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Sellerly Review (April 2021): Top Features & Pricing

Grow your Amazon business with one of the most comprehensive toolkit for Amazon sellers.

Sellerly Overview

Sellerly was created to help the merchants improve the performance of their listings on Amazon. Powered by another industry leader, Semrush, Sellerly has already gained a reputation for itself in terms of powerful marketing and sales machines. 

It has served over 7 million customers to date and has won numerous awards, including best digital tools and best SEO software suite for both the UK and US search awards.

Isn’t that incredible? 

Let’s look at the Sellerly platform in detail.

Sellerly Top Features

  • Comprehensive Amazon business tools
  • Free version available
  • Traffic Insights
  • External traffic overview
  • Listing improvement ideas
  • Listing protection
  • Price changes
  • Unlimited listing A/B tests

Sellerly is one of the best tools for Amazon Sellers. In this comprehensive review of Sellerly, we will look at how it can help your Amazon business.

If you’re planning to expand your e-commerce store reach or locating new customers, an Amazon seller account can become your go-to option. 

According to Feedbackexpress, over 3 million sellers have joined Amazon since 2017. Over half the sales on Amazon come from third-party sellers. 

Aren’t these numbers astonishing? 

While there are many e-commerce solutions on the market that can assist Amazon sellers, the need is to improve your listings in such a manner that your sales improve. Furthermore, your budget should not be strained, and your product should outperform its competitors.

Don’t worry! Here’s an in-depth Sellerly review, including its best features, how to use it, and some pricing facts.

The question is whether Sellerly really boosts your sales. 

Let’s find out! 

What Does Sellerly Do? 

Sellerly’s original purpose was to serve as an Amazon tool for listing split tests. It has evolved into powerful software that includes features like traffic analytics, listing protection, and split testing.

Let’s look at the options one by one.

Listing Protection

You don’t want to be a victim of listing hijacking or other undesirable listing changes that result in substantial traffic loss. The Sellerly Listing Protection Tool is an online tracking system that keeps track of your keyword rankings, buys box ownership, price, listing suppressions and more.

It tracks the rankings of your Amazon listings and informs you by sending you an alert if it detects any changes in it. You can easily set up both email and SMS notifications for this.

Listing Protection

Traffic Insights

If you want to organize your marketing tactics to put you one step ahead of your competitors, you need to analyze your traffic insights.

For advertisers who want to analyze the most lucrative external traffic sources, Sellerly has developed a separate tool.

This tool generates detailed reports from various traffic sources, including Google organic traffic and referral ads. It also aids in the analysis of your rivals’ promotional strategies.

Sellerly Traffic Insight

Listing Quality Check

A Listing Quality Check is a Sellery tool that acts as an audit tool. It aids in increasing product page visibility, click-through rate, and sales.

It will not only check to see if your listings are compliant with Amazon’s rules and Amazon Style Guide, but it will also make recommendations on how to improve them.

Sellerly Listing Quality Check

Split Testing

Available in both free and paid plans, the Split Testing tool is an A/B testing tool that helps marketers test different images, prices, and descriptions. You have to run split tests and analyze which combinations work best for your product listings. 

Sellerly Split Testing

Best Features of Sellerly

What makes Sellerly a competitive choice? 

Sellerly has some of the best features that make it one of Amazon merchant’s first preferences. 

User-Friendly Interface 

If we had to choose one Sellerly feature, it would be its user-friendly interface. Sellerly has demonstrated over time how intuitive and user-friendly it can be.

Once you land on the interface, you will see the tools available for you to use.

Tools That Deliver Performance

If the e-commerce solution doesn’t help you achieve the desired sales, it’s of no use. 

Similarly, it should possess all the necessary tools so that Amazon sellers can maximize their product listing success. 

Sellerly has done a magnificent job in bringing all the necessary tools together. To create a perfect combination of your listings, you can use the Split Testing Tool. 

To track rankings and visibility of your listings through alerts, you can rely on the Listing Protection Tool. 

The audit tools will provide you the right guidance to increase your product visibility. The Traffic Insights Tool can help attract maximum traffic. 

Overall, it’s a mix that every Amazon merchant should be looking for. 

Affordable and Powerful

Despite all of Sellerly’s strong features, it is still reasonably priced. In this area, we’ll keep Sellerly ahead of the competition.

You can use its free plan if you only use it occasionally, or you can pay for an inexpensive monthly plan that gives you unrestricted access to its tools and features.

Customer Support

You can expect top-notch customer support from Sellerly since it is powered by Semrush. With exceptional customer service available from 7 AM to 3 PM EST, you can contact them through different alternatives such as email or even social media. 

If you aren’t comfortable talking to their customer support specialist, you can make the most of their rich customer knowledge base. This customer knowledge will guide you through your questions with the help of webinars, FAQs, and blog. 

Referral Reports

Referral report is probably the most underrated feature that Sellerly has to offer. This feature helps you learn about the performance of your external links.

Its competitor analysis can help you identify the links that can maximize your traffic potential. You can always discover new possibilities to build your marketing strategies. 

Sellerly Pricing

Sellerly’s pricing model is pretty affordable and reasonable. Therefore, making it a perfect reference for Amazon sellers.

To match your needs, it has been divided into two plans: 

  • Free plan: You don’t have to pay anything for this plan. Without any conditions or formalities, you can continue to use it for any future date. This free plan comes with unlimited listing split tests and an ASIN external traffic overview. 
  • Paid plan: While there are some drawbacks of using the free plan as you cannot use all the Sellery tools, the paid plan will grant you unlimited access to such tools. It costs $50 per month. 
Sellerly Pricing

You can also choose the 7-day free trial option before investing in this plan. 


Do we encourage our readers to try Sellerly?


Every seller on Amazon should try Sellerly as it can improve the conversions by making your product listings look better. The interface is easy and doesn’t require any learning curve. With amazing tools and affordable pricing, it is knocking on the doors of every Amazon merchant. 

Sellerly FAQs

Q1. What is Sellerly?

Sellerly is a platform to help you grow your Amazon product selling business. It offers you a number of tools to help you grow your business.

Q2. Is Sellerly Free?

Sellerly is a freemium product that offers a completely free plan with limited features.

Q3. Is There a Free Trial With All Features?

Yes, you will get a 7 days free trial period for the paid version of the tools.

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