Solo Ads Business: What is it All About?


If you:

  • don’t have a website
  • don’t have an email list
  • don’t have any specific marketing skill

….but wants to gain exposure for a product online in a cost effective way with the targeted audience, solo ads are the best option.

What are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are a marketing strategy where the email list of a marketer is used to promote a product or service and earn money.

As such, you commission a marketer to send promotional emails to their email subscribers. The solo ads sales are fixed price, pay per click, pay per open or pay per conversion. It depends on the agreement between the solo ads seller and the marketer.

Further, earning potential increases when the advertiser looks for selective clicks. Sometimes, the advertiser specifies to receive clicks only from, let us say, United States (US) or United Kingdom (UK). Some marketers offer selective clicks and charge more and hence, you get to bill the advertiser more.

How to Earn from Solo Ads?

There are many ways to earn from solo ads.

1) Become a Solo Ads Reseller

Like web hosting reseller business, solo ads reseller business shows high-profit possibility.

As a reseller, you become an intermediary between the marketer with email list offering solo ads placements and the advertiser looking to buy solo ads clicks.

You are a facilitator in between. You contact the advertiser and get solo ads order. You forward the requirement to the marketer and make a profit.

Generally, marketers sell a minimum of 100 clicks and there are no upper limits. Marketers charge anywhere between $30 and $40 per 100 clicks. Even if you add a 10% commission and sell it to the advertiser, the profit margin is really good.

Payments are mostly paid in advance. Once the advertiser pays the advance and sends the detail, you contact the marketer with the details and send the payment. Upon order fulfillment, the marketer sends a report which is then forwarded to the advertiser and the deal closes.

In solo ads business, most of the clients are ‘repeat’ clients because of high delivery rate. Even if the marketer is selling 100 clicks, it always happens that the clicks are over-delivered. Therefore, the advertiser stands to benefit and if the leads are great, the advertiser will return again and again.

Lastly, unless you additionally sell a specialized service of ad copywriting, there is really nothing much to do as a reseller. Either the advertiser will send the ad copy or the marketer will create it. You, the reseller, just act the facilitator in between and take your commission.

2) Promote Solo Ads to your Email List

If you have a high-value email list, you can sell solo ads placements directly, eliminating the need of becoming a solo ads reseller.

Here, you are directly contacting the advertiser and selling solo ads. Nevertheless, do note that utilizing your own email list is a bit risky because solo ads are always promotional emails so every time you send a solo ad, the unsubscription rate is going to be high as well. You need to fill up the gap consistently.

Do you have the means (traffic) to replenish the unsubscribers constantly? Moreover, you need to maintain proper click reports and write ad copies, which require time.

Do you have the necessary means to handle all the tasks yourself? If not, do not take this path as of now.

3) Become a Solo Ads Manager

The role of solo ads manager is a level above the solo ads reseller option. Once you gain good experience and establish long-term business contacts, think of becoming a solo ads manager.

Or, if you are already in the online advertising business, you can apply to become solo ads manager. Many medium-level and organizations hire solo ads manager to handle their advertising portfolio and revenue. You can work full-time or become a contractor.

In this level, you work with a selected clientele. You choose to work only with two or three organizations and handle their solo ads funnel. Your job will be in the capacity of a business development manager. As such, you are either retained on a salary basis or paid a commission every month.

How to Sell Solo Ads?

Whether you become a solo ads reseller, a manager or DIY for your list, you need avenues to sell solo ads openings.

There is a huge market out there for solo ads. Advertisers are looking for active and responsive email lists to promote and gain qualified conversions.

Solo ads give instant results.

I am not questioning the effectiveness of other marketing methods like guest blogging, social media promotions, joint ventures and others. However, solo ads do enjoy an edge over others.

So, how can you sell solo ads?


Online groups should be your first option. There are groups on Skype and Facebook that specifically cater to the solo ads business.

You have to join these groups and post a relevant message. Both advertisers and marketers are found in these groups. It is like killing two birds with one stone.


A lot of marketers have created marketplaces to sell solo ads placement offers. Do a Google search and you will come across quite a handful of them. These are mostly membership sites and the fees recur on a monthly basis.

Once you sign up, you just fill up an order from your advertiser and it is delivered and reported within the next 24 to 48 hours.


Solo ads are a lucrative business. You do not need any special tool or software. You do not need a website. You do not need to spend hours striving to pull traffic.

All you need is an Internet connection, an email account, a Skype account and good networking skills, that’s it!

Even if you earn a commission of $5 per 100 clicks and sell 1000 clicks every day, you earn $50 every day and around $1400-$1500 per month. Isn’t this really cool?

What do you think?

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