80 Cool Tumblr Backgrounds: Best Tumblr Wallpapers & Patterns

Tumblr Backgrounds

Cool free Tumblr backgrounds to style your Tumblr blog and attract more traffic. We have listed some stunning Tumblr wallpapers that you can quickly download and use.

Tumblr is still one of the best places to create a free blog and if you are able to create a quality blog that looks great you will be able to drive tons of traffic.

Tumblr is mostly about stunning pics and other display content. Though the platform is good for text content as well, the display content dominates the popular microblogging platform.

So, if you are looking for great backgrounds, wallpapers, patterns for your Tumblr site, you have come to the right place.

We have collected some of the best Tumblr site backgrounds in this article and we will be updating this page with more stunning wallpapers and patterns regularly, don’t forget to bookmark this page.

Tumblr works as a combined platform for blogging as well as a social site, so it is easier to drive traffic than many other platforms if you use it correctly and active on the platform.

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How to Update Tumblr Background

The process of creating a Tumblr blog is simple, just visit the Tumblr Site and create your account. Once your free site is ready, you can edit and update your background.

Click on your profile icon and click on edit appearance to upload your background.

Tumblr Background option

Best Tumblr Background and Wallpaper Collection

We have tried to collect different types of background so that all type of niche site finds a background option in this collection.

All these Tumblr backgrounds are free to download and use. The colorful background and retro style backgrounds are very popular on Tumblr, so we have tried to include wallpapers in that line.

01. Colorful Trees for Natural Look

A beautiful, colorful picture with great looking trees. If you wish to have a natural feel to your profile, this is a great option for you.

Colorful Tumblr Background

Download Source

02. Cool Colorful Background

Another cool colorful Tumblr background with trees and a clean road.

Cool Tumblr Background

Download Source

03. Sporty Tumblr Background

A beautiful, modern sporty Tumblr background for Skateboard lovers.

Sport Tumblr Background

04. Kids Tumblr Background

If you are managing a Tumblr site around kids or kids related products, here is a beautiful Tumblr background design for your site.

tumblr wallpaper

Download Source

05. Night Sky Tumblr Background

A very attractive night sky Tumblr background that you can use on your site. The image is cool and it can make any site look beautiful.

Night Sky Tumblr Background

Download Source

07. City In The Night

Another attractive night Tumblr background that shows a city in the night. The lights make the city very beautiful and attractive on the night.

Night Tumblr Background

Download Source

08. Creative Tumblr Wallpaper


Download Source

09. Sky Tumblr Wallpaper

Sky is one of the most widely used background options for websites and all other creative projects, here is an attractive and colorful sky Tumblr wallpaper.


Download Source

10. Creative HD Tumblr Background

A high-quality HD Tumblr background to make your site look very attractive. The image is created with a gradient color pattern that looks stunning.


11. Funny Tumblr Background

A beautiful, funny and creative Tumblr background that you can use for any content related Tumblr blog.

Cute Funny Tumble Background

12. Modern Tumblr Background

A beachside modern and attractive Tumblr background

Modern Tumblr Background

Download Source

13. Universe Tumblr Wallpaper

A very attractive Tumblr wallpaper that shows planets and the universe. If you are managing a science-related blog, this can be a great background option


14. Football Tumblr Background

If you are a football fan and manage a blog related to football or any other sport related blog, here is a very attractive background option for you.


15. Colorful Sky Tumblr Background

A beautiful and colorful sky Tumblr background that can be used for any blog type.

Colorful Sky Tumblr Background

16. Restaurant Tumblr Background

A modern restaurant Tumblr backgound that you can use for any restaurant and food-related Tumblr blogs.

Restaurant Tumblr Wallpaper

Download Source

17. Creative Tumblr Background

Creative Tumblr Background

Download Source

18. Science Tumblr Background

A modern science Tumblr background that shows robots and machines. If you are managing any blog related to robotics, this is a great background option for you.


19. Nature Tumblr Background

A cool Tumblr wallpaper for a nature-related blog, though it can be used for any niche.


Download Source

20. Cat Tumblr Background

Cat dominates the internet. Cats are the most effective topic to engage users and a very widely used animal by the viral content site.

Here is a cool cat Tumblr background option for any entertainment related or viral content blog.


Download Source

21. Colorful Line Pattern

If you like to use pattern background for your Tumblr blog, here is a cool colorful line pattern for you.


22. Creative Tumblr Background

A great looking modern art creative background for Tumblr blogs.

creative Tumblr background

Download Source

23. Fruit Background

If you wish to showcase fruits and a clean background on your Tumblr blog, here is a nice image for you.

Fruit Background

Download Source

24. Sea Beach Wallpaper

If you are managing any blog related to sea beach related items, here is an amazing creative wallpaper design for your blog.

Creative Tumblr Wallpaper

25. Pokemon Tumblr Wallpaper

A very attractive Pokemon Tumblr Wallpaper that you can use on your blog.


Download Source

26. Cute Tumblr Wallpaper

Another cute Tumblr wallpaper showcasing a cat.


Download Source

27. Creative Tumblr Background

Best Tumblr Backgrounds

Download Source

28. Cartoon Tumblr Wallpaper


29. Creative Tumblr Background

Tumblr Background

Download Source

30. Wall Background

Wall Tumblr Background

Download Source

31. Globe Background Image

Tumblr Wallpaper

Download Source

32. Creative Tumblr Wallpaper 

background Image

Download Source

33. Store Background Wallpaper


34. Flower Background Wallpaper


Download Source

35. Creative Colorful Background

Colorful Backgrounds

Download Source

36. Colorful Nature Wallpaper

Colorful Natural Background Image

Download Source

37. Beautiful Sunset Wallpaper

Sunset Wallpaper

Download Source

38. Painted Background for Tumblr

Creative Painting Background

Download Source

39. Creative Tumblr Background

Creative Background

Download Source

40. Attractive Tumblr Background Image

Attractive Tumblr Background

Download Source

41. Beautiful Mountain Backgrounds

Tumb Background

Download Source

42. City In The Afternoon Background 

Creative Image

Download Source

43. Colorful Lights in The Night

Colorful Lights

Download Source

44. HD Wallpaper


Download Source

45. HD Quality City Background


Download Source

46. Gaming Tumblr Background

Gaming Tumblr Background

Download Source

47. HD Background For Tumblr

HD background for tumblr

Download Source

48. High-Quality HD Tumblr Wallpaper

Background for Tumblr Blog

Download Source

49. Wooden Texture Background

background wooden texture

Download Source

50. Creative HD Background


51. Nature Background

A beautiful nature background image that you can use to make your Tumblr blog look great. If you like a background with beautiful roads, forest, here is a nice option for you.

nature background

Download Source

52. Colorful Background

A colorful background that features two hands. If you need to show any background with holding hands, here is an option for you. This background will bring in an attractive look to your blog.


Download Source

53. Flower Background

A design with a flower is evergreen, no matter how the design trend changes a background design with a flower will always make your design fresh.

This background can be a good option for the female blogger who likes to feature a beautiful flower background.

flower background

Download Source

54. Creative Background

A beautiful creative background that will surely make your Tumblr background look attractive. This is an option wallpaper that you can use ay niche blog.

creative background

Download Source

55. Fresh Tumblr Background

A fresh Tumblr background with clean and simple flowers that will bring in a refreshing feel to your blog instantly.

background with flower

Download Source

56. DJ Background

If you are into muck related blogging, here is a very attractive DJ background that you can use to make your blog look attractive.

DJ background

Download Source

57. DJ Wallpaper

Another high energy DJ wallpaper that will bring in life and energy to your blog. No matter if your blog is only filled with text, this attractive background will make up for it perfectly.


Download Source

58. Car Background

Do you like cars? Is your Tumblr blog is about cars? If yes here is a very attractive car background for your site.

Car Background

Download Source

59. Artistic Background

A refreshing new artistic background that will surely make your blog look great. The background features a colorful painting with a train and a flowing stream in the woods.

art background

Download Source

60. Creative Flower Background 

This is a very creative background featuring a flower. If you are looking for a relatively darker background, here is a nice option for you.

creative background

Download Source

61. Dark Background 

Beautiful Wallpaper

Download Source

62. Sky Background

Sky Background

Download Source

63. Nice Blue Background


Download Source

64. Creative Wallpaper 


Download Source

65. City Cloud Background

City Background

66. Creative Photography Background 

Creative Photography Background

Download Source

67. Beautiful Sky Background

Beautiful Sky Background

Download Source

68. Colorful Sky Background 


Download Source

69. Creative Attractive Background

A very creative wallpaper that you can use most of Tumblr blog. The colorful background of the of the wallpaper will make your blog look very attractive.

Creative Attractive background

Download Source

70. Land of Wonder

As the name suggests, this is a creative design about the land of wonder. This background image will certainly attract the attention of any user coming across your blog.

Creative background

Download Source

71. Colorful Tumblr Background

If you are looking for a simple and colorful Tumblr background, here is a great option for you. This is an attractive background option with vibrant colors.

Tumblr Background

Download Source

72. An Attractive Animal Background

Do you manage any animal related Tumblr account? If you do, here is a great looking background option for your page.

Animal Tumblr Background

73. Beautiful Nature Background

Here is a great looking natural background that will instantly make your Tumblr page look beautiful.

Attractive nature background

Download Source

74. Hot Air Balloon

Colorful hot air balloon background image to make your Tumblr page look attractive and colorful.

hot air balloon

Download Source

75. Artistic Boat Background

A great looking artistic background image with two boats. This background will bring in calmness to your Tumblr page.

Art Background

76. Tumblr Girl Wallpaper

A very attractive Tumblr wallpaper for girls that can be a perfect fit for a blog that revolves around girls.

Tumblr Girl Wallpaper

77. Tumblr Wallpaper

Tumblr Wallpaper

78. Cartoon Tumblr Background

A very cute background image that can go along perfectly with any kind of kid related blog or a general cartoon image blog.

Cartoon Tumblr Background

79. Cute Tumblr Background

Cute Tumblr Background

80. Attractive Tumb Wallpaper

Attractive Tumb Wallpaper

Final Word

These are some of the best creative Tumblr backgrounds that you can use on your Tumblr blog.

An attractive background image can instantly transform your simple blog to something that deserves a second look.

If you want to create with your own hands the same unsurpassed backgrounds for your blog, try using AI image generators. You will see how much cooler your blog has become.

If you are a regular Tumblr user, other than being a platform to write content and express your thoughts, it is also about attractive images that can keep users engaged for a longer time.

We have tried to collect and present you the top quality Tumblr wallpapers that almost fulfills the need of a variety of different niches and topics.

Hope you find this article useful, don’t forget to share this with your friends.

We will keep adding new stunning backgrounds to this collection regularly, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

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