WP Media Folder Review: Making WP Media Management Simple

You Can Create Different Folders to Save Your Media Files and Synk Cloud Media Accounts Like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive to Make Your Site Load Faster


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The WP Media Folder plugin by Joom United and it’s cloud addon will entirely change how you manage your WordPress media library.

If you have a few images on your WordPress media library the default media management option by WordPress is good enough. However, as your site grows and the number of images in the media section grows it becomes a task to manage the images effectively.

When you are managing a viral content site where you need to use a lot of media files or a photography site that needs regular media content, the WP Media Folder plugin will be very useful for you. 

This plugin will streamline and rearrange the complete media folder and make things simple and easier for you even if you have thousands of images in the folder.


In this article, we will discuss the main plugin and then go straight into the cloud add-ons and see how it can help your WordPress site by managing your media on the cloud.

Generally, the WordPress media folder looks like the following one and all the media files are managed from a single folder. You have a few options to sort the file type and option to change the view (list and grid)

Wp Media Library


Now, let’s have a look at how things will change once you install the WP Media folder plugin.

You can get the plugin Joom United store, as you install the plugin it will take you through a simple installation process; you can skip it if you want.

WP Media Folder Installation Process


Wp Media Folder Settings

here is how the plugin settings interface looks like. While we discuss the plugin’s core features of cloud integration, a few small options go unnoticed.

The plugin gives you a few very useful options such as watermarking your images, and the option to regenerate thumbnails.

If you are not using WP Media Folder, you will need to add separate plugins to get these done.

WP Media Folder Settings


New Features After Installing Media Folder Plugins

As soon as you install the media folder WordPress plugin, you will see a few new options and buttons in the WordPress media library.

You have a new media file sorting option and you have a new option to create folders. Now, you can easily create the folders with the names that will help you to instantly find the images depending on project type or any other way that you select to create the folders.

WP Media Folder

Media File Sorting

This is a very effective and simple way to find a media file depending on a number of different parameters. The plugin makes it super simple for the users to find a file depending on

  • The Size
  • Media Type (image, audio, video, PDF and more)
  • The Weight of The File
  • Folder Name
  • And More

Media File Sorting


Creating a Folder

Creating a folder is simple, it is same like creating a folder on your desktop. You can create the folder in a way that will make it simple and easy for you to find an image.

Once you have a number of different folders, the plugin makes it easier to search a folder. You have a search option in the sidebar of the media library to search a folder.

WP Media Folder Plugin Review


Add to Multiple Folders

In case you wish to add a single image to multiple folders to classify them perfectly, you can easily do that using the WP Folder option while editing an image.



Gutenberg WordPress Media Folder

The Gutenberg editor is a reality of the WordPress community now. There are a number of Gutenberg blocks WordPress plugins that came out to enhance the overall functionality of the editor.

Though the WP Media Folder editor is not a Gutenberg specific plugin, the plugin integrates seamlessly with the new Gutenberg editor and offers two additional blocks as well.



Update-Replace-Duplicate Existing Media

This is another very useful feature offered by the WP Media Folder plugin. You can easily find and replace any media on your site using this plugin.

You just have to replace the files with the same file format. if you are replacing a .png file you must use another.png file and so on. This will make sure the links are not broken. 



WP Media Folder Add-Ons

The WP Media Folder plugin offers you a number of add-ons to make the process even easier and simple for you. You will be able to integrate your cloud store platforms seamlessly with your WordPress media folder and use them right from the WordPress editor.

Sounds good?

Here are a few add-ons that are offered by the plugin

  • Integrate Dropbox
  • Integrate Google Drive
  • Integrate OneDrive
  • And PDF embed 

All these addons are integrated into a single addon plugin that you can use to enhance your media library functionality.

Let’s have a look at the OneDrive integration in detail

OneDrive is a file hosting platform by Microsoft. The WP Media Folder plugin gives you a quick and simple option to integrate your OneDrive account. 

Go to your OneDrive Account and add an app. You have to select web and proceed

OneDrive Integration With WP Media Folder

The next step is to add your website URL in the redirect field and then generate a password.



Now, you need to go to WP Media Folder settings > Cloud > OneDrive and add the Client ID and Secret of the app you have created. 

Integrate OneDrive With WP Media Folder


In the next step, you will have to allow WordPress to access your OneDrive folder. Once the synchronization is complete, you will be able to access the folders and sub-folders on your OneDrive account right from your WordPress media library.

And it works in the reverse direction as well. 



Other than the ease of use, one of the main technical advantages of this process is that the images will load from the OneDrive server not form your hosting server, this will make your site load faster. 

In a similar way, you can integrate Dropbox and Google Drive accounts with your WordPress media library to make things easier for you.

Other than the cloud integrations, the WP Media Folder plugin offers you PDF embed and gallery add-ons as well.

Pricing and Documentation

WP Media Folder is a big and a very useful plugin, especially for the sites that need to manage a lot of media files and larger files.

We all know that images are one of the main components that affect the loading speed of any site. If you start using your cloud storage account to server the images rather than your own hosting server, it will have a great positive effect on the loading time. 

Here are the packages available for the plugin

WP Media Folder Plugin Price

As far as support and documentation are concerned, Joom United offers detailed documentation and video tutorial for all their products. 

Get WP Media Folder Now


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