Six Tips to Ensure Your Kids are Safe Online

Kids online safety

The availability of internet helps kids to learn new things as well as new terminologies. Watching movies and playing games also boost the kids’ memory making them improve their performances as well.

However, before you buy your child that smartphone or a laptop as their birthday gift, you must be ready to monitor their online presence to secure them from unsafe websites that could mess your kids’ mind and even some lead to death.

#1. Set some rules

Every parent should be able to set specific rules in their house and let their kids adhere to them. To make your children remember the rules all the time, it’s even advisable you write them down and hang them where they are accessible all the time.

Some of the states that you should set clear to your young ones when it comes to internet usage are;

  • No uploading or downloading pictures without your knowledge.
  • No exchanging contacts or address with strangers.
  • No opening emails from strangers.
  • No physically meet up with strangers without informing the parent.
  • No using a computer or phone before finishing the classwork/or more than three hours in a day.

#2. Avoid keeping computers in their rooms

Keeping a connected network to your teen’s bedroom may contribute to them being exposed to a dangerous website.

Instead, put a computer in the sitting room whereby anyone around can be able to see what is going on. If you realize your kid switches off the monitor whenever you appear, be more cautious and find out what website he might be visiting.

#3. Limit your time online

Always be a good example for your children. In most cases, they’re likely to copy what you do. Therefore, don’t expect your children to be online only for two hours if you spend the whole night browsing and watching movies.

If you’ll have to take longer enjoying those movies, at least do it when you’re sure they’re dead asleep or in school or away from home.

#4. Be aware of what your kid is doing online

Monitor how your teens use the internet. However, you must be more knowledgeable about the internet than they’re.

So, if you know tech is not your cup of tea, invest in learning or get your partner help you out for the sake of your kid’s online safety.

Some of the things you can do to know which websites do your kids browse on are; installing Flexispy on their smartphones and looking up to their computers browser history.    

#5. Set up separate accounts

If you share your computer with your kids, make sure to create separate accounts so that they are not able to enter your window. Also, make sure to go through the settings of your browser to protect and filter the unwanted sites.

#6. Teach your kids on how to protect themselves

Let your children know the dangers that they can encounter online so that they understand your concern. Tell them to alert you whenever they mistrust anything online or in case of cyberbullying.

Also, explain to them not to share pictures or any family information with their online friends.

We cannot deny that technology has improved our kids’ learning in a great way. However, we’re also aware of how harmful it can be to them if not well monitored.

Therefore, as a parent, whether your busy or not, you should be fully responsible for ensuring your little ones are safe online by practicing the above methods.

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