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Nimble Review (2022): Top Features & Pricing

One of the top data gathering service and proxy software, use Nimble to gather data from any website.

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Nimble is a web data-gathering platform that aims to simplify the process of gathering public web data at all scales. Look no further if you’re in the market for a solution to build and maintain web-based data collection operations. 

The platform may be new, but it’s packed with valuable features that will shape the future of web data. It provides end-to-end solutions to businesses to collect web data from any website.

In this review, we will put Nimble under the microscope to analyze how the platform can benefit you and your business. 

  • Easy scaling
  • Seamless integration
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Adaptive HTML parsing 
  • Proxy rotation 
  • Smooth data delivery
  • Residential proxies
  • Simple and stable API
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Zero maintenance 

How Nimble Works?

The importance of web data needs no explanation. Web data has always been crucial, from designing pricing strategies in eCommerce to running a successful campaign on social media. 

At present, there are more than 1.98 billion websites online. Imagine the amount of web data available in cyberspace now! In such a situation, collecting data is tricky and collecting relevant data is tougher. 

It is where Nimble comes into the picture. The USP of Nimble lies in its simple API and robust IP infrastructure. The platform provides you with the power to gather data effortlessly. 

Its stable API allows you to collect web data from any website. It is complemented with a modern proxy solution that makes large-scale web data operations possible for all geolocation. Lastly, its IP infrastructure gives you all the necessary features that you might need to access the data. 

You can use Nimble to collect web data for:

  • Social media marketing 
  • Travel aggregation 
  • Search engine result crawling 
  • Ad tech 
  • SEO Monitoring 
  • Website testing
  • eCommerce
  • Market research
  • Stock market data 

With its feature, Nimble provides companies with an easy way to engage in web data collection. 

Nimble Review: The Benefits

Residential Proxies 

The residential proxies of Nimble enable

you to access websites situated in any geolocation without facing IP bans. Furthermore, you can lay your hands on the IP addresses of the device through scrapers and crawlers effortlessly. 

Nimble further smoothens the process by allocating you the best proxy with its AI engine. This proxy allocation is convenient if you want to stay vigilant about:

  • IP reputation 
  • Rotation time and speed 
  • Connection duration 

The platform offers you a modern proxy solution to maintain all your needs. 

Accessibility To Structured Web Data 

Analyzing data is different from data collection. The former requires more effort, especially if the data is massive. 

However, with Nimble, you do not need to worry about the difficulty of analyzing data. Nimble structures the public web data before delivering it to you. The structured data goes straight to the company data warehouse or your database, depending on your selected option. 

The result is that you have web data that is all set for analysis. 

Simple And Stable API

Nimble supports simple API access that gives you complete control over it. Moreover, its API is reliable and powerful enough to bypass any location restrictions. 

The super simple account management highly reduces the learning curve of the platform. Even though the interface is simple, it is powerful. It gives you complete control over:

  • Proxy Protocols 
  • Budgets 
  • Permissions

Moreover, it sends you notifications regarding the operation with real-time alerts. 

Additionally, the stable infrastructure allows you to handle projects of any size with minimal latency. 

Robust Security 

With such a rapid increase in cybercrime, taking care of cybersecurity is of utmost importance. With Nimble, however, you do not need to bear the burden of cybersecurity burdens. 

The platform is designed to keep the entire process of data-gathering projects safe. 

All the API requests are encrypted with AES-256. This encryption is virtually impenetrable, even with the use of the brute-force method. Nimble provides an additional layer of security by storing the decryption keys on separate machines. 

Nimble also takes care of compliance for all its infrastructure and software. 

24/7 Premium Support

The customer care support of Nimble requires a special mention. Have any questions while using Nimble? Expect to receive the answers just when you need them. 

Nimble offers premium support for Essential and Advanced plans and VIP support for Professional and Enterprise plans. 

Additional Features 

Nimble supports a massive network for proxy rotations that is handy for collecting web data without obstructions. It ensures maximum control to the user with minimal effort with its hands-free approach to IP management. 

It houses simple integration even for the advanced configurations with reliable infrastructure that can run unlimited concurrent sessions. 

Lastly, it offers you a 14-day 22 GB full live trial. For the trial, you will get an account manager and a dedicated support team. With their help, you can build and test your project within less than two days. 

Final Words

Nimble is an effective web data-gathering platform that helps you collect data fast and at any scale. On top of it, the platform presents you with structured data.

It supports a superior customer experience with all its features. Web data is essential to keep the market competitive, which benefits everyone. Nimble makes it easier to access this web data. 

The platform supports four plans:

  • Essential 
  • Advance 
  • Professional 
  • Enterprise

You can get in touch with the sales team from the official website to request a demo and then find a suitable plan for your business. 

Here are the details of the pricing plans.

Nimble Proxy Pricing

Can the existing deployment be integrated with Nimble?

Yes, Nimble allows the integration of existing deployment in your business to maximize efficiency. 

Will I face geographical restrictions while collecting public web data through Nimble?

No, thanks to Nimble’s residential proxies, you can stay assured that the entire process will be smooth and without any obstacles or restrictions. Nimble has a 99.4% success rate from any geolocation. 

Does Nimble offer a free trial?

Yes, Nimble offers a 14-day 22 GB full live trial. An account manager and dedicated support team will accompany you during the trial to build and test the project. 

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