Best WordPress Resources For 2020

Best WordPress Themes, Plugins, Tutorials to help you create a successful blog or a business website using the most popular content management system.



Know More About WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system that is used by millions of users. WordPress started as a blogging platform and later it became the most popular platform for all kinds of websites.

At BeginDot we talk about the self hosted WordPress sites, that means the site that uses the WordPress software with own hosting to create the site. We list the best WordPress themes, plugins and all other resources around WordPress CMS.

Little About WordPress

WordPress was started as a blogging platform in 2003 when Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. After being considered as a blogging platform for years, WordPress has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. And now it is the most preferred platform to create any kind of website.

The community and the third-party products available WordPress platform is the most important reason for big success. You will find a tutorial about anything you wish to achieve on WordPress. Also, with the products like Elementor website builder the designing has become very simple. Any newbie user can create a completely custom website using WordPress these days.

More than 35% of all websites on the internet ared based on WordPress and it is still growing very fast.

FAQs About WordPress

01. What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the internet. Over 35% of all websites on the internet are created by using WordPress. It is a newbie-friendly, cost-effective solution to create a website.

WordPress is also considered as one of the best CMS from the SEO point of view.

02. Is WordPress Free to Use?

Yes, WordPress is open-source free software that you can use to create your website. But don't get confused with the premium version of WordPress.

There are 2 versions of WordPress, one is and another is WordPress.or. So, when we talk about creating a website on WordPress, we talk about

However, as a newbie, you don't have to go through that confusion because most of the hosting providers offer ready WordPress installation these days.

03. How Can I Create a Website Using WordPress?

Creating a website using WordPress is very simple these days. To create a website, you will need a domain name and a hosting provider.

If you go for hosting provider like Bluehost, you get a domain name for free as well as ready WordPress installation to make the process even simpler.

04. Should I Use a Free WordPress Theme?

When you start creating your website, you will have to select a theme (the design) for your website. Now, you have the choice to use a free theme or to buy a premium theme.

Though there are a number of good quality free themes I would suggest you go for a paid theme as you will get regular feature updates, premium support and overall better quality design.

05. Which Plugins Should I use?

There are some plugins that are mandatory and there are some that are functional depending on your site, niche and the functionalities you want to incorporate.

For example, an SEO plugin is a must for every WordPress plugin, a cache plugin and you can use plugins like Elementor based on your requirement.

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