12 Top Business Technology Trends to Keep an Eye in 2020

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2019 has been a year of tremendous revolution in the business technology realm but as we usher towards the end of the second decade of the 21st century, things are about to heat up a notch higher.

Talk of social robots and of course the infamous voice search over the internet.

All these tied together are guaranteed to set the tone for 2020. An example is Amazon’s one-day delivery that is expected to reach 40 billion dollars by 2022 from just 1.8 billion dollars of retail income in 2017.

This is simply mind-blowing. So, what is Amazon doing to realize this? Simply their ability to prioritize prime subscribers and deliver the packages in 24 hours.

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So, looking at 2020, these are the top technology trends to anticipate.

5G network.

This lightning-fast internet connection is about to change lives. It will obviously support faster internet speeds due to the increased bandwidth.

It will also seamlessly support the use of driverless cars and the use of drones. The 5G network will see smart cards be able to communicate among themselves in the locality.

Decline of Applications

Finding and installing applications can be a tedious experience for many clients.

However, the smart move is not to invest a significant fortune in these apps but make apps accessible from a cloud and not these competitive app stores.

Also, a better alternative to this is progressive web apps. These are more useful and economic for all parties involved.

A.I as a service

Artificial intelligence (AI) is indeed a transformative technology approach. As a testament to this, many organizations are exploring how AI can streamline their undertakings and improve on customer service.

This is set to increase in 2020 and soon AI will become a normal aspect of business operations and user-friendly. 


If you see from the security point of view, business website security becomes crucial. SSL certificate is in demand now as it secures the data flowing between the browser and the server.

It thus discourages cyber intruders from this online passing information. In upcoming years with the initiative of Google, the future of SSL certificates is shiny, and more businesses will go with this security protocol.

Personalized and predictive medicine

Capturing data from simply wearing a smartwatch is evidence enough that technology is revolutionizing healthcare globally and at an unprecedented rate.

This arms doctors with the ability to predict and remedy some health issues even before you experience any signs and symptoms.

This is called predictive healthcare. In 2020 we should see more predictive health-care applications and better treatment outcomes.

Computer vision

In technology, the term vision refers to systems that can identify places, objects, people or items from visual images collected by a sensor or a camera.

It is already in application especially in smartphones. It allows the device to identify the part of the image that it’s capturing. It has several uses such as in autonomous cars that use it to “see” and work their way around danger.

It also helps in identifying counterfeit or defective products in production lines. The list of uses is expected to increase in 2020.


This refers to inventions such as updated robotics and cloud computing. In 2020, automation will be the main technological driver for most organizations.

We will hear of automated banking, manufacturing and ultimately a nosedive in the use of human labor to maximize profits.


Voice technologies like Apple’s Siri, Alexa and now the Google Go assistant for the latest Android versions have proven to be very useful in one’s day to day living.

For programmers, a new language called Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) will allow systems to understand a voice.

It will also help the systems to understand the underlying human tone, pun sarcasm and deeper context clues such as double meanings. NLP will propel voice technologies to greater heights in 2020.


Analytics play a crucial part in growing companies all over the globe. They predict the market direction and can also tell if your business is doing well.

Analytics convert large amounts of unsorted data into useful information and this sometimes can prove daunting.

That is why analytic tools using Machine learning are needed to make sense of the raw data, recommend action and identify issues. Machine learning is a subset of AI and these two combined can be very useful in analytics.

Transparency and traceability

In 2020, these two things are set to become even more important. Clients will seek to know and understand how their personal information is being used and if it’s being kept safe and sound.

These two items are crucial elements in supporting ethics and privacy requirements.

Machine learning.

This refers to programming computers to learn how to do something. Computers learn through mastering patterns and findings by data.

It is however a subset of AI. By 2022 the machine learning market is set to expand to $8.81 billion as it’s rapidly being employed by all kinds of industries thus creating a niche for skilled professionals to get employment opportunities.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This is the use of software to automate business operations. These operations may include processing transactions, interpreting data and replying to emails.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) just automates repetitive jobs that people do. This may include doctors, financial managers, and even organization directors.

According to research done, RPA automations can threaten livelihoods of 230 million workers or as an easier explanation, 9% of the world’s workforce.

Nevertheless, it’s not all gloom and doom. It is also generating new job opportunities such as developers, business analysts, consultants, and so many more openings.

If you wish to pursue a career in RPA, simply enroll for Introduction to Robotic Process Automation to set the pace for your career.


Technological trends are dynamic and change as each day dawns. It may impact society negatively or positively, but common ground is that technology is slowly changing the world.

In business, it’s no different. Artificial intelligence is real and as more and more establishments continue to embrace it; they realize more profits.

Similarly, machine learning is a very effective way of cutting on costs through layoffs as machines can perform many repetitive tasks that human laborers do.

So, go on ahead and embrace the beauty of technology.


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