Where To Form an LLC: 5 Options for Your Online Business

Where To Form an LLC

Launching and operating an online business doesn’t necessarily require a formal business entity. However, opting to start a limited liability company (LLC) can give you significant advantages.

Like any enterprise, managing an e-commerce business can subject you to various liabilities. 

Liabilities can take many forms, but data and security breaches are among the most common ones affecting online businesses.

Suppose a data breach happens because your e-commerce site isn’t completely secure. The liability can fall on you as the sole owner of the company. 

Forming an LLC is one way to shield yourself from personal liability since it legally exists as a separate entity from the online business owner. All 50 states allow LLC formation, meaning you can file your LLC anywhere in the US. 

But which state is the best to start one? Consider the following options for your e-commerce business and discover why they made the cut. 

Form an LLC

1. Home State

When establishing a new LLC, you have the flexibility to choose the state where you wish to organize. Setting up an LLC in your home state simplifies administration, making it an excellent choice for most business owners. 

Besides being straightforward, forming an LLC in your state can be cost-effective and time-saving. That’s because you only have one set of legal and tax requirements to comply with. Moreover, you’ll avoid unnecessary and recurring fees from a non-resident state. 

Accessing government offices and taking advantage of grants and opportunities will be easier if you structure your online business as an LLC within your home state. But establishing an LLC isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every digital entrepreneur. 

Depending on the business’s needs, there might be situations where forming an LLC outside one’s home state makes the most sense.

Are you considering setting up an LLC in a different state? We’ve outlined the best possible selections for your online business below. 

2. New Jersey

A step-by-step lesson to form an LLC in New Jersey is available online. What makes New Jersey an excellent place for LLC formation? LLCs in New Jersey offer tremendous flexibility when negotiating and structuring contractual agreements. 

In this state, LLC members have the freedom to define capital contributions based on their preferences. Moreover, they can distribute losses and profits in the most appropriate manner for the company.

There’s also no member’s name filing requirement in New Jersey, making forming an LLC much easier. 

3. Delaware

Many business entities choose to form their LLCs in Delaware because of its business-friendly jurisdiction. Specifically, the state doesn’t require business owners to pay out-of-state income taxes. 

That makes Delaware an appealing choice for LLC formation, especially for online businesses. Let’s say you offer services to clients outside of Delaware. Your online business can significantly save on state income taxes since the state doesn’t tax out-of-state income

Increased privacy protection is another primary reason many e-commerce businesses form an LLC in Delaware. In this state, you can exclude your personal information, letting you register your online business anonymously. 

4. Wyoming

Wyoming is an affordable option to form your LLC if you’re searching for lower initial filing fees and franchise taxes. Being the first state to adopt LCC statutes in 1977, Wyoming has more established rules and regulations on asset protection than other states. 

Likewise, the state permits LLC owners to maintain anonymity on the public record. This is beneficial if you prefer to stay private and don’t want the online business to be associated with your name.

Wyoming is also the only state that has a lifetime proxy. This enables you to hold your shares as a proxy and appoint a selected member to vote on your behalf. 

5. Nevada

Regarding affordability and privacy protection, Nevada is another excellent state for LLC formation. The state doesn’t have an information-sharing agreement with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

It can help maintain your anonymity in public filings and protect your privacy. Besides that, Nevada doesn’t charge business income tax, franchise tax, or state income tax on LLCs. 

Additionally, if you’re concerned about the protection of the accounts from creditors for your online business, forming an LLC in a state with robust asset protection laws can offer an added layer of security for your financial assets. Researching jurisdictions that favor business anonymity and asset protection can be crucial.

One Last Important Reminder 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer as to the best state to form an LLC. Indeed, some states have distinct advantages over others. However, the most suitable choice is subjective and ultimately depends on your long-term plans and the kind of online business you’re running. 

Whether you decide to form an LLC within or outside your home state, ensure that you understand the corresponding regulations. Seeking professional advice from a lawyer or tax specialist can help save you from costly mistakes later. 

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