educational blogger template with modern design. It is a fully responsive blogger template to make your site look good an all devices.

The template come with a great looking Carousel Image Slider in the homepage making it a lot more attractive.

If you create educational content regularly on your site, this template offers you a very attractive features post section where you can showcase the most important posts in your site.


Charm Personal Blogger Template

Charm is a beautiful clean and minimal blogger template for personal bloggers. You can use this template to create your education blog as well.

It’s a fully responsive design that will make your site look great on all modern devices. The design is created to offer a clean interface to read the blog posts without any distractions.

Charm Personal Blogger Template


e-Learn is a highly professional free blogger template that has a modern layout and user-friendly design. This template is best suited for schools, colleges, academies, and institutions that are looking to establish their presence over the internet and want to engage their website visitors.

Well integrated with LMS (Learning Management System), this free template is perfect if you want to sell online courses along with sharing education-related blogs.

E-Learn Blogger Template

Educate For Tomorrow

Educate for tomorrow is a free blogger template with a minimalist yet modern design and layout. The template is adapted from WordPress and has two columns and a right sidebar.

Educate For Tomorrow Template

With a highly user-friendly admin panel and numerous customization choices, Educate for Tomorrow is ideally suited for educational websites and blogs and is absolutely free to use. Need we say more?

Education Time

A free blogger template, Education Time is adapted from WordPress and has two columns, sidebars- both left and right, social bookmarking icons, post thumbnails, slideshow, tabs, drop-down menus and numerous other amazing features.

The template comes with a multilevel drop-down menu that you can use to showcase your featured posts. Education Time is perfect for those websites and blogs that post frequent updates. And the icing on the cake is that all of this costs absolutely nothing!

Education Time Template


Are you looking for a template that can lend an overall professional look at your institute’s website? Then, ‘Academy’ is the ideal choice for you! This free blogger template comes with two columns, a right sidebar and footer columns to help you display your content in an attractive and effective manner.

The template makes your website look amazing along with providing all the relevant information without any cost. And yes, this one is free as well!


When we talk about scrapbooks, you might get a vision of those old scrapbooks you had in high school. This free blogger template lends a beautiful vintage design to your website’s layout and will surely take your visitors down memory lane.

It is adapted from WordPress and has two columns, a right sidebar and floral motifs with a vintage style. Simple and beautiful!

Scrapbook Blogger Template

School Times

School Times is a free blogger template suited for schools and other educational institutions. This template is adapted from WordPress and comes with two columns and a right sidebar.

School Times makes your website look interesting and professional at the same time along with providing your visitors with everything that they are looking for.

Education Press

Education Press is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress. This template comes with three columns, a right sidebar, slideshow, tabs and drop down menus, social media icons and much more to give your website a professional look.

The template is also ad-ready, and with its four different types of homepage variations, you can use this template to suit the requirements of any educational website.


A free blogger template with two columns, a right sidebar, footer columns, drop-down menus, slideshows, and numerous other features; Education Web is ideally suited for all education-related blogs or websites.

It comes with colorful background with numerous different elements such as a school bag, books and much more to bring back your high school memories. EducatonWeb has a clean and minimalistic design that complements its professionalism.

Education Blog

Looking for a blogger template that has a perfect blend of features and user-friendliness? ‘Education Blog’ is the answer.

This free blogger template comes with two columns, right-sidebar, footer columns, slideshow, social bookmarking icons and lots of such amazing features to keep your visitors hooked to your website.

You can share your opinions and also interact with your audience with this elegantly designed education blog.

Education Blog

Education Style Blogger Template

Education Style Blogger Template as the name suggests is an education blogger template that comes with multiple features to get you started with an education blog.

The template comes with a right sidebar and two columns. With a simple yet modern look and a highly user-friendly design, this is a great choice for people who are planning to create a blog in the education niche.

Education Style Blogger Template

Play School Template

A website for a playschool should look interesting and lively so that it appeals to the visitors, especially parents. ‘Play School Template’ provides you with exactly that and fulfills all the requirements that an attractive-looking educational website should have.

The responsive layout, as well as the design of Play School Template, is creative as well as professional at the same time.

Play School Template

Where to Learn

Where to learn offers an interesting answer to its name itself. It provides everything that you need to set up a professional knowledge-sharing blog.

A free education blogger template, Where to Learn’s design is adapted from WordPress and includes two columns and a right sidebar. This template is an excellent pick for websites or blogs that are related to education.

Music School Template

A lot of music schools have mushroomed these days, and most of them want to have an offline as well as an online presence to make more people aware of who they are and what they do.

Music School template properly designs a music school website and gives it a professional yet enchanting look. And what’s more? It is free!

Music School Template

College Years

The name of this template is enough to tell you that it is an ideal pick for college websites. College years comes with an elegant design and is adapted from WordPress.

It comes with two columns, right sidebars, and rounded corners. Moreover, it also allows you to display ads in a hassle-free manner.

College Years

RS Tech

RS Tech is a free blogger template with many interesting features like rounded corners, a right sidebar, two columns and many more interesting features that are mostly adapted from WordPress.

This free template provides an excellent layout for education websites. Along with education, it also works well with business websites owing to its professional layout. Worth a try!

Ravel Blogger Template

A beautiful minimal blogger template that you can use to create your educational site. The template is created a three-column design, sidebar being in the right side.

The template comes with clear typography to enhance the overall readability. If you are looking for a free template that is minimal and SEO friendly, this is a nice option for you.

Ravel Blogger Template

Brain Tech Template

The Brain Tech Template is an excellent template for educational institutions like colleges and universities, among others. The layout of this template is quite appealing and also lends a professional look when and where needed.

The template is free to download and use and is specifically useful for educational institutes that want to integrate ‘member login’ into their website.

Brain Tech Template

Nice Law

Nice Law is a free blogger template that is magazine styled and makes your website look like a magazine along with providing relevant features of an educational website. Other important features of Nice Law include a right sidebar, three columns, etc. among many others.

Nice Law

EducationZone Education Template

EducationZone is primarily designed for educational institutes that focus on creativity. The whole layout of the website is designed keeping in mind the elegance of a high-end website, and the responsive design will keep your visitors interested in the website.

True to its name, this template will give a boost to your educational career. The template is free to download and use.

Back to School Again

If you are looking to create a website for a playschool or a kindergarten this template can be a great pick. It has a minimalist yet professional-looking layout with numerous useful features.

You can display your content in an attractive way along with using a footer, right sidebar and other useful features that will enhance the visual appeal of your website.

Back to School Again

History of War Template

This free blogger template is well suited for websites of colleges and universities that want to focus on sharing knowledge about history. History of War blogger Template has a simple, minimalist and professional layout with all the necessary features required to keep you going.

The user-friendly and responsive navigation further adds up to the usability of this template. A great pick!

History of War Template

Education Portal

Education Portal comes with Bootstrap compatibility and several other useful features to help you set up a professional educational blog.

The design of this template is professional and at the same time, has youth characteristics making it a perfect pick for education websites. The template is light and highly responsive.

What’s more? It is free to download and use!

Education Portal


As the name suggests, this template is designed for kindergartens. Toddler is a single-page website template that is built on modern techniques like jQuery and CSS3 to help you provide your web visitors (mostly parents) with a delightful experience.

Toddler is an ideal choice if you want to give your website a clean, simple and minimalistic design. And for kindergarten websites, this template is a great pick.


Kids Tree

Kidz Tree is another pre-school education website template made with modern technologies like jQuery, CSS3, etc. The template has seven layout options to choose from and six types of new pages.

This multiple-page template is all that you need for your preschool or kindergarten website. And guess what; it is free to download!

Science Study

The study of science requires attention to detail and Science Study Blogger Template focuses exactly on that. It is a free website template that comes with bootstrap compatibility and is built over modern technologies like jQuery, CSS3, and HTML. It is a multi-page template and is highly responsive and lightweight.


Scholastic is a modern and interestingly designed free education template. The template has a single page that is built with all the modern technologies.

This website template is mobile responsive, and speed optimized which helps you in creating a delightful experience for your visitors. The users can also switch between the tabs to take a look at your work. Recommended!

Scholastic Blogger Template


Edifiying is a modern-looking education template that has all the features that you need for an education website. Built on a strong HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, this template offers everything that you need for setting up an educational website.

This multi-page website has hover effects on the menu section and parallax effect on the main arena which will impress the visitors. And features like speed optimization and mobile responsiveness make it quite innovative. And yes, it is free!

Edifying Blogger Template


If there is any scholar amongst the list of best free education templates, then this template is surely the name. With its minimalistic design and navigation, Scholar comes with two different homepage styles: fixed menu navigation and regular navigation.

The template comes with several elements that add up to its visual appeal and provide that simplistic and professional look to the website.

Scholare Template

FAQs About Education Blogger Templates

Q1. What is Blogger?

Blogger (AKA BlogSpot) is a blogging platform that you can use to create your blog and publish your content.

Q2. Is Blogger Free?

Yes, Blogger is a free platform. You can use this platform to create your free blog and publish your content.

Q3. Is Blogger Better Than WordPress?

It depends on your objective. If you wish to have complete control over your blog and make money through it, WordPress is a better platform.

Q4. Can I Use Any Blogger Template for Education Sites?

Yes, you can use any Blogger template to create your education blog. However, you can have a look at this list of best free education Blogger templates.

Final Word

With the use of any of the above-mentioned website templates, you can set up your educational blog and attract a large number of visitors to your website.

Whether you are planning to create a website for a school, a college or a university or you want to startup with your blog, these templates can provide you with everything that you may need to build a great website!

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